Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Perfect Pair
Rating: PG (for little mention of sex)
Word Count: 598
A/N: This is unbeta-ed. So please bear with my mistakes.


"It's not like you to let your guard down, Kunimitsu", said Fuji with a seductive voice stopping what he was doing and looked up at his lover.

Eyebrows curving upwards, Tezuka shrugged his shoulders, "I do not"

"What has happened to 'No sex in one week'?"

"Blowjobs are not having sex"


"Don't let your guard down, Syusuke"


"What are these, Syusuke?", Tezuka scowled staring at the piles of boxes in the cart.

"Oh", Fuji smiled cheerfully, "people call them condoms. In case you don't know what they are for, I'll tell you. We often put it onto your d…"

"I know what they are for", interrupted the captain as his face turned red.

" I wouldn't mind jogging your memories anyways"

"I thought you said no fucking you in one week?"

"Whoever said these are for you?", Fuji raised his eye brows looking at his lover for a moment before pushing the cart towards the checkout.

"…. SYUSUKE!!"

"Tsk, don't let your guard down, Kunimitsu!"


"Are you mad at me?", Fuji nudged his lover into the hip as they walked out of the elevator.
Silence greeted his question.

The brown-haired youth sighed trying to explain, "He kissed me out of a sudden and I couldn't r…"

"Forget it", the stoic captain grunted stopping the genius from whatever he was saying.

"I can't if you don't"

Not opening his mouth even a bit, Tezuka unlocked their apartment's door and stepped in without sparing a glance at the other.

Fuji started to get annoyed. He stood rooted at the door when the brunet turned to look at him, cold and serious.

None of them uttered a word as tension built up higher and higher around them.

Defeated, Tezuka ran a hand over his forehead, "Are you planning on standing there all night?"

"I will if you don't trust me"

"I trust you, Syusuke", the captain sighed

"Your eyes do not say so apparently"

"Okay, I admit I am mad"

At his lover's upset look, Tezuka continued, "but not at you… I am mad at that guy… for kissing and hugging you…"

"You already punched him…",

"Not enough for my anger"

With that, Tezuka cast out a hump fuming at the image of some random guy putting his filthy lips onto those of his genius. A punch was definitely not enough.

Feeling a tug at his arm, the captain turned around only to meet the infamous mesmerizing cerulean eyes, under which he always felt naked.

"Kunimitsu, I loveyou"

"I know… I'm sorry for upsetting you"

"I'm sorry for making you jealous"

The brunet scowled at that, "I'm not…"

"Oh right", Fuji giggled, "you're not jealous. You're just angry because that guy kissed your lover and in my dictionary, I'd like to call that 'jealousy'"

"Not in mine"

"Then you're having a new one in yours"

"You always make it hard for me, don't you?"

Kissing the brunet's lips briefly, the brown-haired genius batted his eyelashes seductively, "I think it should be 'make you hard'"

"You never fail?"

"Now, it's not a question. It's a statement", said Fuji with glints of pride in his voice.

"I couldn't agree more"


"Don't come yet, Syusuke"

"Kunimitsu… I…"

"Yeah, baby I know it's hard but I won't let you come"

"But I'm already…"

"Bear it for a little more, baby"


"Just a little more"

"… I…"



"Stupid rat for thinking he can escape easily", Tezuka smirked as dropping the unmoving animal into a bag and gave his partner a hi-five.

Mission catching the rat: Success!

..: oOo :..

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