The Knight Before Christmas
Kitt picks up a prowler around the Foundation mansion on Christmas Eve. Poemfic, set to "The Night Before Christmas."
A/N: First Knight Rider fanfic! I own nothing.

Twas the night before Christmas,
at the Foundation of Knight.
Not a creature was stirring,
save a tracking red light.

The parlor lay silent,
the staff all asleep,
But Kitt's rest was hindered,
and he gave a soft beep.

"Michael," he said,
through the wristwatch so soft,
"I am detecting strange movement,
from above the west loft."

Michael Knight stirred, weary,
and lifted his head.
"You're imagining things buddy,
Go back to bed."

Kitt scowled to himself,
but let the man rest.
and with a soft engine purr,
the garage he had left.

The Trans Am rolled forward
and set surveillance to high,
and he came to a stop
as he scanned the sky.

His logic was infallible,
but this was absurd!
The A.I. watched, speechless,
as, light as a bird,
A sleigh did alight
upon the Foundation roof
and eight nervous reindeer
pawed the shingles with hoofs.

"Michael, I really believe you should see-"

"Go to sleep, Kitt, you're dreaming; stop bothering me!"

He watched as a man,
rotund, dressed in red,
unbuttoned his coat
and climbed down from the sled.

Kitt tapped the security,
and to his surprise,
it said, "no intruders!
Peace and quiet tonight."

That cannot be right,
Kitt thought, quite confused.
he would have to tell Bonnie;
perhaps a blown fuse?

It seemed only he
was on alert tonight
and he gave a loud blast
from his horn to give fright.

Perhaps this will wake them!
He thought with a grin,
but no response came
and despair welled within.

The horn drew attention
from the man quite round,
and he gave a soft chuckle,
joining Kitt on the ground.

Wheels spun without traction
on the graveled drive
as the sudden appearance
startled the AI.

The man lay a hand
on his hood and then,
put a finger to his lips.
"Calm yourself, my friend."

"I'm not here to harm you,
the opposite is true.
I admire your work, Kitt,
and I have something for you."

The man smiled gently,
and patted his hood.
"But only if you go back,
to bed, as kids should."

"Who are you," Kitt demanded,
but recieved no reply,
The man and sled gone
in the blink of an eye.

Suffice it to say,
Kitt was very confused,
but he drove back to the house,
troubled thoughts to muse.

Mere hours later,
his partner dropped by,
with a jubilant smile
and a plate filled with pie.

"Good morning buddy"
Michael did say,
and pulled up a chair
to enjoy his buffet.

"Michael, last night-"
"Yeah Kitt?"
"Never mind. Enjoying your confection?"
"Oh yeah, it's sublime."

Mike took a big bite,
brushed the crumbs from his lip
and gave Kitt a grin
like he had a secret.

Wary at first,
but curious far more,
Kitt peered at Michael
through sensors in his door.

From behind, Michael pulled
a gift wrapped in green
and set it on Kitt's hood
with a prideful beam.

"That's for you," he said,
and leaned on the hood.
"Santa came and left it,
Like I told you he would."

Santa? Could that be
the name of the man
who had visited last night?
Kitt gave it a scan.

Inside were new circuits
for a part obsolete.
Kitt felt a small surge
of shock, disbelief.

"Michael, I-"
"Save it, Kitt, no thanks are needed."
his driver proclaimed
with a nod of his head.
"I'll help you and Bonnie install it tonight.
Merry Christmas, my friend."

"Likewise, Michael Knight."