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"So I see you two have finally met face-to-face… Reno, get off the kit." Both of the two blinked, looking over at the enigmatic man who seemed to have melted out of the shadows. His red cloak swirled silently around him via a small breeze that slipped into the alleyway. Crimson eyes met sapphire and mako green ones.

"Vincent?" the two asked, both suddenly looking back at each other with a suspicious gaze, each wondering how the opposite male knew him. Vincent Valentine shook his gaze, nearly amused as he noticed their position, as suggestive as it looked. A rare smirk tugged angrily at his lips, trying to force them into the position they should take, but to no avail.

"Might you untangle yourself from that… position?" he suggested, though his tone was more like an order. The two finally came to realize how awkward the position would have seemed to anyone that happened to observe them. Their hot breath sensually caressing each other's sensitive skin, their legs twisted together as though trying to become one. Bodies were nearly welded together, lips now almost diving to taste the other in a hot, sweet kiss…

The two nearly threw themselves away from each other, eyes narrowed to points; the feline's even more so as they glared daggers at each other. Kadaj avoided a direct gaze with the younger vampire after that nearly embarrassing event, rather focusing on the elder one, his beloved weapon held to the ground in a non-threatening gesture. He didn't feel the younger's gaze on the pendant now dangling free on his chest. The sapphire was set in a twisted silver metal lining, covered except for the front part, which glittered like a raging blue inferno even when in the near darkness. The chain link part of the pendant necklace gleamed like a metallic snake, slithering around the feline's pale elegant neck.

It was the pendant that Vincent's 'coven' wore, to identify themselves, as all vampires did, except for those who were covenless, wanderers. Reno glanced at his adopted sire, not understanding how he and the werecat could possibly know each other.

"Vincent, how do you know him?" the crimson-haired boy asked, fangs nearly puncturing his lips due to his deep frown. Vincent just smirked, shaking his head as Kadaj slipped Souba into his sheath, sensing no need for it to be out.

"He's a brother of a friend… Kadaj… Sephiroth is not going to like hearing that you have been wandering outside again… especially not after what had happened earlier today." Vincent reprimanded in his deep low voice, which made the kit frown and slightly look away. Reno blinked, his mouth nearly falling open in utter shock as he realized what 'brother' Valentine meant. Sephiroth, one of the most famous and powerful werecat there was. Sapphire eyes did a double take at the male werecat, taking in those Jenova traits again, this time seeing the near identicalness to the general, as Sephiroth was in charge of a werecat run military operation called SOLDIER. All of the Jenova werecats looked alike, but most knew that besides their looks, their personalities were extremely different.

Also, the name of the feline did sound exotic, much like the Jenova clan anyways. It was pleasurable on the tongue, silkily flowing from the lips of the speaker. A mere change in tone could make the mysterious name sound seductive. The vampire didn't realize he had been staring until feline eyes turned to meet his in a searching gaze. Even as Vincent explained to the cat that Reno was an adopted fledgling of his, he found himself being analyzed, taken apart, and put back together piece by piece. It was an eerie feeling, which made a shiver nearly run through his system. Their glances then broke apart, staring at something other than the male beside them.

He refused to show the unease to the werecat though. He pulled his gaze away, forced to put his EMR away when Vincent gave him a sharp look. The powerful vampire glanced back and forth between the two, observing how they refused to look at each other. His crimson gaze trailed down to the decapitated remains of the vampire corpse, locking onto a pendant that lay against the bloodstained torso, now not hidden by clothing. It was a gold ruby encrusted chain which showcased a fire obsidian, a very rare black stone crisscrossed with veins of magma red. That could only mean the vampire belonged to one single coven, one he himself deeply loathed. Valior… That would prove to be trouble.

"Come, it's nearing the time when the others start to hunt. I will contact Sephiroth and tell him that you are coming to my place for the night until he has the time to stop by." Vincent said, turning around with amazing graze. He started to walk, striding out of the alleyway and into the nearly barren street. The younger vampire briefly glanced over at the werecat, now having found himself walking around three feet away from the feline. His eyes couldn't help but flicker to that swinging pendant, which gleefully swung side to side with each step, joyful at being seen at last.

The three were not alone in the streets. Crimson eyes could sometimes be seen as certain hungry vampires hid in shadows, sometimes completely out of sight. They wouldn't risk attacking, as provoking the powerful vampire leading the duo would mean an instant death, especially since the pendant the werecat wore meant he was accepted into the coven of Valentine's. If anyone so much as tried to attack the feline, they would be hunted down by the vampire and killed with no questions asked.

The thought of not having that particular delicious snack on the list left their stomachs growling at their bloodthirsty owners out of anger. Each being slowly withdrew to deep within the shades that his them, thought they had already been noticed anyways. They'd pick out a better, easier meal, say a human at a certain few clubs and bars, ripe for the sucking. It sounded mouthwatering.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It took twenty minutes to arrive at the huge mansion on the outskirts of the city, around nearly an hour or two away from the kit's clan house. The two younglings had refused to look at each other for the journey to the vampire's mansion. It was making the usually stoic male become very amused.

Reno was currently keeping himself busy by counting how many vampires he could sense. On the other hand, Kadaj was strangely doing the same thing, eyes never wavering from the vampire's long cape. Each vampire heightened the werecat's sending alarm tenfold, making him appear extremely agitated or twitchy, muscles fueled with energy, ready to snap like a mouse trap catching a loathsome dirty rat With so many vampires around, Vincent had to stick to the long way to his house. Crimson eyes never strayed from their continuous path of observing the road ahead. The main roads were the way to go, as any narrow alley way or dark corner could spring an ambush. He had two younglings to cover, and he would do anything to protect them, a father-like bond connecting them to him, like his very own flesh and blood.

The way there wasn't very eventful, except for a small group of hunting vampires accidentally running into Vincent, whose glare sent the young inexperienced bloodsuckers scurrying away. A sound of metal grating against ground made the feline jerk his head up, it having sometime traveled to the ground, watching the ground underneath him go by, blinking those eerily glowing eyes of his. What he saw before him, having not noticed that they had stopped, astounded him And he thought HIS family's house was huge! It paled in comparison to Vincent's, which looked like it could hold around fifty single vampires.

The thought of that was very uneasy. It was around four stories high from what he could see through the trees dense bushes that littered the wide yard around the magnificent gothic styled mansion. The roof was nearly unable to be seen, with the faint amount of moonlight that slipped through the heavy dreary clouds that clung to the almost full moon like spider webs to old dusty wood. The house was a scorched black color, holding that aura of foreboding and sheer intimidation through the massive size.

To Reno, it looked like home sweet home, no pun intended. To Kadaj, it looked like some mysterious almost alive place. Vincent motioned them inside, but as soon as they did, there was a sudden loud growling sound, which then separated into three distinct tones, a chorus of animals. The hairs on the back of Kadaj's neck raised, fangs starting to be shown beneath pale ivory lips. Eyes widened and pupils contracted even more to switch on his night vision, which snapped on in an instant, causing his eyes to flash brightly. There were three sets of eyes bounding towards him, and even with his night vision, their forms were too dark to see, contorting the body mass almost in the shadows. He hissed, causing Vincent and Reno to glance back at him, Reno with a frown and a raised eyebrow, and Valentine with a nearly amused grin twitching at the corners of his lips.

The three figures lunged towards him, ready to attack.