This is the last chapter of Cousin Alex Brady, and it maybe a little...or a lot shorter then most of the chapters. And also, I'm sorry if this story was a little let down to anyone of you guys. But I promise, the second story will be MUCH better. It may not be written for awhile because I have so many ideas to write before it. (look at my profile, you'll see I have about three story ideas posted, and I attend to write them all before Cousin Alex Brady II) So, here it goes...Cousin Alex Brady, the finale.

Alex woke up to a beautiful day, but she was not happy as she usually would be because today was the day she was leaving.

She got out of her bed, her bare feet touching the cold flooring of her attic bedroom. She looked across the room, and saw her bags laying there, with her guitar and keyboard. The guitar reminded her of the talent show, she felt tears welling in her eyes.

"This maybe the last time I'll see my cousins until graduation," she thought, "and three, I just met, I just got to know."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Alex said in a sad tone. It was Mike.

"Just seeing if you're ready, we need to get going in ten minutes," he said.

"I'll get dressed really fast and I'll meet you down there, Uncle Mike," Alex said.

"Alright, when you're changed, I'll send the boys to help you get your stuff."

"Great," Alex thought, "I'm leaving right away, not even time to get some ice cream with my cousins like old times sake."

After Alex was changed, she, Mike, Greg, Peter, and Bobby all helped grab the rest of her luggage and threw it in the car.

Everyone went to the airport, it took two separate cars because of the luggage in the way back and could not carry ten people. Everyone waited for Alex's parents, but secretly wished they never would come. Their wish obviously did not come true, as Alex's mom and dad were in sight.

"Mom! Dad!" Alex yelled walking up to give them each hugs.

"Alex! Oh, it's so good to see you!" said Mark.

"How was your trip?" Alex asked.

"Oh wonderful," Mark replied, "Australia was beautiful! How was your time with your cousins?"

"Wonderful," Alex said, "I wish I didn't have to leave."

"Well, we should get together again soon," Mark said again. He saw Mike and smiled. "Mike!"

"Hey brother," Mike said with a smile, giving his brother a hug, then he walked over to give Carol a hug.

"Hey! My favorite nephews!" Mark said waving to Greg, Peter, and Bobby.

"Hi Uncle Mark," Greg, Peter, and Bobby said with a fake smile, they weren't so happy to see him this time. And Mark knew why.

"Can I just, say goodbye to everyone first?" Alex asked.

"Sure sweetie," Mark replied,

Alex walked up to Mike first, "Uncle Mike," she began. "You're such a wonderful uncle, my favorite in fact, and my mom has a lot of brothers. And I'm gonna miss you very much, you're real groovy for an older guy."

Mike smiled, and chuckled at her twisted compliment. "I'm going to miss you too, Alex." They gave each other a hug and Alex moved to Carol.

"Aunt Carol," Alex began, "hey, I called you 'aunt' for the first time. When I met you, I could tell you were a nice, and super cool lady. And even though I've known you for only a short time, I believe you to be my favorite aunt...and my mom's brothers are all married." Carol chuckled and tears began to well in her eyes, and they began to fall when she embraced her. Alex made her down the line to Greg.

"Greg," Alex said, "big cousin Greg, or more like big brother Greg. Because you'll always be like a brother to me. I know I can always rely on you for anything. I'm gonna miss you so so much. And thanks to you I have the confidence to play my guitar in front of people. Every time I play, I'll think of you."

"I'll miss you very much, little sis Al," he said. Alex moved on down to Peter.

"Peter, Peter, Peter," Alex said with a chuckle, "oh the conversations we had, the laughs we shared. The mystery we broke. Remember, that mystery of the brick and the broken window? That was a lot of fun really. And that time when I punched Jason for punching you. You truly are like my blood brother, my twin. I will miss you very much."

They embraced. "I'll write you everyday," Peter said, "send pictures and everything, so we still can grow older together."

Alex moved to Bobby, and couldn't help but crack up. "Bobby, little c- I'm sorry, little brother Bobby. You always know how to cheer me up, and you play some mean basketball. I'm not sure how much money I lost playing against you. But I have only but ten last words for you, You, me, rematch. Next time. Five bucks. Winner takes all.

"Will do," Bobby said with a grin, giving Alex a hug. She moved to the girls now, Marcia was first.

"Marcia," Alex said with a smile, "beautiful Marcia, so much fun hanging out with you. I only wish we had a little more time to get to know each other. But the time we shared was priceless. I'm gonna miss you, sis."

"Oh Alex," Marcia said hugging Alex, "I'll miss you too."

Moving on to Jan, Alex noticed she also had tears in her eyes. "Jan," Alex said, "the first time we met, I felt like we hit it off. We connected with each other so well, and I'm not sure why. Because lets face it, we're different as can be. But I feel like you're the closest I got to during this trip, and we'll be sisters for life. So, keep in touch?"

Jan and Alex embraced, "I'll keep in touch, I'll write everyday as well, send pictures, like Peter. I'll miss you so much, you're the coolest cousin ever."

Alex then moved to Cindy. "Ah, little Cindy," she said, "Such full of spunk for a little thing. You're so cute, and smart, awesome and friendly. I liked you from the very beginning. And I'm going to miss you."

"Same here," Cindy said, jumping up to hug Alex.

Alex finally moved to Alice. "And last but not least, Alice," said Alex, "you're the coolest and funniest maid I've ever had...well, I never had a maid, but you get the idea. You always had great advice, and great cookies. I'm gonna miss you as well."

Alice was the third person to tear up as she hugged Alex.

"Ready to go?" Mark asked Alex.

Alex looked at the nine people that stood before her, everyone looking at Alex with a sad facial expression or crying. It made Alex start to tear up, even though she was extremely happy to see her parents, but she didn't have any brothers or sisters. And now she felt that she did, she filled that little emptiness in her on this trip. But now that emptiness that was filled, began to drain again, a part of her will always stay with them. And then it dawned on her.

Alex shook her head, "No," she said. She turned to her parents. "No, I'm not."

"Well," Mark said, "you have five minutes, so try to be ready before then."

"No Dad, I'm saying, if it's okay with Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol, I would like to stay with them, a little longer."

"How much longer are you attending to stay?"

"Throughout...high school maybe?"

Mark and Mike were both left speechless, Carol, Alice, and the kids looked at them with hope.

"Well Alex, that's a big decision," Mark said, "and we'll miss you like crazy. I mean, we haven't seen you for almost a whole year."

"Well, I can spend summers with you guys," Alex said, "like, this summer. And then I'll go live with them during the school year. I've made so many friends at Fillmore, more friends than in New York, where I only had two."

There was a long pause, "alright, as long as you write everyday," Mark said with a smile, "if that's okay with you, Mike."

"Oh, we'd be more than happy to have her, right gang?" Mike asked, everyone cheered. "I guess it's settled then, everyone would love to have Alex here!"

"Alright Alex, come with us this summer, and you can come back during the school year," Mark said.

Alex smiled, it seemed like it everything ended up happily after all. But she never knew she would have such a big impact on everybody. I guess there really is a new Brady in the bunch.