Me: Hey everyone bringing you a couple of news before starting this brand new story!

Tsuna: -mumbles- how did I get into this?

Me: Now, as of now, the newest chapter of sold is still in the making, since I am wanting to make it really long!

Tsuna: Believe so far its like six pages...

Me: Also, I am having a CONTEST where there will be only three winners!

Tsuna: Now, how the contest goes is, you have to answer certain questions. Whoever post the right question first wins. We will only except three winners.

Me: The Prizes are...

1st Place: First place gets a real story with many chapters. Any pairings is excepted as well as any rating. The story I will make is basically how you tell me you want it to be.

2nd Place: You get two one-shots.

3rd Place: You get one one-shot.

Tsuna: Now here are the questions!

1. Which song do these lyrics belong to?

"To save her life or take it"

2. In Katekyo Hitman Reborn who has red hair and going to be eight generation boss?

3. When is Tsuna's birthday?

4. What's my name?

5. What's my favorite KHR pairing? (You only get to choose one! Choose wisely)

6. Whats innocent and sad, with blood covered all over and around?

A. A gun covered in blood

B. A child covered in blood.

C. A woman covered in blood.

7. Whats my most hated character in Reborn? (No one knows this, you'll have to guess! BWHAHAHA)

8. Who is black and white, with an annoying attitude in KHR?

9. Did Tsuna ever shoot a gun?


10. Who looks like an older and calmer Gokudera in KHR?

Me: I say good luck to you all! I'm doing this because, I thought that I would contribute to all of my reviewers...and the fact that I just felt like it!

Tsuna: God...your horrible...



"Man! You really got to stop buying all these pets! I mean you could probably make a petting zoo!" yelled a woman in the limo. "I know, but something about this one compelled me to buy him, besides Lal Mirch you have to admit, he's cute" stated the man infront of her.

"Well...I do have to say Reborn...He is cute" stated Lal Mirch looking at the little kitten petian in his lap. A long time ago, pet animals started to rapidly change. They started getting features of human traits before you know it, you go petians.

Petians are basically pets, but just a fancy name for animal/human pets. Since something like a dog, can have a human face and features, but still have its dog parts like tail, ears, size and paws.

Currently when Reborn and Lal Mirch were out shopping, Reborn saw a very small Cat Petian getting picked on by the other kittens. The kitten had spiky soft chocolate hair/fur and the most pure hazel eyes you could ever see. He had very large cute ears and a long bushy tail that made him look even cuter.

So when Reborn saw Tsuna, he instantly knew he had to buy him. Since those eyes were just so innocent and pure, who could resist? "So, what are you going to call him?" asked Lal Mirch looking at the deadly hitman infront of her.

"Hhhmmm, I was thinking Tsuna" stated Reborn making Lal Mirch raise a brow. "Sounds like tuna, but I guess it fits" she mumbled, looking at the small kitten again who was currently purring from Reborn's soft strokes on his head.

"But, will he compatible with the other pets?" asked Lal Mirch making Reborn laugh. "Who knows!" he chuckled causing Lal Mirch to sweat drop. "That demon didn't even think this through" she thought before shaking her head.

"Just keep an eye on the poor thing" stated Lal Mirch feeling bad for the small kitten. Since many of Reborn's pet are way stronger than this innocent kitten, which made Lal Mirch scared for the pet's well being.

"Aw, you worry too much!" with that the limo pulled though the gates down the very..very...very long gravel road that lead to a mansion. In the middle of a 300 acre forest infested yard. Hey, he was a hitman, do you think he wants a mansion in the city? No.

"Tsuna, this is going to be your new home" stated Reborn as he got out of the black Limo holding Tsuna up to the large mansion. Tsuna looked at the mansion with curious hazel eyes. It was a very large mansion, that looked to be three floors. The mansion was made out of red bricks which looked really nice with the white linings. Trees and bushes were everywhere making the mansion from far away almost completely hidden.

"This mansion is three floors. With seventeen bathrooms, four kitchens, three dinning rooms, ten large living rooms, eleven closets, a library, a garden, an indoor pool, a indoor green house thing, three meeting rooms, and about fifty rooms!" beamed Reborn. Lal Mirch and Tsuna both sweat dropped at his admiration to his own house.

"Now Tsuna there are lots of other Petians in this house besides you, so please be wary of a few of them" stated Reborn as they walked inside the lobby. Which started Reborn's tour of the house, making Lal Mirch shake his head and Tsuna to work hard on memorizing everything.

So far he was having an extremly hard time with it. "And this is going to be your room! I had called my men to make your room before we came, or else they would get a punishment worthy of being lazy" cackled Reborn causing Tsuna and Lal Mirch to shiver.

Reborn opened the door, which had a large doggy door for Tsuna to come and go as he pleases. The room itself was located on the first floor, on the twenty seventh bedroom. The room was a good medium size bedroom. It had a basket filled with toys, a large little dark blue bed with long crimson drapes going above and the sides of it, making it look like a teepee. A hard wood floor with a small dark blue rug in the middle. The wall were painted to look like the sea, with coral, fish, dolphins and even a few whales and sharks. Tsuna even has a fish tank with small little fishes swimming around the coral and sea weed.

But, what interest Tsuna the most was the ceiling. For right now it showing a bright glowing sun that light the room nicely. "Since this room doesn't have windows I decided to make it an ocean theme, with different lightings! If you want to take a nap or something, just flick this switch" with that Reborn kneeled down and pointed to a switch that was just about Tsuna's level before pressing it down.

Soon the ceiling started to change into a moon and stars. The room was very dime, except the light glowing from the fish tank that it gave. "And you even got a sound soother!" with that Reborn showed Tsuna a small black audio box, with a button on top, before clicking it. Soon peaceful sounds of waves came making Tsuna feel a bit sleepy.

"You have a long day, why don't you take a nap?" asked Reborn as he gently pushed Tsuna into the extremly soft and comfortable bed. After a few little pets on the back, Tsuna's mind began to drift off into the peaceful land called dreams.

"Sleep tight little one" whispered Reborn as he closed the door to the ocean blue room.

—A Few Hours Later—

Tsuna groggily started to wake from his peaceful slumber as his sensitive ears picked up a small patter of the little doggy door. He then heard soft, but large foot steps coming near him, making Tsuna think it was his master.

Until his hazel eyes meet two golden ones.


"HHHHHIIIIII!!" Cried the small kitten ears and bushy tail going up in fright. The petian infront of him was a dog petian, that looked almost like Tsuna, but older, wiser and stronger looking. The Dog petian had pointed ears and a long tail, he was wearing a black suit, that fit nicely on his hind legs.

"H-h-h-e-e's GONNA EAT ME!" panic Tsuna as the dog petian came closer. Tsuna closed his eyes to his in coming doom, when he felt...a warm wet tongue on his cheek. Tsuna blinked as he opened his eyes to see the dog petian licking Tsuna's cheek and ears.

At first Tsuna thought the dog was tasting him to see if he tasted good. Which he prayed he didn't, but after awhile, Tsuna started to purr. "Aaahhh! GROOMING!" thought Tsuna as he slowly relaxed back down on the bed.

—With Reborn—

"Hhhmmm...Lambo did you see Giotto anywhere?" asked Reborn to a cool looking man wearing a black spotted cow shirt and a pink apron. "Yeah...I'm making dinner, so he'll probably come down to dinner, time, oh yeah, you got a new petian, didn't you?" asked Lambo chopping up some tuna and vegetables.

"Hai! He's very cute lambo-chan! He's a c-..." "A cat petian right?" asked Lambo making Reborn blink. "Eh? Did Lal Mirch tell you?" asked Reborn learning against the counter watch the other man work his magic.

"No, I already saw him" stated Lambo as he soaked some vegetables. "I was wondering why some movers wear putting kitten toys into that room, so when you were taking your afternoon nap, I snuck out from under you to check see" stated Lambo chopping up some meats.

"I saw Giotto infront of the door to the room, but when he saw me, he slowly left as I approached" he stated stir frying some tuna and vegetables. "When I went into the room I saw the cute kitten sleeping peacefully and petted him for a bit, before sneaking back under you" he stated making Reborn smirk.

He quickly grabbed Lambo's wrist and twirled him into his arms, where he smashed his lips onto Lambo's, who in turn deepened their kiss. After a minute they pulled back with Lambo shaking his head. "He's cute...and innocent is all I got to say, probably the one that will actually cuddle and not scratch your arm off..." mumbled Lambo as Reborn reluctantly let him go before the food gets burnt.

"I knew you would like him" stated Reborn. "Though, I wonder why Giotto was infront of the room...oh well...I wonder if Lambo will give me some sweet deserts tonight" drooled Reborn as he helped Lambo cook.

—Back with Tsuna—

Tsuna was now under the large petian after his wonderful grooming. Tsuna was currently sleeping as well as the large dog petian, when a soft little bell was heard all over. "Eh? What? What?" asked Tsuna yawning from under the dog petian, who slowly stood up.

"Eh? What's happening? I don't understand?" mewed Tsuna his ears going down. The larger petian looked at Tsuna before walking behind the small kitten.

"HHHHIIIII!" mewed Tsuna as the dog grabbed Tsuna by the scruff of the neck before starting to walk our of the room and down the hall.

"TO THE EXTREME!" came a squeak making Tsuna look to see a grey spikey hair hamster with a band aid over his noise going right past them down the hallway with a girl hamster following behind.

"Ni-san! Becareful!" she squeaked back as she rushed behind her brother.

"Eh? Who was that?" asked Tsuna.

"Ryohei and his sister kyoko..." came back a kind answer making Tsuna look around to see who it was. It was another cat! Except he had blonde hair/fur with a shorter tail.

"My names Dino! Who are you?" asked Dino to Tsuna who beamed. "Tsuna!" he chirped making Dino nod. "Ne, Tsuna...why is Giotto..." but before he could finish a loud screech was heard. "VVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO!!" came a hiss and bye bye Dino.

For Dino was tackled through the doggie door of the dinning room which everyone seems to be going.

"Niya? Giotto...Giotto?...Giotto your name?" asked Tsuna as he tried to look at the dog who just nodded with Tsuna in his mouth before going though the doors.

"EEEHHHH!!" cried Tsuna at the very large dining hall. There was a big table which had each chair filled with people. While there was bowls close to the side of the table. Each bowl had a name, food and a water bowl beside it.

Already many pets were eating as the humans chatted. Giotto placed Tsuna infront of his food bowl before going to his own.

Tsuna looked down at his bowl to see a saucer of milk on one side and his food in another. "HA! It smells so good!" cried Tsuna.

But just as he was about to eat it...

CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! was gone in a flash.

"HHHHIIIIIII!!" cried Tsuna as a dog petian. His collar read, 'Ken' as he devoured poor Tsuna's food.

"HEY! THAT'S MY FOOD!" cried Tsuna as Ken finished eating everything. "CHE! Like I care! You win or loose!" with that Ken left Tsuna, going to a mouse petian that looked at him silently.

"my food..." whimpered Tsuna as he looked down.

His stomache growled with an ache making Tsuna want to cry. "Just like what the other kittens did to me..." thought Tsuna.

But, all of a sudden Tsuna felt himself being picked up again. "Eh? Giotto?" asked Tsuna as Giotto brought Tsuna to his half eaten bowl of meat.

"Ah, Reborn, it seems Giotto has taken a liking to Tsuna" whispered Lambo, as he watched Giotto motion his half of his food to the small kitten. Lambo had scene Ken devour Tsuna's food and was planing to get up and make some more food for Tsuna.

Until he noticed Giotto walking over to Tsuna. "Hnm, which is pretty abnormal..." whispered Reborn, before they had to pay attention to their guest again.


Me: Hoped you enjoyed!

Tsuna: And good luck to whoever wins!