Song for Chapter: Her Eyes, by Pat Monahan


One Year Later

"Ow…OW! Good God, Alex, I'm never letting you dress me again!" The girl with short black hair scolded as she was forced into a pair of too-small white stilettos. Alex sighed.

"Hey, you're the one who told me to do this, and I'm going to. Now stand still so I can finish with your dress!" Alex stood from her seat on the floor, where she was forcing the white stilettos on Sam's feet, and began lacing the lacy white corset. Sam rolled her eyes. Why on earth did she need a corset? She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as Alex continued to play fashion designer.

"Thank you! Now let me put your lipstick on for you. Good thing I saved it for last." Alex grabbed the ruby red lipstick off the counter and carefully put it on Sam's face.

"There. Now I'm done." Alex stepped back and smiled.

Sam was wearing a long white dress that probably would have looked more in place in the 18th century. Her black hair had been pinned to the top of her head, except for the two bangs that curled to the side of her face.

"You look so much better with black hair!" Alex complimented. She dragged Sam to the door and threw it open. Alex's father stood there – the public story was that Sam's real father had died in a civil war and that Alex's parents adopted her. The true story was more complicated than that.

"Remember, Sammy, just keep your eyes on Freddie and try not to trip." Alex said. She handed Sam the bouquet, took another look at her "adopted" sister, and squealed, then dashed off, her sky blue dress flying out behind her.

Alex opened the double doors and walked quickly to her place with the other bridesmaids. She smiled widely, and Sam felt herself blush. Freddie stood at the end of the aisle, his brown hair in a ponytail. He looked like he was about to burst with happiness when he saw Sam.

Samantha Roatan Carerra walked down the aisle and stood at the altar. The vows were said, and she and Freddie carefully repeated them. If it weren't for Alex's squeals, she probably would have forgotten the most important line.

"Do you take each other as long as you both shall live?" the preacher said. Sam smiled.

"I do."

"I do." Freddie echoed.

Freddie pulled Sam close for their first kiss as a married couple. Then they realized there were people there, and turned to see the dozens of people who had managed to come: Spencer, Carly, Michael, Mrs. Puckett, Rodney, Ms. Briggs, Gibby, Kirby, all the people who knew the real story behind it all. She smiled and looked out over the crowd, and, for the first time since the kidnapping, forgot all about Jason. But one thing did manage to come to the front of her mind, and it took a lot of effort not to laugh, though she didn't know why it entertained her.

Sam's name had changed for the third time that year.


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