I am sorry D; I haven't posted anything is so long D; And I have no excuses, other then I truly didn't want to write D; So here. A short drabble between my art and a composition paper that's due on Monday D; I promise, once I find the flippin' time, I'll finish a story that I've been working on since January D;

He was torn apart. The ice cold air burned in his throat as he turned back for one last glance at the place he had called home.

The place where he felt safe.

The place where he bickered.

The place where he loved.

The place where he felt so much joy, yet the place where he felt so much pain.

There was nothing more he could do.

He hadn't been able to do more the bare the pain that he felt, and make sure that his master would never leave him.

No, there was nothing more for him. Life as he knew it was destroyed. But he refused to let it end just yet. He would not die over this. He would not die until his vengeance for blood was fulfilled. He would not let anything go until that damned Uchiha was in his deserved grave.

But no matter what, the guilt would never leave him. He should have known better. How could he have turned his back, left the side of the man he so looked up to? Even for a split second? How is it that he let the cursed teen leave, without trying to stop him? Why did he just freeze in shock, not go sprinting after him with determination to kill?

The questions scattered though his mind, like the wind, whipping his cloak against him.

The silver haired medic's distraught expression mirrored every emotion he had felt in the past week.

At first, his fascination, but soon following, his horror, his pain, his fear, his sorrow. All on Orochimaru's death, and his own physical mutations. No, there was nothing more he could do about anything that had caused him so much pain.

All he could do was finally understand Sasuke's want to kill, and become exactly like him and do the same. Become empty, a shell made only to seek revenge.