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In the conference room, Ziva and Tim had sat down and were twiddling their thumbs whilst Tony paced the floor with his hands in his pockets.

"Will you stop that!" Ziva snapped as Tony stomped past her again.


"Your walking up and down, it's making me nervous."

Tony raised his eyes to the ceiling and sighed,

"Did you see his face? He actually looks more pissed now than he did before he went on vacation! We are dead, I'm telling you, we are not getting out of this one alive."

Tim gulped, "The fact that we lied to him, sent him miles away and left him with his ex boss for a vacation that he clearly would never had taken had it been his own choice, is probably contributing to the fact that he is a little pissed at us, oh and did I mention the fact that we lied to him."

Both Tony and Ziva scowled.

"Did you learn to be subtle like that at MIT, McObvious?"

"No, Tony, I'm just saying, that you can understand why he might be upset."

"Oh crap, he's not worse is he?" Abby whined as she entered the conference room to join the others.

Ziva held her head in her hands, "His face is telling us that he is indeed not happy."

Abby paled and bit her bottom lip. "Tony! I can't take him like that any more!" she whimpered.

Tony put his arms around her shoulders and hugged her hard.

The door suddenly flew open and Jethro Gibbs stormed in and slammed the door loudly behind him. Tim and Ziva quickly got to their feet and the team found themselves lined up in front of Gibbs.

After pacing up and down the line for a few moments, Gibbs turned and faced them and eyed of them sternly in turn. Tony took a deep breath, feeling the weight of his Senior Field Agent responsibilities crushing his shoulders,

"Boss, I know you're not..."

Gibbs raised his hand to silence Tony and he immediately snapped his mouth closed. After a few tense moments Gibbs eventually broke the nervous silence, ready to deliver the words he, with Mike's help, had concluded needed to be said.

"I was out of line and it won't happen again. You all did what you had to do and went along with Ducky and the Director's plan for the benefit of the team and I am proud of you for that."

As the faint hint of a smile broke out on Gibb's face, there were audible gasps of shock and relief at his soft-spoken and sincere words.

Abby threw herself onto Gibbs and hugged him for dear life,

"Oh Gibbs! You're back all better!" she squealed in delight.

He took her by the shoulders and held her at arms length and then let her go and she returned to her place in the line up,

"However...the next time any of you have a problem with how I am running the team, I damned well expect you to come to me and talk to me."

With a scowl directed at Tony, he continued,

"If any of you play a stunt like that on me again, I will not only guarantee that you will be out of a job, but I will personally make sure that you can't sit for a month, are we clear?"

Four heads nodded quickly in agreement.

"Okay, let's get back to work, I think there's been enough of a vacation this week for all of us."

The team headed for the door and Gibbs took hold of Tony's arm preventing him from leaving,

"Not you, DiNozzo," he said firmly.

Tony swallowed hard and Gibbs waited until the others had left the room.

"So...it was your bright idea, huh?"

Tony's eyes met the floor, his face flushed with a mixture of nerves and embarrassment.

"It wasn't exactly an idea, Boss, it was just a gut instinct comment I made that Ducky got hold of and things just...developed!"

"Your gut told you to have me drugged and flown to Mexico?"

"No!...well...yes...but...not in a bad way boss, honest! I...we...come on, Gibbs, everyone could see that you needed a break and when Ducky said..."

Tony sighed, unable to find any more words to help his case. He was ready to accept whatever Gibbs decided to do with him.

"Perhaps you should have listened to that gut of yours sooner, DiNozzo, and I wouldn't have to do this."

His mouth instantly dried up and he shrugged his shoulders, waiting for the head slap, hoping that a head slap was going to be the worst of what Gibbs had in mind. He eventually squeaked a response,

"Do what, boss?" he winced in anticipation.

Gibbs smirked and took Tony's hand and shook it firmly.

"This...Thank you Tony...for giving a damn about my six."

A broad smile of relief spread quickly on Tony's face and then quickly transformed into a scowl as Gibbs other hand whacked him hard upside the head.

"Ow! Boss, what was that for?"

"That..." Gibbs said, pointing his finger in Tony's face,

"...that was the only gift I brought you back from my vacation and it was for playing computer games all week."

Anthony DiNozzo frowned in confusion, wondering how the hell Gibbs had known how he had spent his time while he was away. As he watched Gibbs leave the room, his beaming smile returned and he whispered quietly to himself,

"Welcome back, Boss. I missed you too."