Kira: This randomly came to me when I was roleplaying with my friend Reno, and we started to have Kadaj as a werecat and Reno got turned into a vampire. This turned into about 5 pages with my margin difference. I do hope to continue with is if I have the inspiration. And if I had owned these characters, things would have been more yaoi in all the game and movie hahaha.

Agitation, anger, annoyance. The emotions flickered through the silver haired werecat. Black combat boots were silenced by the maroon carpet. Two cat ears and a tail the same color as his mystifying locks adorned his nearly angelic child-like features. But those looks were marred by an angry scowl and narrowed cat irises that nearly glowed with a, eerie blue-green light. How DARE those damn vampires come into his older brother, Sephiroth's, domain? He had only began to hunt for food, which was usually birds or rabbits, never including human, except for a certain bypassing rule… And the birds he hunted never included chocobos, because of one of his brothers' love for the creatures, giving in just to see his brother so at peace with the happy-go-lucky birds. It had been a small sacrifice that he had been willing to make.

He was so involved with watching regular humans go by in a tall dark tree, when he had noticed a shadow flicker in front the corner of his eye. His sensitive nose picked up the horrid stench, though undetected by normals, that belonged to no one else but a vampire. Werewolves had a musky scent that was unique to them, so he knew it wasn't one of them, and besides, werewolves had an okay relationship with werecats, even though popular myth states that felines and canines didn't get along. A frown had come across his lips, his once relaxed figure tensing, preparing for an attack. He knew vampires hated were-creatures, so an attack was most likely going to happen, even though his oldest brother would be noticing someone was in his territory without permission. Peering through the large leaves that sprouted from the branches, his eye reflected light in the near darkness. A rustle in the wind made him leap from his branch, and not a moment too soon. He landed on the ground, graceful as his species was, his tail curled around his side.

"A young wereling huh?" a voice hissed. Kadaj's ears twitched down near his skull at that, hating to be called young, even though his seventeen year old body was in fact much older than what it looked like. His eyes glared up at the shadowy figure now in the tree. He nearly retched at the additional smell of alcohol that came with the sentence. A drunken vampire, now that was raising the stakes. He couldn't let his guard down, but he knew he was no match for the vampire, who was much older than him, around his second older brother's age, that being twenty two. His eyes flickered around quickly for an escape route, knowing that he still was faster than the vampire, especially since he was so young, only to get even more fast the older he gets, something unique to the felines.

The vampire leaped, leaving the young werecat to hiss in anger as he sprang into action, his Souba flashing as he dodged the attack, slicing into a bicep. He wasn't one to back down on a fight, even though that led him to being overconfident. Blood slid off the blade like it was oil, splattering on he ground. Humans had taken one look at the scene before them and fled, screaming their hearts out. The sound hurt Kadaj's ears, but he paid them no mind. That one second was all that it took for him to pause, the vampire suddenly slamming him against a building wall. He let out a yowl of pain and anger when he felt fingers wrap around his throat in a bruising grip. The painful cry did not go unheard. There was a whistling through the air and an infamous long sword was suddenly impaled the vampire before it could bit his prey, which was the owner of the sword's youngest brother.

"Attacking one of my kin has earned you an automatic death, as well as daring to enter my territory, you vile creature." The angry older werecat hissed, the usual seductive tone that was common to the brothers' now deadly cold. He threw the dying vampire into the wall which successfully snapped its neck, his long moonlight hair dancing around in the slight wind, the black trench coat adorning his figure like always. Kadaj coughed slightly, his neck having been painfully bruised by the rough grip of the vampire.

"B-brother…" he muttered, still a bit tense because of the attack. Sephiroth moved closer to his younger brother, gently picking him up, which calmed the younger one down, although he hated to be picked up.

"Be silent Kadaj. Next time stick closer to the house unless Yazoo or Cloud is with you." He scolded. He knew that the kit was just always curious, even though he had some sadistic ways in him. It was only a few minutes past until they were at their 'old' mansion. For only having five siblings in one house, it still was quite spacey. He dropped his brother off at this, who had now started to get angry that he had been attacked so easily. With no departure saying, he had disappeared, leaving Kadaj to let himself in.

Kadaj hissed through gritted teeth, his anger spiking. Only a second of his guard down and he was pinned, oh how he was embarrassed about that. He slightly winced as he felt pain in his throat, rubbing the abused area. The silent hissy fit he was throwing, which consisted of pacing in the living room, tail flicking side to side in an angry way, did not go unnoticed. Cloud, the second oldest of the five siblings, had watched the act from the hallway, frowning only slightly. He hated when the younger man was like this. Blonde cat ears were lowered in concern, his sapphire eyes, though not as catlike like his brothers, watching the smaller figure. He slowly stepped out of the hallway, bare feet hitting the soft carpet. Kadaj didn't notice his brother until he felt himself be pulled into a hug from behind. His shoulders relaxed at the familiar hug, only able to do that around him or Yazoo.

"What's wrong Kadaj? I could sense your anger from all the way in my room." Cloud pointed out, gently rubbing Kadaj's ears with experienced fingers to calm him down, which worked instantly, Kadaj nearly sagging in pleasure under the stroking. The blonde headed brother moved both of them to the couch, waiting for an answer. Kadaj was comfortable on his brother's lap, nearly curled up like the feline he was.

"I let my guard down when watching some humans and a vampire tried to attack me…" he muttered, feeling his throat start to feel a bit better, knowing that once Yazoo got home, he could use his healing ability to sooth the ache completely. Cloud frowned at his, but wasn't able to see sibling's face. He really didn't like the fact that someone, a vampire no less, had tried to attack the youngest were in their household, especially on Sephiroth's turf. The older werecat was a very territorial person, and even though he disliked showing it at times, he was protective of his family. The chocobo haired brother absentmindly ran his long fingers through silvered tresses as he went on thinking. He hardly looked like his four brothers, but it never distanced himself from his family. Even though his calm and loving sky blue eyes and short blonde spiked hair set him apart, his brothers loved him the way he was, though others outside of his family thought it strange.

But the family was well known in the werecat and werewolf society. They went under the origin clan name of JENOVA, though they rarely were addressed as such. Clan names were from the original 'mother' or 'father' who had given birth to the specific clan, which was their mother, having been a seductive temptress, her name Jenova. Such titles, as they were sometimes known as, were addressed to each rightful eldest member in them during clan meetings among other things. Cloud's mind wandered even further, sensing that Kadaj had fallen asleep, only shifting slightly so Kadaj wouldn't slide off. Sephiroth was the only one who went to them, being the oldest. Cloud, since he was the second oldest, only one year younger than Sephiroth, was glad he only had to look after the other three when he was away. He never liked the other clan leaders too much, so not being the oldest of the five was very good for him. A faint from flickered onto his pale lips.

Loz was the third in line, being only 20 years old, loving to get into fights with other werewolves, werecats, but mostly vampires, and even humans. And when he was drunk, well, it was good that he wasn't home. Yazoo, only at age 19, on the other hand was extremely quiet, almost like Sephiroth in a few ways, especially with his long hair. He had even acquired Mother's ability to heal, to a certain extent, but it usually left him a bit drained if it was a major wound. But to set him apart from the oldest, he used a pair of guns called 'Velvet Nightmares' which he adored. He had such great skills at handling the guns that he rivaled the skills of the leader of the allied vampires, none other than Vincent Valentine himself. The allied vampires… It was only a small group of around two dozen vampires, who hated human blood and instead drank animal blood to keep alive. They ate similar to the werecats, which was comforting.

But there had been one vampire that had suddenly, and somehow, tasted werecat blood, finding its taste very sweet, almost like molten chocolate. It had left them wanting more and had nearly killed a wereling until one of the allied had put the vampire into its grave. It had not been pleasant, and then other vampires that had not been allied started to go after this new delicacy. When Sephiroth had heard of this, he had become even more protective, and increasingly hateful of vampires, killing any that came into his territory without asking questions.

A sigh escaped his lips before he could stop, freezing when Kadaj let out a small mew-like sound in his sleep as he shifted; his head now on is brother's chest. It was a cute pose nonetheless, and he had to try and resist a smirk. Kadaj… He was the youngest, but usually the most unpredictable. As a growing teenager, though in wereling years he was still a child, he experienced mood swings time to time, and was always eager for a good fight, just like his oldest brother. He usually challenged Cloud himself to a playful duel. Though his buster sword should have easily pushed the younger one away, Souba was stronger than it looked, especially when there were two blades instead of only one.

A door opened quietly as someone stepped into the house. Cloud's ears perked up, directing his eyes towards the hallways where he saw someone approaching. It was Yazoo, judging from the near silent footfalls. He was good at being very quiet when he wanted or needed to be. The near adult paused near the doorway to the living room, cat pupils staring into ocean blue ones.

"I heard about what happened from Sephiroth. I had to leave a shooting practice with Valentine so I could rush back home." He said in a calm voice, though he was clearly disturbed by the near attack on his younger brother. Combat boots drew him near the two, kneeling down so he could be at level with the sleeping werecat. Cloud nodded, being careful not to wake Kadaj. Yazoo raised one gloved hand, placing his fingers on the now clearly bruised throat. The wound shimmered green, seeming to float away from the skin before it vanished into thin air. Cloud shook his head, grinning.

"I still can't believe that you got that trait from mother." He chuckled softly. The statement caused the ends of Yazoo's lips to twitch slightly upward in a tiny almost non existent smile.

"You smiled!" Cloud said, smirking triumphantly. Yazoo blinked, but couldn't resist a chuckle himself.

"So I did, Cloud." he said. The gun wielder paused in thought as he looked down at the sleeping wereling.

"Cloud… you do know that he has weaned off attacking chocobos to make you happy, right?" he questioned, waiting to gauge his brother's reaction. Cloud blinked, but remembered. The birds he loved, so playful and they had very soft feathers. He couldn't count how many times Kadaj, as a tiny kid, had attacked a small chocobo and returned with feathers falling from his lips. He smiled, nodding to Yazoo. He did remember. He heard a knock at the door, suddenly blinking. It couldn't be Loz, he would have barged on in, and Sephiroth never knocked. Before he could ask who it was, Yazoo smirked.

"I invited Valentine over to dinner." The alluring brother said, "And I'm cooking."