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(Emmett POV)

I pecked Rose on the lips before closing the door of my precious jeep after her, getting what felt like a hit from my incurable addiction that was Rosalie Hale.

"You're all mine." I mumbled against her lips with a satisfied smile on my face as I heard her sigh, my arms pulling her closer to me.

"Right back at you big guy." She whispered back before kissing the side of my mouth, knowing that it drove me wild before resting her head on my shoulder.

Edward's sigh sounded from behind me and I opened my eyes which had been lazily closed as I cuddled my love in my arms to see him storming off toward the cinema. He wore a dark pair of jeans with a black shirt, mirroring his black mood.

Since Bella's recovery from Mike's evil clutches I'd noticed that he'd been in a bad mood, even worse since our ball game a few days ago. I hadn't known Edward long but Alice had mentioned when I wondered aloud about his constant brooding that she'd never seen her brother so withdrawn and short tempered before. I was no cupid, but I could tell what the problem was. His sad puppy eyes at Bella hadn't escaped my attention, it only seemed to pass over her by the looks of things. Of course, every time she met his gaze, he'd turn it into a scowl which she'd return with added ferocity, only jumbling up things between them. Our Edward was in deep and Bella was denying what she felt for him, anyone except for the both of them could see how badly they craved each other. Just need to bash their heads together and get it over with I thought as I reluctantly pulled away from my Rose's embrace and took her hand in mine, leading her into the cinema after Edward.

Bella, ever the clumsy legged sweet pea that she was stumbled in last. I managed to catch her around her middle just as I saw her stub her toe one the lip of the doorway, a major hazard for her. "Thanks Pumpkin." She mumbled to the floor as she straightened herself out, a small smile on her lips which mirrored mine, I couldn't help but feel humored by the fact that keeping and eye on Bella when there were doors, stairs or corners around was like a reflex reaction of mine. After years of watching her collapsing, failing and flying toward the floor, I'd learnt to keep a sharp eye and be ready to catch her.

"I always got ya Sweet Pea" I chuckled as I pulled her into a quick one armed hug, having kept Rose glued to my side the entire time by my other arm.

I glanced up to see Alice and Jasper holding hands and looking at the listings of movies for the night, looking half comical and half perfect by their extreme difference in appearance. Pitch black hair vs gleaming blond, her delicate and small to the extreme frame that radiated frailness against his a tall, muscled body that screamed protection and strength. Looks could be deceiving though, Alice was anything but frail, she could hold her own and Jasper could easily be the one to think things through and think of feelings and reactions rather than taking forcible action.

Feeling slightly uneasy as if I was eavesdropping on a personal conversation I looked away, moving my eyes to where I knew Edward was. I came up blank, he'd moved. I scanned the room and finally noticed that he'd ended up practically at Bella's side. One of his hands were gripping the back of his neck while the other ran through his messy hair, making it look even worse. I let go of Bella, feeling somewhat guilty for having had caught her before he could have. I felt as if I'd taken his job, taken away his right to catch her, protect her.

Bella was busy throwing death glares at Edward who was probably too close for her liking and so didn't bother to register the pain in his eyes and his tired stance. How much longer can he hold out for? I wondered as I watched him turn and stare glazed eyed at the listings as Alice and Jasper were doing. I thought they'd kissed and made up the other day, they were lying on top of each other and practically making out… or at least they should have been… children!!

Why couldn't she stop being so stubborn and open her eyes? My Bells was so funny, kind and beautiful. I laughed to myself as I remembered having a god awful crush on her when we were about 7. She was the light of my life at that age, I remember pulling her hair and calling her silly names, the only way a 7 year old knew how to channel their young love. Of course, a year or two later and Rose showed up, by that time my love for Bella had morphed into brotherly protectiveness and so Rose captured my heart, truly.

Mike had always been a fool, even back then. He'd always try to kiss the girls, catching them by surprise or telling them a tale that he'd definitely die if they didn't kiss him on the lips. He'd tried that game with Bells back then, my Rosie too. I'd given his lips a sweet little kiss with my fists. I wonder if he remembers? I thought, anxious for a chance to let him experience a little déjà vu.

(Edward POV)

Keep it together. Calm down. I told myself, hoping none of the others; especially Bella had noticed my stupid move. My stomach had lurched as I'd watched her beginning to fall, imagining myself going to her and capturing her in my arms as I'd done days ago, shielding her from any pain or danger, kissing away the shock… Back on track Mason…back on track! I ordered myself, stopping my thoughts from wondering down that path that I longed to dive head first into. She's made her feelings clear, walking away from me while I slept utterly peaceful thinking she was still in my arms, ignoring and hiding from me ever since.

Of course Emmett had easily caught her like it was second nature to him, hugging her to him and acting like it never happened. How often has he done that to be so desensitized to it? Rage bubbled my blood at the thought, how many times did you have to witness her falling before you didn't blink an eye, just thinking 'Oh, there she goes again, watch yourself'.

Why's Emmett watching me? I panicked, feeling his eyes on me as he let Bella go, finally letting me breathe easily now that she wasn't plastered up against him. At least he has his hands off her now. I sighed somewhat in relief even though I knew that their relationship was purely brotherly and sisterly.

Get a grip!

I joined Alice and Jasper who were stood before the movie listings, seeming to be looking over them, but once given a closer look I could tell that the both of them were starring off into space, probably sharing some intimate bond between them.

A growl vibrated deep in my chest as I looked away, feeling agitated and angry to be surrounded by two perfect couples and the one woman who had managed to capture my feeble heart yet was totally unaware and uninterested.

(Bella POV)

Awake… Stay awake… I yawned while I preached orders to myself in my mind, hoping I could control my body's unrelenting need to suddenly sleep. A week's worth of restless nights had finally caught up with me now that I sat in a comfortable, large cinema chair in the dim lit room. I shook my head as subtly as I could, hoping that it'd help clear my tiresome mind and jar me awake, reboot my muddled head.

Pictures moved before my eyes on the huge screen, varying from being vivid to smudged as lethargy won over my protesting eyes, ruining any attempt of understanding what I saw. Yawning once more I finally accepted defeat and closed my eyes, hoping that giving my body a minute or two of what it wanted, craved would sedate it for a while.

My eyes sprang open as my body jolted awake, my head having had slipped from my hand's poor support. Sugar… additives… anything! I slowly got to my feet as the words ran through my mind, the only way I could stick out the night was to fill myself with candy and cola.

I gripped to anything I could find as I made my way out; the walls supported me the three times that I almost managed to fall to meet my old friend the floor.

(Edward POV)

My eyes snapped open as I watched Bella walk out of the isle, slowly on unstable legs making her way out of the door. Her departure sprung me awake, snapping me back to some form of myself. I'd been living these last few days as a shell of what I had been, I'd been training myself to shield any of my actions and emotions when I saw or thought of Bella.

Unable to concentrate on what was before me I headed out after her, knowing that I wouldn't be able to watch the movie with her in the same room as me or out of my sight.

I stepped out of the dim room and into the brightly lit corridor, wondering if I should get myself something to eat or drink, would Bella think I was following her… like I obviously was?

I should leave Bella alone… shouldn't I? She has been distant with me, that fact isn't a figment of my imagination no matter how hard I try to convince myself of it. Give her some distance and see what happens? I don't want her to hate me. I rubbed my fingers to my temples as I felt a familiar pressure building in my head. Or do I ignore her protests and fight for her; she'd undoubtedly fight back with force if she truly didn't want me. I stopped near a turn in the corridor and rested my head against its cool surface, trying to sort out my muddled thoughts. Do I or don't I. Do I or don't I?

"Let me go. Let me go!" Over the ringing and pounding in my head and ears I could hear a whisper of a broken voice pleading from near by, probably a lover's tiff I thought with a grim smile at the thought of my lack of love life.

"You think I'd listen to you? You! After what you did to me! You're dumber than you look! You humiliated me! In front of all my friends, in my own house! You think I'd let that drop Sugar? No chance. Now you'll pay." A cold voice spoke back, too much anger in him to think of keeping his voice down like the woman. I'll go stop their little tiff if he gets violent I told myself as I rubbed a hand over my face.

"N-no! Please don't." Her broken voice pleaded once more, sounding tired and lacking the hint of determination that was in her voice moment ago. My eyes snapped open as the realization that the voice belonged to Bella hit me.

My headache intensified, my eyes seeing red and my ears going deaf. The thought of ripping the piece of filth that was thinking of harming Bella to shreds pushed everything out of my head. Spasms jolted through my muscles as I controlled myself from punching the wall as I made my way around the corner, two of Mike's cronies filling my view in an instant.

My fist connected with one's face, shattering his teeth and hurtling him to the floor where he didn't rise from. I grabbed the second's head while he was distracted by the sight of his friend lying crumpled on the floor and thrust it against the wall, knocking him too out in one swift movement. With the two little boys out the way I turned toward Mike, my eyes locking on his hands, one which was wrapped around Bella's neck and the other that rest on her hip.

He finally noticed me as I stepped closer; his eyes frantically looked over the bodies that I left behind me. The coward he was, he moved to protect himself from me to stand behind Bella, using her body as a shield. He made sure she couldn't escape his hold, gasping a handful of her hair in his fist while the other stayed wrapped securely around her neck, red marks visible already on her alabaster skin.

"Let her go Newton." I spoke slowly, letting him hear as well as see the ferocity within me as I took a step closer to him and Bella, unable to look her directly in the eyes yet, knowing there was a chance I'd crumble at her feet.

Mike backed up against the wall behind him, having had forgotten that there was a dead end behind him. His eyes took on a wild and slightly crazed look as he looked at the solid brick wall painted a faint yellow behind him and at me before him, just as solid as the wall. "Let her go." I demanded again, taking a small step closer, hoping he'd finally understand the threat that I was posing against him.

A sob escaped Bella's lips as Mike tightened his grip on her neck and pulled at her hair, feeling like a solid punch to my gut. I took a small step back, hoping he'd ease up on Bella, let her go, issue his torture on me instead. "You better back off Mason; you don't want me to really hurt her now do you? Hurt this little tramp. What is she to you anyway? You're little play thing?" He had a smug little smile on his face as he pulled Bella up closer against his body, running his index finger across the reddened skin on her throat. "She's worthless, she's nothing." He spoke into her ear, keeping his voice loud enough for me to hear.

I could feel a growl… a roar building up in my chest at his words. Bella worthless? She must have hurt him bad at the party for him to be able to speak such a lie. I watched raged as he stepped away from the wall, his grip tightening on Bella causing her to whimper in pain as he began to step around me, trying to escape.

"This is how it's going to work Mason. I'll let this bitch go in exchange for you letting me leave here. How about it?" He spoke, becoming breathless as Bella denied his wishes of getting her to move with him, causing him to practically carry him with her. "Or I could always take her with me, I'm sure I could think of a few ways to keep her quiet, a few ways for her to make it up to me." His hand which was in her hair tightened as his other hand loosened on her neck, threatening to travel down to her chest.

"Enough!" I growled, holding my arms out, ready to capture her and never let her go ever again. I'd let the weasel leave. For now.

"No coming after me. No touching me Mason or I'll find your little bitch and show her how serious I am about what I've been telling you. Are we at an agreement?" he added, knowing I'd never leave him alive if I had my way.

"Agreed." I bit off the word just before Mike threw Bella away from him and turned on his heel, running passed the two beat up bodies on the floor of his unconscious cronies.

"You're safe; you're okay, its okay." I chanted over and over, unaware of my words after a while of soothing Bella and listening to her crying into my neck, her small arms wrapped around my neck, clinging to me just as I clung to her, holding her off the ground in attempt of having her as close as I could.

(Emmett POV)

I squirmed in my seat, an uneasy feeling rooted deep within me and intensifying with each second. I couldn't seem to shrug it away, it prickled the back of my neck and stung in my mouth, hollowed my stomach. I craned my head to look around the room, trying to spot if anything out of the ordinary was happening.

"Emmett if you have to go pee just go already! Don't let last autumn happen all over again, stupid male ego." Rose muttered under her breath next to me, taking my unrelenting squirming as something else.

I couldn't sit where I was, I had to get out. Kissing my Rose on the cheek and flashing her my playful smile I headed out, hoping I'd hidden my anxiousness from her. On my way out I tapped Jasper on the shoulder; I'd noticed he'd been jumpy for the last ten minutes too.

"Is it Bella?" Jasper asked me as soon as we left the screen room, I could see the look in his eyes, it mirrored what was stirring within me.

"Yeah. Probably. I think." I said uncomfortably as I turned and lead the both of us down the corridor, wondering what it was that was making me feel so on edge.


Jasper and I both stopped dead in our tracks at the word that seemed to burst out of no where, threatening and dripping with pain. It was Edward's voice, of that I was sure. Now my mind was reeling on why he would sound so pained. What has Bella said now to hurt the poor kid?

I heard her whimper; it was something I hadn't heard of much in my life. Bella hated to show her weak side, she always ran away to break down or toughened herself up and buried the hurt deep down beneath anger. He made my Bells cry? I'll rip the little shit apart and feed him to the wolves! My mind raged, my pity toward him from seconds ago long forgotten.

Jasper laid a hand on my forearm just as I was about to bound around the corner and knock him clear into next week. With eyes that must have had a promise of death in them I glared at Jasper and then at his hand, his only reaction was to point at his ear and then at the corner, telling me to listen before I acted.

Jasper always was the one who took a step back in all situations to think things through; if violence could be avoided he'd take another option over it, totally opposite to my way of thinking; punch now, excuses later.

I could hear a wimp's voice speaking, demanding to be left alone if he let go of Bells, asking if Edward was in agreement. Of course Edward would be in agreement! He wouldn't let a coward keep his hands on the love of his life over revenge. I heard Edward's promise of agreeing to his terms as the sound of footsteps grew louder.

I looked at Jasper, gaining a sly smile and a nod of his head from him. He must have been thinking down the same line I had been. Sure, Edward had agreed not to lay a finger on him, just as Newton had demanded. But Newton had failed to state anything about Jasper and I keeping our fists to ourselves over our love for Bella.

Rolling my shoulders in preparation I stepped out from around the corner, able to see the two boys on the floor, Edward with his face buried in Bella's hair as she hid into the side of his neck and Mike, his eyes practically popping out of his head as he looked from myself flexing my fingers, ready to wrap them around his neck to Jasper who simply stood with a stare locked on his feeble eyes.

I looked quickly at Jasper before I stepped passed Mike who cowered to the floor as neared him. Jasper went to him, locking his arms behind his back while I checked on Bella and Edward.

"You okay folks?" I asked with a small smile on my face as Edward pressed a kiss to Bella's forehead. At last! My mind preached at the sight.

"Yeah, thanks Pumpkin." Bella muttered as she wiped the side of her face that wasn't pressed to Edward's chest with the back of her hand, hoping to compose herself. She only managed to smear the tears across her cheek rather than wipe them away.

"It's lover boy you should be thanking, he saved you pretty little butt. I just get the fun part of hitting Mike senseless." I smiled at the sight of her watery smile and the thought of how I would hurt Mike all the ways I'd been dreaming of ever since we were kids and he tried to trick my Rosie and Bells into kisses.

Edward wiped away her tears, running her thumb over her blushing cheek and over her brow even as she tried to pull away and do it herself. The love I could simply see in his eyes almost had my knees buckling beneath me as he finally got her to comply and let him wipe away the tears. The intensity in his eyes was unbelievable yet undeniable. He finally tilted Bella's face up to his with his fingers, their eyes locking, throwing the both of them into their own little world.

I turned away, giving them some privacy as I helped Jasper haul Mike off the ground and make our way toward the fire exit that lead to the back of the building. I pulled my cell out, deciding that telling Rose and Alice that Jasper and I had a little business to attend to was a clever idea. I peeked quickly over my shoulder to see Bella reaching her hand up to rest on Edward's face just as their lips met, the sight of their intimate kiss like a snapshot for one of the magazines Rose read, just like the cover of Vogue.

Turning back to my cell I wrote a message to Rose, smiling as I read the delivery report I got just before I turned it off, not wanting any interruptions with what I had planned.


Me and Jasper have found a new game; we'll be busy beating the crap out of it for an hour or two. Why don't you and Alice go shopping? Buy me something nice, preferably something red and lacy that'll hug your curves before I rip it off you.

Bella finally gave in honey!! Tell Alice that she won the bet and I'll give her the $20 tomorrow!

Love you,



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