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Sho had always known it was a good idea to not get rid of his house. At first he had been hesitant about it, but as Kei harshly pinned him against the door, he knew he would never regret it again. He felt Kei's lips descend on his own once more and lost all sense of time and place. How could anyone think with the way Kei was kissing him now?

He didn't even know how he had managed to open the door or lock it again once they were inside, but frankly, he didn't give a damn.

Kei grabbed Sho roughly by the shirt and pulled him flush against his body. He just loved the feel of it against his own. Every muscle hard and defined, yet covered by the softest of skin. It reminded him of silk...or satin...

Sho pulled back to gasp in pleasure as he felt the body tight against his. The fact that they were so tightly entwined left little to the imagination.

Kei took advantage of this and began to harshly suck on Sho's neck. He doubted he would ever have enough of it's taste. Vanilla and Cinnamon. Delicious. His mouth was just watering.

Sho threw his head back and arched his back, pressing himself as close as possible to the other. "Kei-" He groaned. "-s-stop teasing me..."

Kei smirked and licked his way from the base, of his neck, along the heavy pulse, and to his jaw before he slammed their mouths together again. He licked at Sho's bottom lip before he was granted access, but when he was, he did not hesitate. His tongue slipped inside, exploring, caressing, and mapping out all there was. Then he touched Sho's tongue with his, encouraging him to join, not that he needed it.

They battled for dominance, lost in the passion of it. Kei won and Sho was more than happy to give him command. Sho's hands wrapped around his lover's neck, pulling him closer.

They were already breathing harder, panting, yet refusing to let each other go. And when Kei pulled back, looking into Sho's amazingly beautiful eyes, he silently pleaded for it. For Sho.

Sho saw the look in those lust and love filled eyes. The raw power they held, the dominating strength did nothing but make him want him even more. Even though Kei was his, he knew- and so did Kei- that it was the other way around. Sho would actually always belong to Kei.

Sho nodded, showing his complete submission and compliance. He would become Kei's tonight, and no one else would have him ever again.

Said vampire hissed in pleasure as he watched Sho nod. Grabbing a fist full of Sho's hair, Kei pulled him roughly to him.

They had somehow made their way into the bedroom, and when they reached the edge of the bed, he slowly pushed Sho down and memorized what he saw at that moment. Never before had he seen something so beautiful or sexy in all his life.

Sho was laying on the bed, breathing hard, staring up at him with a desire so strong that his ocean blue eyes were clouded with storms. His hair was in complete disaray, sticking out in every direction and his cloths were wrinkled beyond belief. He lay spread out, waiting to be claimed be his love.

And oh so slowly, Sho reached up, grabbing his lover by the front of his shirt, dragging him down on top of him. And Kei took the opertunaty to kiss Sho once again.

When they had to pull away because of lack of air, they just simply looked at each other. Sho grew slightly uncomfortable at the looks he received from up above him and began to figit. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked, finally having enough of the intensity in those eyes.

Kei didn't answer right away, but instead just raised his right hand to rest it against Sho's cheek, all the while supporting his weight on his left arm. He slightly stroked the silky texture beneath his fingers and said, "You're beautiful Sho. And all mine."

Hearing that possessive note in Kei's voice made him grow harder, if possible. He was already in pain as it was. He shifted, trying to ease it and when Kei noticed this, he smiled rubbing the hardened erection. "And now I think it's time I get you out of these cloths."

Sho nodded, to caught up in the feeling to say anything that contained actual words.

Kei started in his shirt, unbuttoning it one by one. When the offending piece was finally discarded, Kei took a moment to view the piece of art they lay before him. With light skin and defined muscles, Sho was truly more beautiful then any creature that had ever existed.

He started at the base of Sho's neck, sucking, licking and nipping at every thing in his path as he moved slowly down the sculpted chest.

Taking one of Sho's nipples into his mouth, Kei suckled. At the gasp he earned, he bit down, wanting more of a reaction. Sho groaned and tried to pull Kei's head down farther. Kei sucked up the blood that he had caused to spill, earning a moan from his partner.

When he had finished, he continued south, licked the abs that just seemed to ask, no, begfor him. And as he reached Sho's navel, he slipped his tongue in and out, giving him a tiny preview of what was to come.

Kei smiled when he felt Sho's hands slide into his hair, needing something to hold onto. "Kei..."

He finally reached the top of Sho's tight leather pants, and dipped his index finder under the top, teasing the man.

Sho groaned, impatient and pushed his hips up into Kei's. Kei moaned and looked up into his love's eyes. "That was a dirty trick."

Smirking, Sho cupped Kei's erection through the material of his pants and pressed against it. When Kei's eyes dropped shut, he flipped them over so he was on top, pinning his hands above his head. Kei's eyes opened and he stared up at Sho, who said, "So was that."

And before Kei could say anything, his shirt joined Sho's on the ground. " You, love, are far to over dressed." Sho leaned down and nibbled on Kei's neck, right over the scar on his neck.

Kei took that chance and nicked Sho's jaw, shocking him, causing him to pull away and lose his balance. He then flipped them over once again, trapping Sho beneath him. He leaned in and whispered into Sho's ear, "No Sho. I get top. I want to feel you around me when I enter you. I want to here you beg me to move within you."

Sho's eyes grew wide, taken by surprise by the way Kei was talking to him. But it wasn't any less sexual. He got even harder and actually cried out a bit at it. "God Kei, please... Take me Kei."

He didn't need to be told twice. Patience gone, Kei pulled off Sho's pants and boxers, followed quickly by his own. And when he turned his attention to Sho's cock, he saw it dripping pre-cum.

Licking his lips as if he had just spotted a chocolate cake, he leaned in and looked up into Sho's eyes. Locking them, he slowly licked the head of Sho's penis, taking in a taste he found as desirable as Sho himself.

Sho would have thrown his head back if he wasn't caught in the eyes of a hunter. He was the pray and didn't dare look away.

When Kei saw this, he smiled in a predatory way and took the rest of Sho into his warm cavern. He began to lick and suck as hard as he could, lost in the sounds that were leaving that mouth. He licked the vain that was located directly underneath and dipped the tip of his tongue into Sho's tip.

Kei kept Sho from moving by pinning his hips down with his left arm, and his right hand was fonding his sack.

Groaning in annoyance, Sho buckled up, but was pushed back down by Kei who now had a stronger hold.

Smiling, Kei deep throated all of Sho's length and then began to hum. He could tell that Sho was close and reluctantly pulled away.

Sho was shaking, the feeling of being sucked of by Kei was almost to much to comprehend. Slowly Sho sat up and reached for Kei's hand. Bringing it to the front of his face, he took in three of the fingers and began to suck, wetting them with his saliva.

Kei's eyes widened, feeling Sho's tongue run against his fingers. He almost came right then and there from the sight, but grit his teeth and forced it back.

When he felt his fingers dripping, he pulled them away from Sho most unwillingly and pushed him back into a laying position.

He sat between Sho's legs, pushing them wider apart with his knees.

Watching Sho, Kei placed one finger inside of him. He saw that Sho was a bit uncomfortable with the new feeling, but not in pain. He began to move it around inside of him, stretching him a little before he added a second one. He paused when he saw him wince and moved slower.

Adding a third, he made scissor motions, preparing Sho for him. He saw that Sho had to bite his lip to stop himself from making a sound. Kei kissed him, trying to distract him. He heard Sho gasp when he hit his prostate.

Pulling his fingers out, Kei positioned himself at Sho's entrance. Looking at said man, he said, "You're mine Sho. Forever."

Sho whimpered in agreement, begging Kei to complete him. Then he felt Kei push inside of him all the way. The pain was to much, even for a vampire. He screamed out loud.

Kei had known it would hurt, but when he saw Sho begin to cry he leaned down, kissing away the hot tears the escaped the closed eyes. It was hard enough trying to stay still inside of Sho when his penis was being compressed on all sides by Sho's hot and tight inner walls, but he tried to keep himself under control. He was shaking worse then Sho was, forcing himself to not move and pound into his love's body.

Finally though, Sho felt the pain begin to disapear, leaving a dull ache behind. Experimentally, he pulled a bit away. It caused a wonderful sensation of friction and he couldn't help but moan.

When Kei felt Sho move and heard his moan, he knew the pain had past. Pulling almost all the way out, he shoved back in fast and hard, hitting the prostate dead on.

Sho threw back his head and yelled at the top of his lungs, but this time it was from pleasure. "A-again! Kei, do that again!"

All to happy to comply, Kei repeated the action again and again, each time with even more force. It was hard, even for vampires. They met bone crushing thrust after bone crushing thrust, grinding their hips together with every move. It was definitely painful, but they were to lost to notice.

Losing his hold by the sweeping ocean of sensations, Sho hooked his legs around Kei's hips and his arms around his neck, unknowingly making a better position to be entered.

Going faster and harder at this new position, they both began to lose themselves as the got closer to the edge. When Kei was about to lose himself, he leaned down and bit right into Sho's neck, claiming him as his. He heard Sho scream and felt the man under him cum all over their chests.

And as he did, his inner walls clamped down on Kei in an iron vise, making him reach his release as well. Then he felt something he did not expect. Even as he drank Sho's blood, he felt the other lean up and bite into his own neck, piercing the skin at the exact same point that had been bitten once before. No, that wasn't all though, because in the next moment, he felt Sho begin to drink.

The pure pain of being bitten, the amazing feeling of having Sho's fangs in him, the ecstasy of feeling his own blood leave his body, Kei came again, hard.

When they finally came back from their high, Kei pulled away from his love-now-mate, but not to far. He let Sho drink from him a little while longer until he had to or he would have died from blood loss. He wanted Sho to continue. It felt so indescribable, so awesome that he wanted it to be done forever.

Collapsing on top of Sho, Kei felt ready to pass out...or ready to do it all over again, depending on what part you were listening to.

Lifting himself up, he said to his love, "Mine." Touching the other's cheek, he said, "I love you Sho."

Sho started steadily back at him before he ran a hand through Kei hair and said, "I love you too Kei. Forever is not long at all. And my love is for eternity."

With one last kiss they both lost themselves in darkness with each other until the real night would wake them, their first night of eternity together.


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