Logan is developmentally challenged at his daughter's development.

"I'm telling you Wheeler, they're getting big. "

"Like fried eggs to apple or apples to cantaloupes?"

"Melons. Two decent sized handfuls." He felt funny talking about his daughter this way, but he had to turn to somebody.

"Sounds like a C cup to me," Wheeler opined. "But I can't be sure unless you take her in for a fitting."

"Oh I can't do that."

"Have you mentioned it to her?"

"Like what? "Honey you're getting some nice cans, we gotta do something about it?"

"How about "Why don't we get you some more underwear?"

"It's embarrassing no matter how I say it."

"Logan, you've burst into crack houses!"

"This is too personal. BUT- she looks up to you like a sister."

"Nope. It's a job for her single dad," she says, punching him in the arm.

Harvest Logan studied her figure in the mirror. What were hard little apples once were progressing into cantaloupes. She even caught her father starring at her once, not with lust of course, but surprise. He blushed when she looked at him and turned away.

"Anything more than a handful is a waste" she always heard. She was more than a handful now, and she felt like a freak. She was beginning to get teased. "Hey Harvest, you gonna grow more melons in the fall?" "Nice produce." It was worse when she ran. "Bountiful Harvest! Or "Make'em bounce!" "Not in your direction!" she shouted back once. Her name and build lent itself to a thousand fruit jokes.

Why can't all men be like ? He treated her like a person. Why can't HE stare at them? She wouldn't have minded that.

She let Alvy feel them up once. They were kissing and before she knew he undid her training bra. It happened so quick she didn't even realize it. He fondled her and she let him until she saw the beach patrol in the distance.

She could barely fit into it anymore. She wanted to ask her father for a new one so badly but it would have been the most awkward exchange in parental history. If she asked to borrow his charge card it would have lead to a barrage of questions. She even tried to be direct. "Daddy, I need a new…notebook,".

"Sure kid. Take a five out of my wallet."

She was so uncomfortable with puberty she still kept her period a state secret, keeping the pads in a wastebasket underneath the sink and taking out the garbage as soon as possible. Her father always wondered why she was so helpful one week out of the month.

Maybe if she took the money out gradually each week he wouldn't notice. She couldn't stand it much longer.

Logan fidgeted conspicuously at the dept store. "How can I help you sir?" a saleswoman asked.

"I would like to…buy something for my teenage daughter."


"A bra."

"What size is she?"

"Ummm…I'm not sure."

"A? B? C?"

Logan held out his hands with his best guess.

"I'll get you a D and you can return it just in case if you need to."

"Is there one that minimizes ...things?", he said, always thinking like a teenage boy when had to.

"I'll bring you a selection."

He picked out the ugliest, most industrial strength brassiere he could find. And hastily paid for his purchase and got the hell out of there.

"Back! Back! Take it back!"


"It's ugly!"

"Who's gonna see it?" he asked probingly.

"I will!"

"Just try it on, would ya?"

She went into her room and slipped into the straps. It was as scratchy and uncomfortable as she thought. She couldn't let any boy see her in that. So she told him no.

"Why don't you let me handle this on my own?" she cried.

"Ok. But nothing skimpy."

"Don't worry," she said, fingers crossed behind her back.

On a day alone she ran quickly into her room and took out her purchase. They should call this the Push Up 3000, she thought, throwing the Victoria's Secret bag under the bed.

A voice startled her. "I want to see it," commanded a masculine tone.

"Oh daddy don't be ridiculous."

"I mean it."

She put it on while he waited in the living room.

"You are practically falling out of that thing!"

"I am not!"

"No buts! We are going down to Macy's and getting you a new one."

They both stood there uncomfortably with the same matronly saleswoman. "I'd like to get her something appropriate for her age that fits better," stated Logan.

"And I want something satiny and pretty," she chimed in. She dared not use the word sexy in front of Logan.

In a few minutes she emerged from the dressing room in one of the selections the saleswoman picked out.

She shifted nervously as her father looked at her. When did he start judging my tits, she thought. I am not one of his girlfriends.

"I've got to bind her up like a mummy, he thought to himself.

"The Maidenform woman. You never know where she'll turn up," he cracked, remembering the old commercial.

That's right Daddy, she thought. Like under the dock or a cloak room at school.