HOLA PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's your favorite Fanfiction author, VioletCrystals! (silent screams)

Sorry I'm not actually here to tell you I'm writing another fanfic (awww :'(... ) But! For those of you who were curious about the rewrite of Stole, I've started working on it over at fictionpress if you wanna check it out! And dudes, lemme tell ya, if you thought the FF version was good, wait till you read this one. Because now, I'm not confined to the barriers of having to keep everyone in character! I am totally free to unleash my mind and I am having SO much fun doing it ;)

Plus, I really miss your reviews. People at fictionpress aren't very nice; they read, but never review! Lame huh? Anyways, just wanted to let you all know, the original version of Stole has begun and it is totally going to top this one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much.

So, there we go, I said all I needed to say, I hope to hear from some of you (if not all of you) soon!

Much love, your favorite author,