Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh or the abridged series.

Author's note: Marik's evil council of doom was hilarious. So I decided to write the villain's reactions to it.

Bakura, Pegasus, Rex, Weevil, and the other villains were at Marik's house. He had told them all to come over immediately.

"I'm glad you all came. Recently, I have discovered something on the internet." Marik announced.

"That's the big emergency?' Bakura asked. "You called us here to show us a website?"

"Not a website. A video."

"Well that makes more sense. " Bakura said sarcastically.

"This video is important because we're all in it."

"You found the tape from last year's Christmas party?" wondered Pegasus.

"No. I've found something much more humiliating. We shall watch it now. Gaze at my evil computer screen."

"That was absolutely fabulous." said Pegasus after they had finished watching it. "I looked so dashing."

"Word to yo mama? I don't say stuff like that! Except for that one time I tried to impersonate Ryou."


"Wat up homies?" Bakura said, walking into Ryou's classroom.

"Are you feeling okay?" asked a teacher.

"Yo, I'm funky fresh."

"I think there's something wrong with you."

"Bitch, that's whack. Don't be dissin me, I'm a gangsta."

"That was the last time I relied on Hollywood to learn how to fit in with teenagers." he muttered. "Anyway, the video wasn't that bad. Except for the part where I was compared to a furby."

"You do look like one. But I was referred to as the girliest man in yugioh!" shouted Marik.

"That video sucks. I'm gonna go get some nachos." said Rex.

"And I'm going to buy a new furby." said Weevil. They left.

"You can't leave! There's another video!" shouted Marik. "We don't need them anyway.

Now, to watch the second video!"

So they watched it.

"At least they got my favorite movie right." said Bakura after it ended.

"Aren't you outraged?"

"Not really, binkyboy."

"Shut up kitty! At least I got to explode someone's head. You didn't do anything remotely evil. Except mock Yugi."

"Call me kitty again and I will do something evil." Bakura threatened.

"Calm down you two." said Pegasus. "Now Marik, why didn't you invite that adorable girl to this get-together?"

"I did, but she's currently visiting her bear in prison."

"I think I'll go join her." said Pegasus. He left.

"While Pegasus is molesting young children, I will take my revenge on those motorcycle guys. How dare they prank call me in a fictional video?"

"Wait, does your rod really only work on people named Steve?" wondered Bakura.

"Of course not! That would be silly. It also works on people named Billy."

"Hey, I didn't get a line in this fic!" complained Zorc. "Neither did the zombie or those other two guys."

"That's because you are unimportant characters. Now shut up or I'll thrust my rod at you."