A/N: This one is less inspired by The Dark Knight and taken more from Batman Begins where Rachel tells him that the man she loved never really came back at all. So that's where this came from. Read, review, and enjoy!

Dislcaimer: Let's see here...not mine.


Underneath the mask, Bruce Wayne and Batman share the same face.

The same eyes, same jaw, same mouth, same nose. They share the same body, the same scars. But Bruce Wayne's scars are from clumsiness and extreme sports; Batman's scars are from battling criminals, getting slammed to the ground, getting attacked by dogs.

Bruce Wayne's eyes are the same color as Batman's, but they are eyes that laugh and smile and simper. Batman's eyes are intense and dark and brooding; dangerous eyes that send chills down the spine of whoever land on.

Bruce Wayne and Batman share the same face, same body. But they aren't the same person.

Bruce Wayne is a mask, but Batman is too. And neither of them are real.

They are two completely different people, but once upon a time, long, long ago, they were born from the same boy.

They were born from the boy who watched his parents die in front of him, the boy who shivered in the police station, comforted by a young police officer.

That boy, the heir of Gotham, died with his parents in that alley.

The man who survived, the man wearing the face of Bruce Wayne, of Batman, has no identity at all.