A/N: October Sky is one of my absolute favorite movies, and I adore the book too. This scene is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful scenes in the movie, and I just wanted to take a peak inside of Homer's head. Enjoy, and drop me a review if you've got time.

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His throat was tight with misery as the cage lowered beneath the ground. He could feel every jerk, as he was plunged lower and lower.

The earth swallowed him, and he could feel the black coal, black as black could be, in everything around him. It was pressing around him. He could feel the coal reach out, touch him, coat him with darkness. It was on his skin, under his fingernails, in his lungs. He breathed it in.

The darkness pressed around him; around him headlamps flickered on, the light wane and pale.

He sucked in a breath and there was no cool, fresh air. Only coal.

He threw his head back, locking his eyes on the velvet sky, with its sparkling diamond stars. That was his salvation. That was everything he wanted, right there, far above, and he was getting farther and farther away with every jerky moment of downward motion.

He didn't belong under the ground, with the weight of the world over his head.

He wished, briefly, that he could reach up, graze the sky with his fingertips, cradle a star in his palm.

He kept his eyes locked on the sky until he could no longer see it, wishing his dreams farewell.

The cage settled to a shaky stop on the bottom.

He tilted his head down, stared into the darkness, turned his lamp light on, and was swallowed by the earth.