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Hey everybody it's been a while! But in the time that I haven't been writing, I've been brainstorming. And I've come up with a (I think) great story. See, I've always wanted to write a classic Zuko-captures-Katara-and-they-fall-in-love story, well, I started it in the Avatar world, but I had trouble moving it along and then it hit me like a giant monster truck going 100 mph down the road... modern twist!! Before you know it, I've got the whole story planned out beginning to end, I'm even writing a different version, not a fanfic but an actual story!

Oh yeah... and I DO NOT OWN AVATAR.

At the door there came a loud knock and Katara raised her head sleepily from its place on the arm of the couch and glanced up towards the door.

"Sokka!" she called. "Get the door!"

From the top of the stairs drifted down her brother's voice. "You get it you're closer!"


The knock came again and Katara raised herself tiredly up off the couch. It had been a long day. Three weeks ago was the last day of school and Katara had taken up a summer job in hopes of being able to afford a new car by the time the summer was over. She worked a six hour shift at a local restaurant and with her weekly paycheck plus tips, she knew she would be able to afford the sea green mustang she'd seen in the lot two weeks ago.

As she made her way to the door, the knock came once again, this time louder and more agitated and she stood on her tip toes to peep out the door and see who it was. Two muscular men stood at the door, dressed all in black and wearing dark sun glasses even though it was eight thirty in the evening.

What are these thugs doing here??



"The Men in Black are here!"


"Just get your butt down here!"

Sokka appeared at the top of the stair case. "What?"

"There's big scary guys at the door."

"What?!" He said hurrying down the steps.

"Can you please say something else?!"

Before he could reply, the door was kicked down and through the now doorless doorway strode in the two Men in Black.

"Why did you do that she was about to answer the door?!" Sokka said rushing to stand in front of Katara and gesturing angrily to the splintered door. "You guys better pay for that!"

"We did knock," said the smaller of the two. In truth, small was not the word to describe him. "I am afraid, a broken door is the least of your worries. We were sent by one more powerful. You are, I assume, Sokka and Katara Long, children of Hakoda Long?"

""What's it to you?" Sokka asked suspiciously.

"It is my deepest regret to inform you that you are coming with us. You see," he gestured to himself and then to the man next to him, "We're kidnappers." He put his hammer-like fist in his hand and cracked his knuckles making Katara and Sokka wince. "We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way." he folded his arms in front to of his chest and Katara sensed them both tensing. "I think we would all prefer it the easy way."

For a while, Nobody said anything then Katara tugged Sokka's arm, "Sokka," she whispered but Sokka paid no head. "Sokka please..." A growing sense of dread welled up inside of her and her heart began to race. Sokka no...

"I never was one to come quietly," he said in a low voice. The next few moments were a blur to her, but she vaguely remembered Sokka lunging towards the two men and striking them both in the face with his fists which seemed to bounce right off of them.

"Katara run!"

She couldn't move. She stood with her feet glued to the floor and watched in horror as her brother was slammed in the side of his head by one of those hammer fists. He was thrown over one of their shoulders and the other came for her.

Then there was the memory that she always saw clearly in her mind. She was tied and gagged and being carried down the driveway over one of the thugs' shoulder when a car drove up.

"What are you doing with my kids?"

"I suggest you stay out of this if you wish to live."

Mom! Mom please listen to him!

"No! Leave them alone! Take me instead! Leave them alone!"

She attacked on of them and Katara was dropped hard on the cement. A cut opened up in her cheek and blood ran down her face. She rolled over on her side and saw one of the men throw her mother to the ground.

A scream rose in her throat and she struggled to get the gag loose.

"Get the girl!"


"MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!" The gag fell out of her mouth and she screamed as she saw her mother fall to her knees, blood spilling from two holes in her chest.

In her ears she heard only the sound of her mother's failing heart faintly beating away. Her own mouth was open and she knew screams must have been emerging due to the harsh feeling in her throat but she didn't hear them; there was just that heart beat once strong and healthy, now slower and weaker, fading away into nothing.

"MOOOOOOMMMMM!!" the horrible wail tore through the very seams that held night together, the world shuddered and turned to the girl in pity as the temperature dropped a few degrees and a cold wind stirred the blades of grass into submission of the supernatural.

"Damn it! What the hell are you doing with that thing we weren't supposed to kill anyone!"

"Shut that girl up!"

She was picked up struggling with all her might and screaming her lungs out. "NO! LET ME GO! NO!"

Her mother lay there in a pool of her own blood, her eyes were still open and staring at nothing and Katara screamed as she was being carried away. She struggled with all her might and landed a kick to the man's groin and he dropped her as he shouted out and doubled over. She was still tied with her hands behind her back and just as she was able to crawl over to her mother, something heavy made contact with the back of her skull and she was lost to the darkness.

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