I watched the movie and got so depressed. So, here's my try at fixing it. So, here I make what I think SHOULD have happened.(And because it's mind and it only answers to me, it DID happen and only I know about it, so I am now telling you.)

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Kei sat next to Sho, quiet, listening to the sounds of the waves and sea gulls as the sky grew lighter.

He was thinking over his life. Shifting threw all those abnormally clear visions in his mind, and found if funny how it seemed- only now realizing- that his life, or rather his existence, had been completely...pointless. At least only up until the day when a small mortal boy came to him, changing his life. The blond vampire lips twitched in a ghost of a smile. Had it really only been twenty years? Ten by mortality and another ten by immortality.

Sho was that young boy. Strange that a twelve year old had courage where others would flea in a moment. Over the next ten years Kei had weaved in and out of Sho's human life. The first six of those years were spent with him, fighting along side him against one of the infinite types of evil in this world. The gangs that hunted and killed people for on reason other the to get what they wanted. He taught him how to aim, fire, and reload a gun in a moment's notice and he trained him to be fast on his feet, to dodge a hit whether it was from a gun of physical, and to strike back with more then double the initial force.

Kei had left after that, only to be puled back in three years later when Sho had tracked him down while a prison. He had killed and got caught. He never fought it. He could have, and he would have won, but he didn't. He wanted to die. Beyond all reason, he just wanted to leave the cursed life he was forced to lived and be in peace. But Sho had come. And he had brought a picture of his daughter.

So he had married and had Yei-chi daughter. He was living on with his life just like Kei had told him to do. He knew how much knowing this would affect him, yet he just couldn't keep from looking at the picture of the child, not when all Sho had done was beg him to look. So he looked, and when he left Kei had cried, only a single tear- much the same as Sho had once done.

On the tenth year he had finally gotten his wish. He would be exicuted. But on the day of the travel he got a call. It was the only thing in the world that could have changed what he had planed. It was Sho, and he needed him.

He had broken away and found him. He was happy, here with Sho. At least, he was, until he begged for something he would not do. Sho had wanted him to change Yei-chan into a vampire to save her from the tumor in her brain. She would die with out him. But still, he did not do it. He would not curse her life.

Sho asked only one more thing of him. And that was on the same day she died. He went to track down her brother and the gang he joined. Sho had asked that he look after their daughter if he died. He would, though he didn't say so. He just said, 'I'll think about it.'

Sho got badly wounded and Kei was sure he was trying to kill himself. He wouldn't take cover and just kept walking strait ahead, firing. He was bleeding badly when he found Yei-chan's brother. Kei was going to interfere and Sho must have known that for he shot bullets at the ceiling causing sun light to stream threw the holes.

And when he had finally got to Sho, he knew right away that he was going to die. He shot and killed the bastard who tried to kill Sho, and went to him. He didn't want to be alone. He didn't want Sho to leave him. He was his only friend. Kei couldn't let him die. He loved him to much.

The pain and the fear of that day was still as sharp as it was when it had actually happened. He had denied it for the longest time knowing that Sho didn't love him back. But even with that knowledge, it would be more painful to stand by letting it happen when he had the power to stop him. And so, he changed him.

Kei came back to the present slightly shaken. He hated watching Sho die, and reliving the memories were exactly that, watching it again and again.

He still hadn't told Sho how he felt, but then again he hadn't had a chance to in the past ten years. That's because the moment he realized what happened, he ran. Though he couldn't really blame him. He had lost everyone close to him and the one closest to him died because he had refused to do to her what he did to him.

Today was the first time he had seen him in the ten years since he fled. And looking into the sunrise he knew that he should say it now, for he probably wouldn't get another chance.

"Sho." He turned to look at the forever twenty-two year old friend that was so much more to him than a friend.

Sho didn't bother to look at Kei, finding the sunrise more interesting. But he let him know he had his attention. "Yeah?"

"You know, I never liked Yei-chan that way. In a way that was more than friends, I mean."

Sho's head abruptly turned towards him. He was quite shocked that he wanted to talk about Yei-chi. It was only then that the context if the information sunk in. "What?"

Kei smiled a little. "Yeah, I thought you'd be surprised. But it's the truth. I've only ever liked one person in the way you mean."

Sho frowned. "You never like Yei-chi?"

"No. She was nice, but I was only friendly to her because of you and her brother, when he helped us out."

"Then why did you come back? And why did you look after our daughter?"

"Because you asked me to."

"But why? God, that makes no sense! Why would-"

"Are you so blind Sho?" Kei suddenly interrupted. "Can you really not know why you asking me is simply enough?"

Sho paused for a moment to think. "Because we're friends?"

Kei smiled, though only lightly. " Yeah." He gave a small, almost inaudible, one syllable laugh. "Because we're friends."

Sho looked at Kei oddly. He could hear an undercurrent to that answer but couldn't see it.

"But also because..." He stopped a moment, not sure what to say. He looked up and met Sho's beautiful blue eyes. They were stunning. He could tell that Sho was waiting for his answer, still unsure what he meant. Then he knew. He leaner over swiftly and pressed his lips to Sho's with a small amount of pressure.

To shocked to do anything, Sho merely just stayed where he was, frozen. The only thought that really registered was, 'He lips are soft.'

Kei, feeling the dead stillness of his friend, pulled back and sat in his seat. "But also because I'm in love with you."

Well, there it is. That is part of what DID happen when everryone thought the movie was over. If you want to hear the rest of it. I wont continue it otherwise.

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