Summary: Mello and Matt knew that tomorrow might be their end; but still, nothing looked unordinary that night- except that it was filled with lies, pride and denials.

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairing: Matt/Mello

Note: Light shonen ai


As if tomorrow is all the same.

As if tomorrow they'll reunite.

As if eternity exists.


Mello rose up from the bed, yielded the cover as his hand reached a bar of chocolate from the desk. He peeled the cover off and took a bite. Matt looked at the blond haired with a flat look before reaching out the cigarettes inside his jeans' pocket, which were scattered on the floor. The redhead just about to light it on, but the blond haired snatched it away from his hand.

"You know I hate cigar." He commented.

"Oh. Yeah." He muttered. "Sorry."


It was a night that looked like another.

It was a night of ordinary.

It was a night of denials.


Tomorrow is the day. And tomorrow might be the end for either one of them or both. Tomorrow is something no one would ever know.

A shot of fear reached Mello's head, overwhelming him with sense of anxiousness.

What if…?


What if tomorrow will really be the end?

What if happy ending never exist?

What if the fairy tales told lies?


None of them said anything for a moment. They were scared; but they couldn't give their pride up to admit- at least, not Mello.

"Everything's fine?" Matt asked.

"Of course, silly."


"I don't fear anything."



Stop the lies

Stop this nonsense

Stop the time


He wished they had longer time.

He wished tomorrow the smoke from the redhead's cigarettes would still linger in the room, and he will still complaining, shouting.

Mello growled at the thought but remained silent.

He took a glance at Matt who was sitting on the other side of the bed.

"'Sup?" Matt questioned.

Mello stammered for a moment.

"No. Nothing much.'


It's loading him.

It's torturing him.

It's hurting.


Silence. Flashes of memories.

"Hm? What?" the redhead asked to his mate.


He wanted to speak.

"You were staring."

He long for honesty.

"I've told you it's nothing."

But all there is only lie.


If only they had more time.

If only the sun wouldn't rise.

If only they were a little more honest.


Matt was able to see through; he just wanted to pretend that everything is okay- that he didn't need to reassured Mello's vague speech, his wavering voice.

And Mello knew that this might be their end. He was worried. Scared. But pride swallowed his words. But thoughts blocked his confession.


They know.


"…Stop this, Matt. Let's stop denying."

It's too painful.


It's too much.

"I don't want to lose you."


"Neither do I."


They feel


"It's not going to be alright."

His fear.

"It might."

Words of comfort.

"I hate this.

A déjà vu.

…I hate being alone again."


They love.


"Yes. I know."

Touch of his hand.

"Do you?"

Warmth of his breath.

"I do.

Lips brushing.

…You know we all hate it."


And no words were needed anymore.




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