The Gabriella Chronicles : 1 : My Worst Nightmare

The Gabriella Chronicles : 1 : My Worst Nightmare

Chapter 1

"Troy I'll meet you in the gym after school okay" Gabriella said to her boyfriend Troy Bolton during lunch. Troy smiled his 100 watt smile which made Gabriella go weak at the kness beofre going onto her next class which was chemistry.

"Gabriella what's with the mega watt smile on your face?" Taylor Mckessie asked and Gabriella told her all about what she had said to Troy.

"Gabriella Montez you are such a dare devil" Taylor said with a huge smile then that was when the teacher started the class.

Once school was finished, Gabriella made her way to the gym to meet her wonderfull boyfriend.

On arriving at the gym Gabriella crept slowly up to the door wanting to surprise Troy but as she aproacheed she heard voices, she slowly opened the door and got the shock of her life at what she saw.

Troy was kssing Ryan Evans and they were hugging passionatley.

"Troy how could you do this to me" Gabriella shouted "never talk to me again."

Gabriella turned then ran out of the gym brokenhearted, pulling her phone out of her pocket to call Taylor and ask her to meet herslef at her house in five as she had something to tell her.