"So... how do I make this bigger then?"

"Oh, that's rather easy, Rose. It's not very different from your humans' ones. You can either blow or pump... Although some species also like to lick it... but they have a very special tongue... more like a suction cup, really."

"So, you mean like this? Do I make it right?"

"Oooh, yes. That's great! You are a very quick learner, Rose Tyler."

"Nah, not really. I did it with Mickey a few times after all."

"Rickey the idiot, eh? But, I bet he hasn't one as big as I have..."

"Oh, it's all about size for you, isn't it? Stop looking so smug or I'm going to stop!"

"No! No, no, no, no, no! Please, Rose! I can't possible do this on my own..."

"Okay, okay. I did say I would help after all. Is this alright now? I don't think it gets any bigger."

"Not yet. You have to add a little more pressure. Ah, that's right. I know, it's a lot of work but you won't believe how much fun we are going to have when it's big and hard enough!"

"Promises, promises. You could help a little, you know?"

"Why? You are doing a brilliant job there. Ahh, I think it's ready now."

"Um, Doctor?"

"Yes, Rose?"

"I think it's way too big now... It won't fit through any more."

"Blimey, you are right! I should have known... Well, no matter. We just have to get it small enough again to fit."

"Doctor, this is the first and last time I pump up your rubber dinghy!"

"You don't really mean that, do you?"

"Well... I'm serious about the rubber dinghy, but... maybe you have other things I could make bigger?"

"Oh, that I have, Rose Tyler. That I have..."