A/N This is my first (but in all liklihood probably not my last) attempt at a few unwritten scenes in Breaking Dawn. Jacob's POV (as much as I loved it) really left a lot to the imagination, so I had a go at writing what I imagine might have gone down when Bella and Edward returned to the Cullen house after the baby discovery. Enjoy :)


I wanted to kill her.

The only reason I could justify not killing her was my innocent wife, staring up at us wide eyed.

"Out." I growled. "Now."

I could feel Carlisle shifting towards us protectively, registering the harsh tone in my voice.

"I'm not going anywhere." She replied as if the mere suggestion was the craziest notion she'd ever heard; "We don't know the extent of this child's-"

I hissed threateningly; Carlisle placed a comforting but firm hand on my shoulder. I couldn't understand his hesitance – he was as eager to save Bella as I was.

I won't see the both of you killing each other.

After over ninety years of companionship, I was not the only one out of the two of us who could read minds accurately. I ignored his thought though; if Rosalie didn't move in a timely fashion I would take her down to protect Bella.

"Please Edward."

I forced myself to look down into the scared chocolate eyes.

Eyes that were scared of me.

"I..." She looked down at her hands, "I don't want to get rid of this baby."

It was the first time I had honestly felt frustrated by her ignorance. Other things had irritated me slightly – caused me trouble on the matter of keeping her safe – but they had never caused this incurable feeling of frustration. Why couldn't she see that the thing growing inside her was a… monster? A monster that shared my lust for her blood… A monster that didn't share my self control and love. Why couldn't she see that?

The answer was standing on the other side of the bed, her arms folded defiantly.

Rosalie was feeding her delusion.

I felt a growl growing in the back of my throat.

"Out. Now." I repeated.

"We can't trust what you might do if I leave."

We? Since when had it been we?

I glanced down at Bella's face and my stomach twisted in agony. At this very moment, she trusted Rosalie more inexplicably than me. Rosalie. Rosalie was her protector now – the person with whom she couldn't live without.

I had become terrifying.

The knowledge made me angrier – Rosalie was fuelling this fear – fuelling a delusion – for her own means.

It took all my self restraint not to launch myself over the bed and straight into her.

"Carlisle won't do anything," I choked the words out; "I want to discuss this."

"You can discuss it with the both of us." She replied stiffly, flipping her long blonde hair over one shoulder.

I set my jaw. She was asking me without asking me, to try and persuade Bella to think rationally. Something I had tried countless times since our return five hours earlier. Something that would fail however I went about it. Nothing would persuade Bella – not even the pain in my voice – however much it killed her. Rosalie knew this all to well, and was using it to her advantage. If Bella wouldn't look at things rationally, then anything that might save her life would come against her will.

Meaning I was the bad guy.

"I'll stay." Emmett said finally, his uncharacteristically stony face set in compromise, "I won't let anything happen."

I looked up at Rosalie (not hopefully, because I was well past the point of hope and was too angry to achieve anything near the feeling) but determinedly. I knew it might be the only thing that swayed her – she trusted Emmett. Her face and thoughts were torn.

Carlisle couldn't get past Emmett… But Carlisle might change his… He wouldn't go against me… But he wouldn't want to see Bella…

"I can't leave Emmett." She said with a shake of her head. Her voice was much more confident than the erratic thoughts in her head.

"Edward is my brother too," Emmett said, not betraying his true thoughts; "And he deserves a say in what happens to his wife."

"No offence intended Emmett, but don't I get a say?" Bella asked shyly but determinedly.

"Of course you do," Emmett said softly, "But out of the two of you, who's thinking out your safety more clearly right now?"

"You think I'm not thinking about her safety?" Rosalie hissed.

I snorted, but the sound didn't have the ironic inflexion I had hoped it would. I was still too livid and it sounded more like a growl than a snort.

"Don't mock me Edward." She snarled, "I'm thinking this out even more clearly than you are. I'm not nearly mad with worry."

"Don't tell me what I'm feeling!" I roared, upending the tray of medical implements that was at the foot of the bed. Bella's jumped in fright and I immediately regretted the outburst.

"You're frightening her." Rosalie hissed, placing a hand on her hot forehead softly.

The restricting arms that locked me in place and stopped me from flying at her were not Emmett's as I had expected.

"Calm down Edward." Jasper demanded.

Immediately a soothing feeling spread through my body like warm butter. I tried to resist the attack on my senses but the venom that had rushed to my mouth on my near attack on Rosalie washed back down my throat.

"Damn it Jasper." I muttered, feebly trying to escape his grasp.

"Rosalie, get out of the room." Jasper demanded in the same commanding voice he had used on me.

"I told you I'm not-"

"Now." Emmett said fiercely, "I'm not going to watch my own brother kill you because you're too stubborn and pig headed to grant him one wish. Especially not when it concerns Bella. Carlisle won't come within two feet of her."

Rosalie's resolve was withering; "What if Alice-"

"I'll leave too." Her pixie voice came from somewhere behind me and it seemed our entire family had come to see the brawl; "Carlisle, Jasper and I will come with you and Edward downstairs and we'll discuss things. Esme and Emmett will stay here with Bella. They're on your side."

The babies' side. Rosalie thought.

Jasper's arms tightened around me more forcefully.

"I want to speak with Rosalie on my own." I said inaudibly.

"Not possible right now Edward." Jasper said in a warning tone, "When you've calmed down maybe."

"Then maybe you should try harder to calm me down." I suggested.

Despite the serious situation, he actually had the audacity to crack a smile.

We moved down the stairs in a clump. Jasper no longer restricting me but keeping a firm hand on my shoulder and directing me towards the living room. Rosalie at the back, looking behind her every few seconds to make sure Emmett and Esme were still in the room at 'Bella's best interests.'

I growled, Jaspers hand sinking into my shoulder.

When we reached the room I shrugged out of Jasper's grasp and turned to face the epitome of my misery. She folded her arms in defiance again and said pointedly; "You're not going to change our mind."

"You can't speak for her!" I spat, "She doesn't know what she's doing!"

"I've explained it to her," She said with a shrug, as if she were talking about explaining the mechanics of putting together a computer; "She understands the risks. She's willing to make them. You need to understand that this is a miracle."

"It's going to kill her!" I almost howled.

"How do you know?" She asked, "Have you ever seen something like this before?"

"No! Which is precisely why we should be getting it out of her! We don't know what it's capable of!"

"I can't see it." Alice said quietly from her position on the lounge, "That's why I called you Edward. Bella's future disappeared."

"See?!" I exclaimed, "Do you see?"

"That proves nothing," Rosalie said defensively, "Except that the baby is obviously not a vampire because if it was Alice would be able to see it. If it's not a vampire there is no reason for Bella to stop carrying it."

"Except we have no idea what it is!" I cried. "Carlisle, help me get through her thick skull, please!"

He looked at us both with a painful expression. I knew seeing his children fighting like this was killing him, but it mattered little in the face of that thing killing Bella from the inside…

I shuddered.

"Rosalie, it would most likely be a detriment to Bella's health allowing the foetus to grow."

I winced at the word foetus.

"I refuse to believe that until I see some proof."

"Have you looked at her since she rushed into your arms at the airport?" I spluttered, "She's sick Rosalie! What further proof do you need?"

"Pregnant women get sick all the time."

"How would you know? You've never been one!" I roared, knowing it would force something more passionate than infuriatingly defiant nonchalance.

Her eyes narrowed and she sprang at me snapping wildly. We flew into the glass coffee table snarling and thrashing. My triumphant smile at finally being able to vent my impossible anger only fuelled her volatile attack.

It was Carlisle who pulled me away from her and Jasper who tore her from me. We stared at each other, hate radiating from our golden eyes and spreading through the room like a poisonous gas. Alice put her head in her hands.

"That's it!" I said, straining away from Carlisle futilely, "You're trying to get the baby you've always wanted!"

Lies! She thought, but I could sense the flicker of dishonesty in her thoughts. She couldn't hide them from me. She tried to find some truth in the worry for Bella that she so devoutly spoke of, but she knew I knew it was pointless.

Her pull to the child was much, much stronger than her worry for Bella.

"I do worry!" She said defensively, "I know you can feel it!"

"Not as clearly as I can feel your love for that… Thing!!" I spat.

At the word thing, it was as if the fire in her eyes had been extinguished. Her limbs fell limp in Jasper's grasp and her expression was determined once more.

"It doesn't matter." She said, "Bella wants it. You're going to have to kill me to get to her. And you'll have to kill Emmett to get to me. I'm not going to change my mind Edward, so you may as well start thinking about how we're going to deliver this baby safely and stop worrying about trying to kill the thing your wife wants most."

And with that she shrugged out of Jasper's gasp, more calmly than I had moments before when we had come down the stairs, and walked out of the room.

There was silence as the four of us digested her words.

"There… Might be other cases…" Carlisle finally said quietly, "Perhaps, Alice you could…?"

She nodded; her head still in her hands.

Jasper's head snapped in her direction and he was with her in seconds, his arms around her, his voice soothing her worries softly.

I could feel my knees buckling, something so human that I sank to the ground in shock. Since my transformation I had never once felt a weakness in any part of my body that had not been brought about by another vampire.

Not even when I had thought Bella was dead.

I swallowed – even though it was ineffectual – and rested my forehead against my knees.

I could hear Jasper's low voice warming Alice's cold dread.

My other half – the only one who might have any hope of bringing about the same relief in me as Jasper was bringing about in Alice – felt miles away, taking comfort in my hateful sister and the empty promises she made about survival and the beautiful baby she would give birth to.

All anger was gone.

Grief had taken hold.

Had I been able to cry, my jeans would have been covered in tears.

But now, my body merely shuddered involuntarily, with what would have been sobs.

She was going to die, and it was my fault.

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