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I Let Him

"Hinata!" Sasuke yelled.

The blaring of horns, the screaming of drivers, the flashing of angry white lights, and the consistent pounding of the rain on his body were nothing to him. All he could see was Hinata's silhouette lying in the middle of the street a few feet away from him. His side hurt and something wet and warm was trickling down from his forehead but he didn't care. He stood up and limped over to where Hinata lay and what he saw made him fall to his knees. Thick black oil was seeping out of her like blood and there was a huge dent in he abdomen with a black tire mark going across her dress. Her face, arms, and legs were dinged and nicked and her eyes were no longer a their normal pearl white. Instead they were now a dark gray and for the first time in many years Sasuke felt tears well up in his eyes.

This was supposed to be him! He was supposed to be hit by that car not Hinata. Not Hinata. He clutched the robot close to his chest trying vainly to shield her from the rain , maybe Itachi could salvage her...maybe. The sound of worried foot steps pierced through all of the noise that was surrounding him and soon the rain stopped beating down on him. He slowly looked up to see Hinata Hyugaa with a red umbrella with a worried look in her pale eyes. She sunk down on his level and pushed the the sopping locks of hair away from the robot's face to see her own staring back at her.

- - - -

Sasuke awoke later that night in his room with a searing headache. He slowly sat up and immediately felt dizzy and clutched his head to will the feeling to go away. The door to his room opened and Hinata walked in with a damp cloth. Sasuke almost thought it was the Hinata his brother had made but it was the real Hinata Hyugaa just wearing the robot's clothes.

"I-I-I'm sorry..."Hinata trailed off and came to sit on the bed in front of him and pressed the damp cloth against his forehead.

Sasuke pushed her hand away and laid back down with his back facing her. Sasuke studied the wall and all its hairline cracks as the room filled with a tense and awkward silence.

"I, I k-know you're upset...I, I, I know how you feel." Hinata stumbled over her words and Sasuke snorted.

How can some one who looked as pure and as innocent as her have ever known a day of sorrow? After his parents had died in that fiery auto crash five years ago he never let anyone get close to him besides Itachi. Then Deidra came into the mix and he somehow wormed his way into Sasuke's small circle of trust. His brother just had to make a robot that not only wormed its way into his small circle but also found a place in his cold -and thought to be dead- heart. He was supposed to be dead right now, not her. Not her.

"I, I, I do." Hinata stammered and Sasuke quickly sat up up and glared at her, ignoring the blood rush and dizziness that came along with that action.

"Don't you bullshit me. I don't want your pity. How could you, an innocent toy shop keep, possibly know anything about what I'm feeling right now?" Sasuke hissed and Hinata stood quickly up off of the bed and glared at him as she hurriedly began to unbutton the white blouse she had on.

She yanked it off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She pulled her long hair over one shoulder and turned around to reveal scars upon scar up and down her back. Some were faded while others were an angry red color, one right in between her shoulder blade was bleeding. Sasuke ate his words as he studied the mosaic of wounds that criss crossed her back. He slowly got up, bed making noises as he did, and stood behind her. He touched one of the more faded scars on her back and she flinched at his touch.

"How?" Sasuke asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

"My, my mother died when I, I was eight. I wanted to got to the park." Hinata started, her voice gaining more confidence as she went on. "She was just coming over a cold but I still wanted to go. She took me but I wanted her to play with me too, not just sit on the bench. She still wouldn't play with me. So I, I, I threw a tantrum and ran off. When I came back she was gone. I, I looked everywhere for her but I couldn't find her. I went back home thinking maybe she went there. Instead all I found were the police. My mother had been murdered. A restaurant worker was taking out the trash when he found her body, only a few hours old."

Hinata stopped and buried her face in her hands and bit back a sob.

"It was all my fault! If, if I hadn't have been so, so selfish! My, my father doesn't know what happened but he still b-b-blames me. Every mishap is my fault and I'm beaten for it. But its okay because I let it happen. I let him..."

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