Stadium, 9:00 PM

Erase cleared her throat and grabbed a microphone.

Erase:"Hello and good morning, I am here in the Reality Fic stadium, with my co-host, Cool Guy! "
Cool Guy:"Good morning! Today is the last day of the, uh. . . "

Erase:"The quadrathlon! "

CG:"Is that even a word? "

Erase:"Hell if I know. Today, the Sanji/Nami team will face the Zoro/Tashigi team in a match of speed! "
CG:"They'll run a 400 meter race! "
Erase:"While being chased by rabid rabbits! "

Erase & CG:"*Evil laughter*"

At the track, Sanji and Zoro glared at each other.

Zoro:"Don't let the bunnies eat you. "
Sanji:"Yeah, by the time you realize the race started, I already won. "

Tashigi smiled cockily at Nami.

Tashigi:"Nami. "
Nami:". . . Uh, Tashigi. "

Tashigi:"Let the best team win. "
Nami:"Right. . . "

At the commentators booth, Erase and Cool Guy began the report.

Erase:"Joining us today as our guest, is our friend, Mr. Drake Vindu. "

Vindu:"Hey there. "
Cool Guy:"So, what is your thoughts on today's race? "

Vindu:"Well, this has all the requirements to be a great race! Clear skies, nice temperature and some really rabid rabbits! "

Erase:"Alright, I'll explain the rules. The first one to arrive at the finish line wins. Try not to get chewed by the rabbits. "

At the stands, the rest of the guys we're watching and cheering.


Robin:"You are aware they are racing against each other, right? "
Luffy:". . . Eh? "

Robin:"You know what, never mind. "

Back at the commentators booth, Erase smirked maliciously.

Erase:"And the race starts! RELASE THE RABITS! !

At the track, the cage was opened. Dozens of oversized rabbits with foaming mouths came running towards them.

Nami:"What about "Ready, set, go! "? "

Sanji:"Screw "Ready, set, go! "! Just run! "

The four started running. Very soon, a rabbit had caught Zoro.

Zoro:"WHAT THE-"

He tried to shake it off to no avail.

Zoro:"Well, FUCK IT! "

He restarted running, with the confused rabbit on his back. Unfortunately, three other rabbits jumped on him.

Soon after, Tashigi was caught too. The rest of the rabbits were running after Nami and Sanji.
Sanji:"Nami-san, watch out! "

He kicked the rabbit that came too close to her away, but the others caught him. Nami kept running. She was about to reach the finish line when. . .

Zoro:"Like hell you will! "

He grabbed the rabit covered Tashigi. With a powerful swing, he sent her flying at top speed. Surprising everyone, Tashigi was the one crossing the line first.

Vindu:"Okay, it's over! Catch the damn rabbits! "

CG:"Wow, look at those cute, fluffy, killing machines. "

Erase:"So I guess the winners are Zoro and Tash? "

Vindu:"Well, I checked the rulebook. There's nothing there saying the players can't fly across the finish line. "

Erase turned on the mic.

Erase:"And the winners of the quadrathlon are Roronoa Zoro and Tashigi! Congrats! "

Vindu pulled out a giant needle.

Vindu:"Time for your rabies shots! "

Mysterious Room, 8:09 PM

Nami:"Can someone please explain what the hell we are doing here? "

Erase:"I can. "
Nami:"Someone with a fully functional brain, please? "

Vindu:"Well, you see, this is the Meeting Room. Every five days you guys, the hosts and the guest of the day will, well, meet here to discuss important matters and happenings in the house. "

Luffy:"Ahh. . . So it's a mystery room? "

Vindu:". . . Yes, Luffy, that's exactly it.

Zoro:"But why is there a glass wall separating us and you guys? "

Erase:"So we don't get lynched. Well, let's start. "

CG:"Oh, oh, me first! How did Ace and Alvida's expulsion affect you guys. "


Robin:"It didn't really affect anyone. "
Jamie:"Well, I kinda wanted to beat him up a bit more. "

Erase:"So Nami, what do you feel, knowing that Jamie thinks you're a nutcase? "

Nami:"WHAT! ? "

Jamie:"Oh fuck. "

Erase:"You. . . Didn't know? Well, fuck indeed! "

The redhead got up from her chair and glared at the blond.

Jamie:"H-hey, Nami, I was pondering you know. I mean, remember that first day, when you were acting all weird?
Nami:"That was because Robin and Kalifa were almost screwing in the couch! "

Erase:"Wait, pause and rewind, Robin and Kalifa were what? "
CG:"You didn't know? "

Vindu:"You know, it's very serious when the writer doesn't even know what's going on. "
Erase:"Shut up. I have other things to worry about. Can you believe I have to do a Power point presentation for Philosophy class about Ze-something? "

Vindu:"You mean Zeno, the pre-Socratic? "

Erase:"Yeah, something like that. "

CG:"Okay, that's enough. I'm sure you wanted to torture the participants some more, but we have a show to run. So, could you please close? "

Erase:"Fine. Well, that's it for today folks! Vindy, do the honors? "

Vindu:"Sure. Don't forget to review and vote! If you don't vote Ezzy can't write. "
Erase:"That's right, I can't. And next chapter's an elimination day, and I still don't know who's out."

CG:"You know the drill, vote for a boy and a girl! "

Erase:"Well, cya! "