Megatron towered over him, roaring and laughing at him from his seat on a throne made of polished bone and rotting corpses. The dark forms of other Decepticons surrounded him from their vantage points in the darkness. The floor, compacted rubble and human remains, stuck at his feet and made his nasal processors sting.

Megatron's enormous hand scooped up a handful of humans and squashed them, enjoying their shrieks of pain before he tossed them at Barricade's feet. "Barricade, Starscream has informed me that you were not present during the disaster scene of Mission City." His sharp, sharp teeth gnashed, "Why were you not there?"

Barricade bowed his head, "I was on my way"-

Megatron roared and smashed his fist into the arm of his throne. "The battle was over while you were on your way you slagging thin skinned organic."

Barricade let the offensive phrase slide off him. "I was intercepted by human police officers."

Megatron snarled viciously, "Lies, you fragging coward. Mutiny in the Decepticon army is punishable by death," he said, looking down at Barricade with narrowed eyes. "You left your brethren to die, Barricade." He smiled, baring those hideous hound-like teeth, "Now you will be ripped apart by them."

Barricade felt them closing in, the dark forms of the Decepticons he still couldn't see clearly. Something else caught his eye.

In front of Megatron's foot was the organic femme. She stared up at him without an expression on her face. It was whole, unburned and her body was as healthy as it had been. Her blue eyes – blue like an Autobot's – watched him intently as the others closed in around him. Her mouth was forming words and he couldn't hear them, again.

Then, as he allowed his body to relax even as his comrades surrounded him with weapons drawn and sadistic grins, he could hear her.

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again." She watched him watch her and Barricade felt as if his body were weighed down by tons of aquatic pressure – he was being pulled asunder by something he couldn't quite understand.

The organic femme; blue eyed, black haired and tan limbed played with a lock of her hair, watching him with the most queer expression on her face Barricade had even bore witness to.

His comrades, shadowed and hungry and vengeful, fell upon him like starving carrions.

Barricade's systems slipped from recharge into a rather high alert mode. From his place in an alley, he could see no sign of other life forms milling about as he'd seen some strangely dressed females, or poorly dressed males and children do. It seemed unnaturally quiet here.

Looking into his rearview mirror was the femme. She was not fidgeting, or spasmodically twitching as she had recently taken to doing, but rather in a strange turn of events, she was also not fragging with his sound system or thrumming her fingers against his leather seating. Currently, she was simply looking into his mirror with a look that held something that made Barricade's metal plates crawl.

She sat with her legs crossed and she looked to be mimicking breathing like any normal organic species.

She spread her hands on his leather seats and held them there flat. She looked down at her hands, before looking up at him.

She smiled, showing her white, white teeth and he heard a ripple of thought that wasn't his echo through his processor. "I wonder what ever happened to Humpty that day."

'Til next time folks, good? Bad? You be the judge and give the verdict for me ;)