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Jamie was soaring through the sky on the back of her Charizard but for once her mind wasn't on the joy she normally felt while flying.

Scanning the crowds that filled the town below her, her mind was on her friends and the danger they were in.

Three months ago she'd been fresh off her victory at the Sinnoh League Conference and teaching two days a week at the Pokemon Academy, while doing workshops for novice Trainers another three. She'd been wishing for something to take her away from the monotony, but had had to stay as it had been her duty as League Winner.

She'd been two weeks from her Championship Challenge, with a run at the Elite Four of Sinnoh and it's current Champion, Cynthia, when her lesson had been interrupted by a visit from Will.

Team Galactic were going up Mt Coronet to try to summon Palkia and capture the Legendary Pokemon.

As League Winner and potential Champion, it was her duty to help the Elite Four stop them.

So up she'd gone, following Cynthia and beating the Elite Four to the top.

They'd been too late, Palkia was halfway through the portal when they arrived.

She'd been half a second behind the League Champion in sending out her Pokemon, her Glaceon, Aisu and had used the Ice Type's Blizzard to freeze her opponents and push her way through to where Cyrus, Team Galactic's leader, was trying to battle Palkia.

She shuddered briefly with the memory of Palkia's attack hitting her, enveloping her in a spacial rift that had nearly ripped her to pieces, it had hurt so much that she'd passed out.


"What is it Iblis?"


Jamie looked down over her Charizard's shoulder. Three people were running from a group of six dots. Jamie trusted Charizard to be able to see exactly who and what was chasing the three and growled, "Go!"

Iblis swooped down, flying low enough overhead that his slipstream knocked the hooded creeps backwards and pushed the three running away, forwards.

They landed as the three turned around. A male with brown hair that was shaped into a point, a girl with long brown hair and bandages over her eyes and a black haired male with a bandana keeping his hair in check, stared at her, then the brunette male grinned, "Jamie?"

The Trainer in question dismounted, gave the three a quick grin, and turned to the creeps, giving them her best death glare. "Hi guys. I can handle this."

"Where's Tea and Yugi?"

"I don't know, Tristan. Yugi got Kaiba to track Joey, but I was midair, searching for you lot, before I could hear where he and Tea are."

"Step aside, we're not afraid of any holograms."

Jamie snorted, "Marik obviously didn't tell you about me. Iblis is no hologram."

"Jamie?" Serenity's voice sounded uncertain.

"It's me, don't worry about your brother, Yugi'll find him."

That last sentence, said with such confidence, surprised her. Three months ago she hadn't had anyone she trusted with that much certainty besides her Pokemon. Then the Spacial Rend had left her on the doorstep of one Yugi Muto, King of Games, and she'd learnt how to trust other humans without any qualms.

"Trust me, he'll be fine." Jamie looked over her shoulder at the two boys, "Get her out of here."

The black haired male ran for it, taking Serenity with him.

"Now," Jamie turned and glared at the goons, "Where are my friends?"

"As if we'd tell you. I told you, we're not afraid of holograms." The leader of the little group said, standing up.


It was a deliberate narrow miss, startling the Rare Hunters with it's heat and ferocity.

"Tell me where my friends are and I'll get Iblis to eat you."

"Uhhh, Jamie? Don't you mean or 'I'll get Iblis to eat you'?" Tristan asked.

"Depends how fast they tell me."

"We're not telling you anything." The leader was backing away as his goons turned to flee.

"Tsunami, stop them!" Jamie threw a Pokeball over the heads of the Rare Hunters and her Gyarados appeared in a flash of light, towering over the goons, who bumped into it and bounced backwards.

"I told you, not holograms."


"Shush Tristan, I know what I'm doing." She gave him a quick smile before putting her death glare on again and turning back to the Rare Hunters. "Now, where are my friends?"


"Tsunami, Ice Beam!"

The huge Water/Flying type fired the beam at the ground, turning it into an ice skating rink and freezing the Rare Hunters to the floor.

"Iblis, lunch ti…"

"Wait!" The Leader snapped, "They're at the docks. Master Marik has something planned."

"See, that wasn't so hard." Jamie smirked, "Hey Tristan, think they'd make a good snack for the boys?"

"Nah, they'd give Iblis and Tsunami food poisoning."

"You're right, let's go." Jamie returned Tsunami to his Pokeball and turned to mount Iblis.

"Pokemon Trainer."

Tristan froze and glared at the leader, noting the glowing symbol on his forehead. "Jamie…"

She turned around, hearing the echo in the voice, thinking quickly. "You're him, aren't you? The one behind all of this?"

"That is correct. I am Marik."

"Why are you attacking my friends?"

"The Pharaoh has something that belongs to me and I won't rest until I have it."

"You mean Yugi? Yugi's no Pharaoh, at least not as I understand the…" She paused because Marik was laughing. "What's so funny?"

"You mean he hasn't told you yet?" Marik found something hilarious, "He uses you and your Pokemon for his own cause, but doesn't trust you with a secret that he's already shared with the rest of his friends!"

The Trainer growled.

"You deserve much better then that, Pokemon Trainer."

"I have a name Marik."

"I haven't had a chance to introduce myself before," The man was still laughing, "And the Pharaoh hasn't bothered to mention you."

"Then maybe I should introduce myself." Jamie growled, "Tristan, go to Yugi and Joey."


"I have Iblis and Tsunami, go."

Tristan nodded and ran off.

"Well Pokemon Trainer?"

She waited until Tristan had gone, then turned back to the mind controlled goon, "I am Jamelia Francis of Littleroot Town, winner of the Sinnoh League and Aspiring League Champion. My friends call me Jamie."

"A pleasure." Marik sounded like he was smirking and it irritated Jamie no end.

"Niceties aside, I'm going to help my friends." Jamie said, mounting Iblis, "They will stop you."

"I can get you home."

Iblis roared as Jamie tensed up. "You lie."

"Oh I still have a few things to work out, but with the power of the Pharaoh, I should be able to send you home."

"Not interested." Jamie took off, returning Tusnami to his Pokeball before she was too high up and closing her eyes for a second and taking a deep breath. Marik knew one of her weaknesses, she wanted to go home more then anything but… she couldn't let Marik hurt Yugi, she couldn't.



A car was moving at a ridiculously fast pace towards the docks.

"Follow it."

Iblis swooped towards the docks and Jamie let her mind wander, they'd get there in time, they just had too…


Joey was used to strange things happening, so when a bright light shone through the shop window as they were trying to lock up late one night, his first reaction was to get Yugi.

The short young man swapped quickly with the spirit who he shared his body with and was much more skilled in magic then Yugi was, before opening the door carefully.

On the doorstep was a young woman and a blue canine thing that gave Yugi a rather odd look.

"How did you get here?" Yami asked the canine as he knelt down by the girl's side. "Can you hear me?" He asked, shaking her gently.

The icy blue canine growled and nudged the girl, before trying to lick her face through the icy blue hair that draped over the steps.

"Let me Yuge." Joey knelt down, checking the girl over with the skills he'd picked up while a member of Hirutani's gang. "She's fine, just unconscious."

"Bring her inside." Yami looked back over his shoulder at Solomon Muto, Yugi's Grandpa, who had spoken with a concerned but wary look on his face.

"Are you sure?" Joey asked.

"Inside, now."

The canine slipped inside the door as Joey picked up the girl and took her upstairs to where Tea and Tristan were already cooking tea.

Solomon had finished eating and was just checking their guest over again when she'd woken up, giving out a startled yell and nearly bolting off the sofa, only stopped by the blue canine sat on her chest, who happily barked, "Glaceon!" and tilted it's head to look at it's owner.

"Easy miss." Solomon said, "We found you on our doorstep."

"This isn't Mount Coronet… where am I?" The girl asked, wide sapphire eyes taking in the group in the doorway, who'd come in when she'd yelled.

"This is the Kame Game Shop, Domino, Japan."

"Where?" Sapphire eyes gained fear and panic.

"Which part?" Solomon asked gently.

"All of it! Where am I?"

"The Kame Game Shop, Domino, Japan."

She shook her head. "It can't be, there's nowhere in the world called Japan!"

Solomon looked at Yugi, who stepped forward, wondering if this was someone from the past, or with amnesia, or one of many other reasons for not knowing Japan. "I'm Muto Solomon, this is my grandson, Muto Yugi, who are you?"

The girl paused before answering, "Francis Jamelia of Littleroot Town."

"Where's that?"

"The Sinnoh Region."


She groaned and held her head in her hands, "This is a nightmare, I'll wake up and I'll be back on Mt Coronet."

"Francis, where are you from, can you get back?" Yugi asked, patting the icy blue thing on the head.

"Call me Jamelia please. I'm from the Pokemon World." She used a word that Yugi had never heard before, "And I don't know."

"Pokemon?" Joey questioned.

"Like my Glaceon." She pointed to the blue thing which bowed to Yugi and repeated the word.


"Try this." The girl pulled out a red, white and black thing and pressed a few buttons before tossing it to Joey, "Point it at Aisu." She pointed to the 'Pokemon'.

"Glaceon, the Ice evolution of Eevee, this Pokemon can completely freeze it's fur to make it's hairs stand like needles as a self defence measure." Joey looked intrigued and started pressing other buttons, making it start talking again, "I am Dexter, a Pokedex programmed for Pokemon Trainer Jamelia Francis, to help her and give her advice on Pokemon on her travels. This Pokedex counts as a Trainer's License "

"Pokemon Trainer?"

She nodded. "I have six Pokemon on me."

"How did you get here?"

"I'm an Aspiring Champion." She explained, then saw their confused looks. "It means that I recently won a League Conference and am awaiting my Championship Challenge."

Again confused looks, then Yugi's eyes lit up, clicking his fingers, "You're a skilled Pokemon Trainer, right?"

"I suppose." Jamelia shrugged, wondering if the teen was getting the wrong end of the stick, and thinking about all the work that had gone into getting that skilled.

"So how does that get you here?"

"I got hit by Palkia's Spacial Rend."


"Spacial Rend?"

Jamelia sighed, petting the Pokemon on the head before speaking, "Palkia, the Lord of Space and Guardian of Alternate Dimensions, which is what I'm guessing this world is." If it's not a dream. "It's Spacial Rend attack can rip a hole in the dimensional wall and create portals to other worlds." And thank you Cynthia for that explanation.


Ah didn't sum it up in Jamelia's mind, but she was still in shock.

"Jamelia?" Solomon asked softly, "Do you have anywhere to go?"

She shook her head, still hoping that if she went to sleep, she'd wake up somewhere sane.

Solomon looked at Yugi and Joey. Joey nodded, sighing and gesturing towards the sofa, while Yugi found himself in a staring contest with the 'Glaceon'.

"We have a spare room, if you want to stay there."

"Thank you. I'm hoping I'll be able to get home soon, but the hospitality is welcome."

Solomon smiled slightly at her politeness. "Yugi, will you show her to her room?"

Glaceon blinked and licked Yugi's hand, who smiled, patted the Pokemon on the head and nodded.

"Jamelia?" Yugi asked as the girl didn't move.

"Coming." The girl got up and followed Yugi into the spare room. "Muto… can I ask you a favour?"

"Call me Yugi and yes, you can."

"Once I'm settled in, can you give me a hand checking on my Pokemon, some of them aren't exactly small…"


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