Me: Well, it's time to say out the winners of my contest!

Tsuna: Boy...tis was a hard decision...

Me: Yes, I thank you all for participating, but sadly only three may win!

Tsuna: Sadly, yes very sadly.

Me: Well, Tsuna if you so do the honors!

Tsuna: Okay...first winner is...Cloverfish!

Me: YAY! -claps-

Giotto: -Claps-

Me: Eh...when did you get here?

Giotto: just now...

Me: you want to say the second winner? -hands envelope-

Giotto: Sure thing! Second winner is...XCagedHopeX!

Me: YAY! -claps-

Tsuna: You won! You won! -claps-

Giotto: Now, time for the last one Laura!

Me: oh boy! The third and final winner is...131'BlUe-ChEeSe'!

Giotto: Good job! -claps-

Tsuna: Yay! -claps-

Me: Now, the winners, I will send messages to, but if you are reading this, please note. You need to tell me the details so please message me!

Tsuna: Now that, that's over! Heres a little story! Not anything about Tsuna Sweet Home, but something to feed the readers! The many ways to get kicked out of Walmart...or destroy it.

—Walmart Day One—

"Lets see first thing I need is to get some vegetables" with that little Tsuna walked over with his cart to the green foods area.

"Tsuna! Lambo-san would like to help!" yelled out a voice making Tsuna look to see Lambo grinning while holding up his hands. "I-pin too!" yelled I-pin as she came beside Lambo.

"Alright, Lambo can you get me some broccoli while, I-pin can you get me some corn?" asked Tsuna with a sweet voice making the two children nod.

While the two children went off, Tsuna started looking at the tomatoes checking if they were fresh or not. It wasn't until a loud screak cut him away from the red vegetable to a now frightened I-pin.

"BROCCOLI MONSTER HAS ALLIES!" cried I-pin as Lambo sat in the broccoli. "BWAHA! Lambo-san is awesome!" yelled Lambo.

"I-pin will stop you!" with that I-pin latched onto Lambo with the symbols on her forehead.

"HHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIII!! I-PIN! STOP! STOP!" cried Tsuna as he tried to stop the Chinese infant from blowing everything up.

Too bad that god seemed to be busy at the moment and with a loud bang, the vegetable isle was destroyed. Everything was a mess as vegetables were everywhere.

"Why..." cried Tsuna as he held both a messy I-pin and a messy Lambo. He himself was covered in tomatoes as well.

"Sir" came a very angered voice making Tsuna slowly turn around to see the manger, giving him the death glare of Satan himself.

"Yes?" he squeaked as the manger pointed to the exit.

"GET OUT!!" She screamed with a manly voice making Tsuna run out of walmart with his life.

—Walmart Day Two—

"Thanks for coming shopping with me Gokudera, Yamamoto" stated Tsuna as he walked to the meets.

"ANYTHING FOR THE TENTH!" yelled Gokudera as he walked loyally beside Tsuna. "Sure, what are friends for!" stated Yamamoto.

With that they set out checking off the list as they went. When Tsuna went to go get some milk, he bumped into another body.

"Oh! Sorry" mumbled Tsuna only for his arm to be harshly grabbed.

"Well, missy, that ain't good enough, you hurt me a lot" came a sick voice making Tsuna look to see a teen older than him, looking at him as if he was a hundred dollar bill on the ground.

"Please let me go! I said sorry" stated Tsuna trying to get out of the man's gripe.

And with that explosions were heard, slicing was made and a now messy dairy isle has appeared. Milk was everywhere as well as cut cheese. Pudding was on the walls grounds or on other people, while a badly beaten man was in the middle.

"WERE LEAVING NOW!" cried Tsuna as he rushed himself and his subordinates out of the building before the scary manager came.

Tsuna learned not to bring his two most loyal guardians shopping with him ever again.

—Walmart Day Two—

"Okay, lets hope I can shop in peace" mumbled Tsuna as he carted his way down the pasta isle. Tsuna had to sneak out of his house, making sure no one would follow.

Tsuna only wanted to get his shopping done in complete peace and not get kicked out again. Carefully he started putting in items making sure they were on sale or his family's favorites.

When he was about the leave the isle, he felt two strong arms wrap around his waist. He already knew who it was, by the way that person nuzzled into his hair.

"Giotto, you didn't have to follow me" stated Tsuna as Giotto gave him a fox grin.

"But, I wanted to spend time with my Tsu-chan!" he pouted making Tsuna sigh. "Fine, but please, I got kicked out twice, and we are running low on food" with that the two went on.

—One hour Later—

Tsuna put the last item in the cart, which was strawberry shampoo for he had run low on the beautiful smelling product. "Giotto, I think tha-..." Tsuna was silenced with a pair of lips.

"Giotto! Not here" gasped Tsuna as Giotto lifted his chin so he could put sweet kissed on his throat, suckling every so often on the peach skin.

"Ahem..." with that Tsuna and Giotto looked at a very pissed off manager.

"Let me guess..." started Tsuna with Giotto finishing it off.

"Get out right?"

The evil manager looked at them, before smiling. "Actually I was about to say, how cute you two look! I hope to see you two here more often!" stated the manager before quickly walking away with giggles.

"Who knew" stated Giotto making Tsuna look at him with a curious glance.

"Who knew that she was a yaoifan" he finished making Tsuna sigh. "Lets just buy the stuff and go home, I'm tired" stated Tsuna as he started punishing the cart.

With Giotto hugging him as he went.


Me: A little yaoi isn't bad.

Tsuna: Right...