Negima! Games

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Natasia: Yay a new story!

Asuna: Yup and it's about the 2012 Olympic games, man I love sports!

Konoka: Yeah the Olympics only comes once every four years!

Negi: Wait isn't there a Winter Olympics too?

Natasia: I don't know.

Asuna: Well don't just stand there; on with the story.

Chapter one: What Shocking News!

Ah Japan a beautiful island located near the main land of Asia. Here we find a young 19 year old girl named Setsuna Sakurazaki. She and her girlfriend Konoka Konoe have lived happily together at Mahora Academy, along with their friends Asuna Kagurazaka and Negi Springfield.


Setsuna's younger half sister Natasia Tokado no longer stays at Mahora; actually she doesn't live in the country of Japan anymore. She now lives in the U.S by herself and has been going to school in North Carolina.


It was an average morning, Konoka was cooking breakfast, Setsuna was out training in the fields, Asuna went to work and Negi was still fast asleep. When the clock hit 5:40 A.M Konoka heard a loud rapping noise at the door.


This noise woke Negi and Chamo up right away; Konoka made her way to the door to find Asuna and Setsuna standing in front of her with wide eyes and dropped mouths. "W-what happened?" asked Konoka.


"Y-you have to read this q-quick." gasped Asuna as she gave Konoka the world info news paper. Konoka grabbed the news paper out of Asuna's hands and started to read the article that Asuna and Setsuna told her to read.


"The teams for the 2012 Olympic games for Taekwondo have been announced, here is the team representing the U.S.A. First we have 21 year old Charlotte Craig for the women's team. And as we go to the men's team we have 20 year old Mark Lopez along side his older brother 34 year old Steven Lopez. And for the second women representing the U.S.A the U.S was in shock when Diana Lopez lost in the finals to the qualifying tournament to a 17 year old girl! This energetic and strong girl over powered Diana and won the second women's place in the team. And this girl's name is Natasia Tokado of North Carolina." Konoka read as her eyes went wide.


"OMG, Natasia-san's going to be in the Olympics!" yelled Konoka. "I can't believe an idiot like Natasia-san is going to be in the Olympics, wait isn't that next month?" asked Asuna. Hearing this amazing news from a few rooms away paparazzi girl Kazumi Asakura was writing every detail down in her note book; ready for her to publish in the Mahora news paper.


Natasia Tokado a young 17 year old girl has entered the Olympics; what a shocking morning!

Natasia: Haha well ain't that a shocker.

Asuna: I can't believe you actually made it into the Olympics!

Setsuna: Well ever since the Beijing Olympics Natasia said she was going train everyday for eight hours so she could get into the next Olympics.

Asuna: Really? When did she say that?

Konoka: Ever since she saw how hard the Chinese women's Gymnastics team worked and that, what's his name again?

Setsuna: From what sport?

Konoka: I think it was swimming.

Asuna: Oh yeah that American guy, Micheal Phelps.

Konoka: Yeah him!

Natasia: (Getting Annoyed)

Konoka: Yeah ever since she saw how hard they worked she's been training none stop.

Asuna: Damn, I should have tried out for the Olympics too.

Setsuna: Oh yeah your really athletic too, why didn't you try?

Asuna: The thought never came to mind.

Natasia: (Ignoring the three blabber mouths) Well please read and review and hopefully I'll finish this fic before school starts if not then you'll hear from me during one of my breaks.