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A Shakespeare effect.

(Bella's POV)

"She's just young, foolish, innocent, and weak and gives herself up for the first guy that shows any interest in her" He drawled out. With a shrug he added "Romeo's not much better, he finds her attractive and acts on it, they're both purely acting on appearances." He sighed as he leant back further in his chair, his voice sounding bored "A modern version of him today would be classed as 'the bad guy': forbidden family. Danes and Dicaprio were thrill seekers." He ended, casually picking some fluff off his shirt sleeve casually.

I could feel myself boiling at his words. Had he absolutely no idea of Shakespeare's works? Didn't he have the faintest clue of the tale of Romeo and Juliet before he opened that big mouth of his?

I felt myself tremble and couldn't help the words that spilled out of my mouth. "You idiot! This is Shakespeare's classic work you're talking about, not the modernised movie! It's a classic love story; they'd rather go against their family just so they could be together! Hell, in the end they went against life so that they could be together in death!! It had nothing to do with either of their looks, it was love at first sight, before they knew who each other were!" I spoke as calmly as I could, but talking about Shakespeare's work with no degree of respect like he was doing was hitting a nerve. Reading books kept me sane, and talking absolute nonsense about them irritated me to no end. Stupid illiterate I thought as I leant forward and held my gaze on his, daring him to retaliate.

His eyes blazed under my unwavering stare "They were just a pair of stupid, suicidal teenagers. Both of them needed to toughen up." He growled, his eyes never faulting from my own.

I felt my hands shake with the anger I was fighting to control, how idiotic was he? "They had true love, what was the point of one living without the other when they'd experienced a full life together? Do you really think that Romeo could have lived-" I stopped to correct myself "could have survived without Juliet?"

"Of course he could" He spoke, calmer than I was. A small, smug smile played on his lips "if he was a real man. If he'd sucked it up, he could have taken it like a man and found someone else."

I gasped at his words. How could he be so careless? Flippant? So cold toward love? "But they were in love; it was love at first sight! Nothing could have beaten that. When she died, a part of him died too."

"They were both weak and acted on vanity" he said slowly, leaning forward in his chair to look across to me, poor Angela and Jessica in between us "Love at first sight isn't real, it's just physical attraction".

"It was love at first sight" I growled, my hands now balled into fists.

"Weakness" he spat between his clenched teeth.

"O-o-okay" The forgotten teacher took a shaky step away from her desk, wide eyed at the shock that mine and the new kid's debate had created. "I think that's enough for tod-"

"Urgh! How can you be so stupid to believe that" He growled from Angela's right, obviously my side of the debate had prickled him "It's just a load of rubbish that prissy girls fill their heads with" he added, leaning forward even more to glare at me.

I raged.

"I'm not prissy!" I shouted as I stood up, making my way to stand before him "do I look prissy to you?" I hissed as I glared down at him.

The smug smile appeared again "No, but you sure are doing an impressive imitation." A small chuckle reached my ears, coming from him.

"You have no idea about what you're talking about new kid, maybe if you had a heart and an ounce of sense or even a set of functioning emotions, you'd understand" I spoke with venom in my voice, his laughing at me pushed me over the edge. I could tell our argument had stepped away from the main topic of Romeo and Juliet and up to a personal level.

My rebuke hit a nerve.

He shot out of his chair, rounding his table to stand, towering over me so that barley and inch were between us "If you lived a little, rather than through the pages of your precious books, you'd find that it's all imaginary, total crap!"

"Mr Mason!! I think that's enough, you too Miss Swan! Both of you back to your seats now!" The teacher bellowed from the front of the class. The faint mummer of whispers trickled through my red, hazy, clouded mind. "The both of you back here at the end of the day for detention" she added. I heard her faint whisper as she turned back to her desk, which only added to the embarrassment I felt for freaking out "I expected better from her".

My cheeks flooded with a blush as I sat myself down in my chair, my heart racing from the fierce anger than had almost taken over all of me. I flexed my fingers, letting blood rush back into them after having clamped my hands into tight white fists earlier. I let my hair fall around me, acting as a shield from all the looks and whispers I felt directed at me after my outburst against the new kid.

I always did well in my English class, receiving full marks in almost every piece of work I did, keeping to myself, quiet, almost invisible where I sat. I didn't usually enjoy the debates the teacher threw our way, I more often than not ended up caving and agreeing with my opponent if he or she battled their side well.

My eyes began to water as I remembered his last words about myself living through books. How had he, a stranger, been able to assess me so quickly and get to the very heart of me with one sentence?

Other than my family and close friends, my days revolved around reading. I always carried a book or three with me, I had them sprawled around the house which got in Charlie and Jasper's nerves every once and a while, but they were used to it. They only got annoyed if they tripped over a stray volume or if I scolded them if I caught them throwing one of my books out of their way or using it as a coaster.

Once the bell rang, signalling the end of class, I gathered my books and threw them into my bag, in a hurry to leave the presence of the new kid. I didn't know his name, only that his surname was Mason, thanks to the teacher.

"Edward, Bella" The teacher called just as I neared the door. I stopped and turned to her "Detention, remember" she called before turning back to her desk, shuffling some papers.

I couldn't help but turn and look at him, Edward. I could feel his eyes on me and felt the need to read the expression that was on his face.

I felt my forehead burrowing in confusion at the expression I read on his face: surprise. Did he expect my name to have been Cruella or Ursula or maybe even Scar? I grumbled in my mind as I turned and made my way into the congested hallway, heading toward the cafeteria.

(Edward's POV)

"I try to make a point, and she shoots it down… stubborn… bookworm… illiterate… prissy…" I grumbled to table top while I absentmindedly pushed the peas around on my plate "yeah… prissy…" I added as the face of the fierce hellion flooded my mind, sparking the frustration within me yet again.

"Um… Edward, you're going to have to explain what you're complaining about or shut the hell up" my sister spoke sweetly from opposite me, her eyes shooting daggers at me beneath her well trained serene expression.

Alice and I were sat with Emmett McCarthy and Rosalie Hale, who were the most popular and strongest couple in the school. Emmett with his muscled body and his ever happy, booming voice had managed to capture the school's prettiest girl. The girl who attracted each male's attention simply by entering a room or passing by; from the nerds, to the jocks, even reaching the faculty.

Jasper also sat with us, best friends with Emmett and Rose and who I had just found out was Bella's brother. Technically, he was her cousin, but he'd lived with Bella and her father since he was a toddler and everyone in Forks thought of them as brother and sister. Jasper being Bella's 'brother' had instantly book him into by bad books, but he'd unknowingly redeemed himself as I learned that he had saved my pixie of a sister from being trampled on in the hallway by the crush of students who ran like headless chickens at the sound of the bell ringing for escape from the four walls of their classrooms.

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, which had been easily rattled just by the memory of the brunette in English, I explained my muddled rambling to her, under her watchful eyes. "Fine, I had English last period and we were doing Romeo and Juliet…" I paused and rolled my eyes as I watched Alice rolling her eyes heavenward and motion me to hurry to the main point of the story "okay, well there was this girl there, and she had some really idiotic views on the story and so I told her what it was really about and she got all prissy and freaked out" I shrugged, feeling the frustration prickling within me yet again.

Silence met my ears and I looked up from my scattered peas to find the four around me looking behind me.

"I. Am. Not. Prissy" a deadly voice ground out behind me, causing a reflexive shudder to ripple down my spin and my face to contort into a grimace. I sat still, my eyes fixed on Alice's which were now dancing in glee at my discomfort and I wondered how long she'd been stood there. "I'm not the one with the idiotic views either" she added in a hiss, answering my wondering question.

The next ten minutes were difficult. While I sat in utter silence, my mind reeling with the events which had unfolded, I couldn't help but watch Bella. The way her frown deepened when she looked my way, and how her face looked fit to crack when she caught me looking straight back at her amused me. I revelled in attempting to decipher each emotion that ran within the deep chocolaty pools which were her eyes, wondering what was causing the passing emotions of confusion, agony, frustration and delight.

Bella's voice finally rang through my ears, all deathly tones evaporated and replaced by wariness and humour "Emmett, what are you doing?" she asked, a half smile playing on her rosy lips.

"Trying… to…" he spoke as if each word were a strain to speak as he clasped his hands together as if he were holding a heavy, invisible object and bought it through the air diagonally, over and over "cut… the… tension" he said, a goofy grin appearing on his face, highlighting his child like dimples and gaining chuckles and giggles from us all.

"Goofball" I heard Rosalie mutter under her breath before a soft sigh slipped past her lips, her eyes looking lost while they stayed on Emmett as his chuckles died down.

I rose from my chair as the bell rang, unable to resist a last barb at Bella before our detention at the end of the school day, I turned to her, bowed low and whispered into her ear as she reluctantly passed by "Until detention".

She paused just passed me, and from the corner of my eye, I caught the faint flush of a rosy blush in her cheeks, unsure if it was from some sort of flattery at my gentlemanly action or at my indented barb, and whispered her simple retort "Imbecile".

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