Title : There Are Always Two

Summary : After spending years on Earth Zim has grown tall enough to rival the All-mighty Tallest. Now there is just one thing standing in his way. Irken law dictates there must always be TWO Tallest. So who will he choose to stand by his side?

Warning : Contains guy on alien guy love. No likey? THEN DON'T READ! Oh yeah and there may be some graphic sex and language and violence or something...I'm going to go eat a muffin now.

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Chapter I : Not So Tall After All


Nine years...it had been nine years since Zim had first landed upon the Earth and began to plot the planet's demise. It had been nine years since Dib first attempted to reveal the alien for what he was. And it had been nine long years that gave Zim the time and ability to grow more quickly than a normal Irken should have. Zim blamed it on the Earth's altered food supply. All the growth-hormones they used in their food had had an amazing influence on Zim's own physique. However, Zim was still quite short when compared to the Earth-pig's, and although this irritated him, it also gave him ideas about his mission, and his rank as an invader.

So now, on the day before the tenth anniversary of Zim's arrival to Earth, Zim was finally headed home, an ever faithful GIR at his side. Unlike the last time he was here, Zim arrived to silence and to a shocked sort of awe. Each Irken he passed stopped what they were doing and simply stared. He smirked as he noticed that some Irkens even lost their focus so badly at the sight of his impressive height that they ran into each other, or walls. And in one case, a deadly metal shredder. This, of course, had Zim cackling in glory, and Gir screaming in mirth and scampering around Zim's feet like a hyperactive Chihuahua.

And then at last Zim came before the Tallest, and although he stared them in the eye, he no longer had to look up at them, but slightly down. He knew his height wasn't quite above that of the tallest but it was enough for all around to see who the taller one really was. Red and Purple spared each other worried glances before turning back to face the now taller Zim. "Uh...hi Zim! How's the conquering of Earth going?" Red asked, seeming a little nervous having to actually look up to someone.

Zim merely smirked and merely petted an ever excited GIR who was looking around the place like a kid in a candy store. Zim turned his red eyes upward for a moment, as if considering his reply before turning his sinister smirk toward the tallest once more. "The Earth scum have forced me to ...rethink...my priorities. As well as the Empire's. My mighty...not so tallest." Zim added the last with a tone that spoke much more than it actually said.

The room grew awkwardly quiet, and GIR finally broke free of his masters grip to romp around the Tallest's command room, pushing buttons and pulling on the leggu of any Irken he could come into contact with. Zim, who had grown quite used to GIR's antics merely continued to stare down the Tallest with his never-failing smirk.

"Wh..what do you want Zim?" Purple stuttered, shrinking down to hide behind Red as if Zim would suddenly pull out a lazer to shoot him with.

The idea had crossed Zim's mind...but he felt that that would be a bit TOO hostile...even for him. So instead he merely crossed his arms defiantly and grinned, "I want what is rightfully Zim's. I want the title of Tallest...and the power. Oh the power that I shall possess! " he exclaimed, before smirking in triumph at Red and Purple once more.

The two tallest exchanged glances and then bowed their heads in unison. "It seems we have no choice. As Irken law clearly states that the Tallest Irken will be leaders of all of the Empire...and commanders of all of the armada. So Zim...I guess the power is yours." Red stated with a sigh. And Zim, happily, let out an evil laugh that rang throughout the control room with an imposing nature that filled all present with a deadly sort of dread.

Until Purple spoke up once more. "So where's your second?"

Zim stopped laughing and turned back toward the two rulers, his expression one of blank confusion. " My wha-?" Zim questioned oh-so-intelligently, followed by the giddy laughter of GIR as he ran by in the background.

Red and Purple exchanged glances and then turned to face Zim with twin looks of annoyance and irritation. "Don't tell me you don't know the almighty law." Red asked, his voiced filled with awe, and not the good kind that was followed by worshipping, but the kind that was followed by ridicule and laughter.

"Of course Zim knows of the almighty law! How dare you suggest that Zim does not know of it! Zim knows all." Zim proclaimed, showing his displeasure by making a sort of squeezing motion with his gloved hands.

The tallest did not seem convinced. "So...then you know that you have to have someone to rule with you?" Purple asked, sounding disbelieving.

"Someone ELSE?! Zim does not NEED someone ELSE! Zim is tallest! Why would Zim need someone to rule beside him?!" Zim asked furiously, seeing his chances at power slip away between his claws.

"Because it's the law Zim. There can't be just one Tallest." Red explained, speaking as if he were talking to an idiot. Which...he probably was.

"Yeah!" Purple cried out in agreement, seeming to suddenly grow a backbone, "That would be stupid! How do you think WE got the position TOGETHER? It wasn't the lottery I'll tell you that!"

"There are always TWO tallest Zim." Red stated simply, crossing his arms and giving Zim a look that said 'I can't believe you just wasted my time for this.'. "So unless you come up with somebody just as tall, if not taller than you are, in the next two weeks...we're going to have to kill you."

"Yeah! And this time, we mean it!" Purple added with a twisted grin.

"Huh?" Zim said, his look returning to deadpan clulelessness, " 'This time'? But you've never tried to kill me before."

The Tallest quickly exchanged glances once more. "Uh. Yeah! You're right...he just must be confusing you with...somebody else." Red said nervously, elbowing Purple hard for his blunder.

Zim glared at the two and then turned away, gripping his chin in deep thought. "This is MOST troublesome. I must find a second quickly or...or... uuugh!" Zim shuddered at the thought of facing a royal execution. They were never pleasant...well...at least not for the one being executed...otherwise they were really fun to watch. At last Zim turned back to face the room, "VERY WELL! Zim will find a...Second...and then RETURN. And when I do..." Zim's evil grin returned, "...the power will MINE."


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