Chapter 11: Fly With Me

Hex let go of Gwen's head, as she collapsed to the floor. She wasn't unconscious, just in shock at what she just saw. Her was head down, staring at the floor, completely tearless, and feeling a sense of loss was going through her mind. She didn't know if the flashback she just saw was real or fake. But Hex said that it came from his and her memory…it had to have been true, shouldn't it? All she remembered was her and Verdona growing together and learning from each other.

Oh, and she didn't even want to look over at Ben and Kevin's direction…but it seemed Ben knew all along…he said he was her cousin before any of this had ever started. What was going through everyone's mind at this point? She shook her head desperately.

"I don't understand…" Gwen finally spoke, looking straight into Hex's face. "That can't be true…I…it makes no sense." Gwen was actually hoping for Hex to say something to her, but instead he kept quiet. It was almost as if he was trying to think.

"What's not to understand?" Charmcaster spoke instead. "It came from your big head."

"No I mean…Verdona couldn't have been my grandmother, could she?" Gwen ignored her rude comment and looked to Max for support, but he only nodded.

"I didn't know my grandmother was a witch," Ben spoke up, never really knowing that he had a grandma in the first place.

"Well she's gone now," Gwen glared at Hex, who still was deep in thought.

"You were there when we killed her?" Charmcaster asked, as Gwen's eyes lit up.

"You were there?" Gwen asked shocked.

"Well sure…I went everywhere with my uncles men, I sat back and watched, since my powers weren't in full form yet. Well, they were idiots, I'm not surprised they missed you," Charmcaster said simply. "Honestly, I don't know why you're so hung up on your old grandma from ten years ago. Who would have thought Omnitrix had a lost princess?"

"P-princess?" stuttered Gwen, looking at Max once more. That's right…she technically was a princess.

"Princess?" Kevin repeated. All of this information was so much to handle at once. Powers, her past, royalty? He had to fall in love with a very complicated girl.

"No, no, I'm not princess material…I have never been…"

"Do you think I care whether you like it or not? It's in your blood, so stop complaining. I don't know why you wouldn't like it…it has many advantages."

Charmcaster kept talking, as Gwen ignored her and went deep into thought, kind of like what Hex was doing. Hex had entered her life before she could even remember, before she could even speak or think. So this so called prophecy…she was born to save the people in trouble, to help the ones in need from a tyrant. She had finally found her purpose. Her whole life she thought she didn't have one because of her past events, but when in reality, those events made her stronger and happened for a reason.

All of these things happened because of her young life…and it was all Hex's fault.

Her fingers and hands trembled with anger suddenly. Her breathing became hazardous. And finally the thought occurred to her…

He killed her parents…

"It's finally hitting you isn't?" Hex finally spoke to her. She glared at him with as much hatred she could muster. "It's hitting me too."

"You…you killed my parents!" she yelled loudly. He nodded simply, agreeing with her on that subject. She made sure she wouldn't show her tears.

"Yes…and I obviously failed to kill you," he said with a deep sigh.

"Yeah, only because Verdona was smarter than you!" Gwen yelled once more.

"Don't you understand? The child I was supposed to kill twenty years ago, to escape from the prophecy, in sitting here right in front of me! How do you think I feel? Knowing that the prophecy is still being fulfilled?"

"Oh please!" Kevin yelled. "You selfish bastard…trying to kill an innocent child when you don't know anything! You don't even care that you killed two innocent people and tried to kill an infant. If you hadn't been killing people from the start, none of this would've happened."

"And that's when he got scared…" Ben added. "He thought if one child with powers could kill him, what about the other magical beings in the world? You don't even care what you did, and that's what sick about it."

"You think I care about other people? You think I care about other kingdoms? All I need is the world in my hands and that will suffice," he continued. "If only you were actually there Gwen…if only you saw what happened."

"I did see what happen! Even though I wasn't there, they still were trying to protect me…I…I…I wish I could've done something more."

"Yes, Verdona did much of that…training you all of these years. Teaching you the ways of your powers so that you would be able to come back and defeat me one day. Oh yes, se foresaw everything…even this day probably. She knew what she was doing…and I was glad that I found her to get rid of her in the end," Hex began. "I guess you've lost many people in you life, haven't you? Your father, mother, grandmother, and now your about to loose your grandfather, cousin, brother, and your lover. Your life hasn't been any different has it? Losing the ones you love…it will never end as long as I'm here…"

Gwen closed her eyes, feeling the fury inside her. Hex's words were making her go crazy.

"You should have looked seen the fear in their eyes when I pulled the plug…"

That was it…

Gwen opened her eyes suddenly, glowing with ferocity. Her hands glowed quickly, easily pulling off Charmcaster shackles as if they were a piece of string. She growled as she looked at Hex.

"My shackles!" yipped Charmcaster, eyes wide. "How did you-,"

Gwen fired an attack at her before she could finish her question. She was once again thrown into a near by wall. Before she turned her attention back to Hex, Gwen unleashed her power to the shackles on the guys. They broke immediately; there was no way she could do this alone.

While Hex's guards were distracted, the Plumbers immediately broke free from their grasps and began fighting once more.

"Let's do this the right way this time boys," Ken spoke as the leader, and everyone was pumped up once more.

Gwen's back was turned toward Hex, but before Gwen could say anything to Max or Ben, she saw Kevin running toward her with as much speed he could do. He pushed her out of the way, dodging an attack that Hex sent towards her. He pulled her behind a table that was knocked over, as Ben ran forward.

"Thanks," breathed Gwen, her mind still in the fight. She then did something that Kevin didn't expect. She ripped of the bottom of her dress, revealing her legs. Kevin suddenly gulped, but understanding why she did it at the same time. It was easier to move. She was about to get up again and fight when Kevin grabbed her wrist.

"Hey…you be careful out there," he said slowly, holding her hand softly. She saw the worry in his eyes. Her hand made its way towards Kevin's face, as she caressed it gently.

"As long as your with me, I'm sure I'll do fine," Gwen replied. Kevin smiled back.

"Then we'll all fight him together," he said, squeezing her hand tighter. With another look at each other, they jumped from the table and into the fight once more. It was a true face off. Ben and Max stood there, waiting for there comrades to arrive next to them.

"Grandpa, I don't know if you should fight," Ben said to him. His suit was completely destroyed. Max smiled at his grandson.

"I guess I should leave this fight between and you cousin…and Kevin of course."

Kevin rolled his eyes at the old man. Even in battle, he still thinks he can be humorous.

"But that doesn't mean I still can't help," he added, holding his still in tact gun, ready to fire.

"You thought you stopped the prophecy Hex, but it looks like it's still going to happen," Ben said, smiling greatly at his cousin. She smiled back.

"But he didn't expect that I would have help," Gwen replied. Charmcaster was finally off her butt, rubbing it forcefully, and went next to her uncle. She had eyes of daggers pointing at Gwen. Ben then knew it was time to use the watch once more. He twisted the object on his wrist, and plunged down on the button. There was once again a green flash, and a new creature appeared before them.

"Swampfire!" he screamed, in a fighting stance. Gwen made a nauseous face.

"What's that smell?"

"Oh…it's me. Look it just comes like that, ok?" Swampfire replied, taking in a whiff of his armpit in the process.

"You should smell him after this…he's gonna reek," smirked Kevin. Hex wasn't playing games anymore. He heard their ranting for the last time. Suddenly, lighting appeared in the hall, and in was flowing in their direction. Gwen's shield came in handy once again, only this time, it was harder to contain.

"He can use lightning too?" grunted Gwen.

"He possesses five magical charms called 'The Charms of Bezel.' These give him the power of levitation, fire, reincarnation, lightning, and luck. And unfortunately, this doesn't include in spell casting abilities," Swampfire explained quickly. Gwen was suddenly worried. It was no wonder this guy was the most feared man in the world. He could practically do anything.

"So how do we weaken him then?" flinched Gwen from the sparks in front of her shield.

"Take him down fast," Kevin said. "We got to come up with something Ben. Gwen's not going to hold this forever."

"Gwen, take down the shield," Swampfire said. Gwen did so gratefully, waiting for Ben to make the next move. His green hands were lighted with fire. He launched his fire where the lighting was headed. There was a big explosion, and smoke filled the room.

"Don't wait!" Gwen said, entering the smoke. Kevin smirked, as he absorbed more of the metal vase next to him. He knew exactly whom he was going for. He smirked some more when Charmcaster was taken off guard and his fist slammed into her stomach. She grunted heavily, barely moving from Kevin's metal fist. Her eyes glowed with anger.

"You're gonna pay for that one," she said, catching her breath.

"Not if I knock you out first," he smirked, about to slam his other hand right over her head. But before he could, she fired an attack right at him. She said a spell, as a sphere surrounded her whole body.

"You can't touch me now," she smiled, still catching her breath from the wind that got knocked out of her.

"I'll just have to break it down then, huh?"

"I'm not going to make it easy," she glared, taking two small balls from her sleeve once more, and rolled them on the floor.

"Those two again?" he whined.

"Oh, these boys are more genetically enhanced," she smirked, watching her creatures grow bigger than the ones before.

"Great…." Kevin rolled his eyes, and prepared himself. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ben were taking care of Hex, or at least were trying to. Gwen could tell her powers weren't going to last forever. Se would run out of mana, and it would be fast. She watched in horror as Ben's fire was going against Hex's fire.

"Ben!" cried Gwen.

"Don't worry, I got this!" Swampfire replied, pressing his fire against.

"Yeah, except he has magic," she reasoned. It was true; it looked like Hex's fire was winning from the magic that was spreading through it. The fire broke through his, as Swampfire was hit in the chest. He flew back and landed on the ground roughly. He stood up slowly, only to cover his face from Hex about to fire once again.

Before he could do anything, Hex saw Gwen standing on one of her floating steps in the air, blasting him away from Ben.

"Stay away from my cousin!" yelled Gwen, firing another one at him. Only this time, Hex dodged it just in time. Swampfire stood up next to Gwen once more. They could tell Hex was getting tired, especially for his age; he shouldn't last as long as he would when he was younger.

The ground suddenly erupted in front of them, causing large spears to erupt from the ground. Gwen quickly made a large block as she and Swampfire jumped on it and it floated in the air. The cracks traveled up the walls and toward the ceiling. The beautiful painted windows shattered into nothing and soon the wind began to blow harder in the room.

Julie looked up and saw the ceiling begin to crack in various places. Her eyes widened, as she knew what was going to happen. She clutched her mom's hand tighter and her breath became rapid. The ceiling was going to collapse on everyone.

"Ben!" she cried desperately. Swampfire's attention was immediately aroused as he heard the sweet gently voice he loved in trouble. He saw her pointing vigorously at the ceiling that was barely holding up. Gwen's eyes widened as well. But before Gwen could react, a bright green flash went off instead. She covered her eyes, only to open them and see a new monster appear in front of her.

"Humongousaur!" roared a giant creature, growing in size by the second. Gwen's eyes widened as Ben held the ceiling with his own two hands, forcing it up so the amounts of rock would not fall. Then slowly, he grew even larger, as the spikes on his spine and tail began to erupt from his rough exterior. It then became easy, as if the amount of the ceiling no longer mattered. He simply pushed the entire roof off and threw it onto Kevin's courtyard, smashing the grassy ground into bits.

Gwen smiled; Ben obviously wanted to do something for Julie. Humongousaur looked at the guards that were keeping the innocent people. They shook with fear as Humongousaur looked down upon them closely.

"Let these people go now!" he roared one more, as the guards fled away and out of the building. Some of the guests thanked the giant, whereas others ran out of the castle as fast as they could.

"Julie, come on!" her mother cried, holding out her hand as everyone exited. Rain was pouring now into the room, soaking everything that got into its path. Julie looked at her mother, water drenching her face.

"I'm sorry mom, but I need to stay with him!" she cried, looking at the giant creature, now in a smaller form of itself, crash down from one of Hex's spells.

"Don't be vain Julie, come now. We can still make it out of here!"

"Mom, what if you were there when dad was being attacked? And then…someone was there telling you to leave his side while he was fighting to save you? To save his family?" she cried once more, as the statement wrapped around her mothers head. Tears flowed from her mother's eyes. "I need to be with him, he needs me!" Her mother nodded painstakingly. Her daughter was finally growing up. She was just like her father; strong and wasn't afraid to fight for the things she loved.

"You'll come back," agreed her mother, holding her hand, kissing her forehead, and then exiting the building. Julie continued to watch the fight, praying everything would go right. But she knew that being in the same room as Ben would help him and give him courage. She smiled as Humongousaur's large hand landed right in Hex's face, as he smashed into what was left of the wall.

Hex looked up into the sky. Nature was on his side for the day. Thunder howled in the dark clouds after the lightning struck in the distance.

"I'm tired, I'm wet, and I have had it," he addressed Gwen and Ben. "It shouldn't take this much effort to beat a bunch of kids."

"You're right, it shouldn't…" agreed Gwen, Humonousaur nodding his large head. "So why can't you do it?" Hex snarled and sent a large lightning blast toward the girl. Gwen then shot out her mana, all that she could muster toward the lightning. The two truck in the middle, as a game of tug of war began. The energies were going back and forth between one another.

The Plumbers stopped, Hex's guards stopped, Charmcaster stopped, and Kevin stopped.

Gwen was pushing as hard as she could, trying to keep Hex's lightning from attacking her. Hex seemed to be having as easier time, as the sky let him borrow some of its natural elements. She looked up and continuous lightning was being served to him. She then looked at his cool and calm face and glared. He wasn't even twitching; it was all easy for him. He was just getting her tired.

No, no. This couldn't be the way of how it all ended.

She finally had friends…

She finally had a family…

She finally had someone to love…

She finally found her purpose for her life and this was not how it was supposed to end…not like this. She wanted to die old and gray, just like Verdona. She wanted to do something important…something miraculous. She wanted to be noticed and be proud of herself. It couldn't end like this…not yet.

It was then she remembered. She remembered what Verdona said a couple of days before she died…

"Mana is all around you. The grass, the trees, the water, the birds…anything that you want. But the key thing is to know how to use it. Too much could drive someone mad…but the right amount could protect you from anyone…"

"But why would I need it in the first place? I thought I already had powers, Verdona."

"Yes dear, but that is where ours comes from…and if you think right and believe in yourself, then mana will aid you willingly…"

"I still don't get it…"

"You will kiddo…you will"

That was it, that was the key. Verdona always knew that she would battle Hex in the future. Ok, she knew a lot of things that she failed to tell her, but still she was right. Gwen looked at her surroundings. The grass in the courtyard, the trees around the palace, the wilted flowers on the altar…it was all around her. She'd been missing it from the very beginning.

She closed her eyes and focused. She didn't care how close the lightning was to her face. She concentrated on the energy around her…and that's when she felt it. A slightly pink fog was coming from the grass and through the windows. It was working. Next were the trees and the flowers that were around her. She felt the fog go through her and give her strength. She opened her eyes and smiled.

She was confident now, no longer caring about Hex's lightning that was being served to him. A storm couldn't last forever, but nature was everywhere. Her back straightened and pushed Hex's power, which was dangerously close, with ease. His brows raised in confusion. The girl was weak from fighting, there was no way she could muster this much strength in a matter of seconds. Her power was now gaining control of his.

Even though in the pouring downfall, he still was failing. Now both were cringing, using all the power they had.

"Uncle, resist!" yelled a very worried niece.

"Come one Gwen, you can do it!" yelled Kevin.

"We have faith in you!" added Max.

"Gwen, you can beat him!" yelled Ben, now in human form, with Julie close by.

She felt herself losing it, but along with him as well. She closed her eyes, upon hearing a crystal clear voice.

"Gwen…you can do it," the voice was so clear. Verdona was somehow speaking to her. Gwen opened her eyes once more, now glowing heatedly.

He needed to go down, she remembered. After all he did and done…he needed to be stopped. His cruelty and vengeance needed to end once and for all.

And with one last valiant push that Gwen used everything, Hex's lightning was gone and her mana took over. Her power finally hit him and the last thing she saw was his body go through the stonewall and into the courtyard. Gwen gasped and collapsed on the floor…then suddenly her world went dark.

After what seemed like ages to her, her eyes fluttered opened, only to see a very handsome king holding her in his arms.

"What…?" she attempted to get up, only to have him push her gently back down. She was still in the same room, only it looked like a tornado went through it, and it was much quieter. The rain had stopped, but the sky was still eerie and the room was filled with water in various places.

"Whoa, I don't think that's such a good idea…you've been out for a few hours."

"A few hours?! W-where's Hex?!" she shot up suddenly. She saw Ben with Julie and his grandpa, the Plumbers talking amongst themselves, and a chained up Charmcaster in the corner with a scarf stuffed in her mouth. That's when she saw him. Hex was lying on the floor next to the Plumbers unconscious. "Is he-?"

"He's not dead…just out cold and completely drained. Charmcaster's pretty pissed," he smirked, taking a glance at the evil witch.

"So…" she didn't know what to say. She couldn't remember what happened after she blacked out…well of course she didn't. "Did you guys get him after I past out?" Kevin chuckled, finding her so humorous at the moment.

"No, you did. You did that to him. Charmcaster was so distracted, she was easy to take down after."

"But how?" she was astonished at herself. She stood up, finding it kind of embarrassing to be lying in Kevin's arms at the moment. She still didn't know what a relationship was all about. She looked at her dress…oh man, she was a mess.

"You tell me, your highness," Kevin smirked. Her face quirked. She was about to say something but stopped. Her grandfather was looking at her with a proud face. "Go on…" She smiled at Kevin and ran to Max. Both embraced each other into the deepest hug she had ever experienced.

"Grandpa…" she began, a tear strolling down her face.

"I know Gwen, I know," her stroked her hair. They let go and looked at one another. "I'm so proud of you. Never knowing what your life was about, and look at the beautiful woman you've become. You never once lost hope…"

"I knew there had to have been something missing," she replied.

"You got that right," Ben joined in. Then he was suddenly smashed with one of Gwen's hugs as well. "Who would have thought, right?"

"Seriously," winked Julie to Gwen. Gwen let go of Ben and went to her friend. "Now will you go to Omnitrix?"

"I guess I could squeeze it in. I still have Kevin's room to clean and that could take hours," smiled Gwen, as Kevin rolled his eyes.

"Don't I get a hug?" Ken said to Gwen. Of course, she had to give her brother a hug. They embraced each other. Seeing she had a brother was the most amazing things ever.

"So…I take it all of you are Plumbers then, right?" Gwen asked to Max, Ben, and Kevin. All three nodded confidently, showing they had badges too. Suddenly, a messenger came to Kevin and whispered in his ear.

"The Null Void's council is on its way. Apparently they are thrilled to know that their king will no longer be in office," said Kevin. "That goes for you too, princess." He addressed Charmcaster, who fidgeted in her chains with force but gained nothing.

"What are we going to do with him?" Gwen asked, looking down on Hex.

"Lock him up. Hex may have destroyed everyone with powers, but he saved some trapped in his dungeons. They will help us spell his cell so he will never get out," replied Max. Max looked at Charmcaster. "And you'll be joining him." She glared at him.

"You should change, you're going to get sick if you keep wearing wet clothes," Ben said to Julie, taking her by the hand and walking out of the destroyed room. Ken grabbed a hold of Charmcaster, and dragged her into the foyer, where she would be transported to the Null Void's prison. The rest of the Plumbers and Max carefully carried Hex's body into the foyer as well.

"It's all just over like that?" Gwen asked Kevin, before he could sneak out of the room as well.

"You have no idea how long we've been planning that…"

"You call that a plan? All of you could have died by his fire! Some plan."

"Ok, we didn't expect him to figure it out so quickly…"

"Yeah well Charmcaster is smarter than she looks," Gwen grumbled. Kevin suddenly smirked.

"How jealous were you anyway?" Gwen flushed and turned away suddenly.

"I wasn't jealous…not at all."

"Oh don't give me that," he grabbed her waist and turned her towards him. "Your highness…you majesty."

"Don't call me that…" Gwen said. "You know how I feel about those stupid titles."

"Hey, you're a princess now, that is not my problem," he smirked some more. Then his attitude changed. He put some of her hair behind her ear. "I was really worried about you, you know…I didn't know what to think when I saw you black out. I was so afraid you'd get hurt."

This was his moment…he was finally showing his feelings. Gwen looked up into his eyes.

"And now that it's finally all over, I can do this," he pressed his lips onto her suddenly without warning. Gwen melted with ease into the shape of his lips. It felt so right, so perfect. Yes it was her first and she didn't know what she was doing, but the love was so intense that she didn't care. It turned passionate, as Gwen held onto the back of his neck and pulled him in tighter. He was seriously thinking about taking her to his room, and I mean seriously, but he knew she would have slapped him before he could do that. It seemed like forever, but eventually, an interruption was bound to happen.

"Ahem," a voice said. They broke apart quickly, breathing fast, to see Ben and Julie in dry clothes. "If you're done groping my cousin, it's time to leave now." She smiled at Julie and Ben, still having Kevin in her arms, as they embraced each other too. From that point on, she knew her life would change.

It's hard, I know.

Life can be so difficult at times and you feel like nothing can ever make sense. But I guess the key is to never give up and always believe. Keep that hope alive and you'll accomplish anything.

It's been a year since the whole incident happened…the best year I've ever had actually.

After that, Hex was locked up for good, along with Charmcaster, only she was put in a more 'sanitary' cell unlike her uncle.

I went to Omnitrix that day with Ben, Julie, and the rest of the Plumbers. Kevin and grandpa were dealing on matters with the Null Void's council. I was finally introduced as a princess to the council. One of them even told me how close I looked to my mother. It was made official…and I'm talking about a crown and everything. It was a big celebration in the kingdom as we rode through the streets introducing ourselves to the people. It was an even bigger celebration when Ben proposed to Julie.

Since Hex was gone, Ben revealed the true person who was behind the so called 'monster attacks' and assured them it was only in order to protect the kingdom. Some left and some stayed; it was there choice. But those who were in hiding or locked up were released and powerful once again.

I went back to Bellwood a week later, only to find Kevin on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Kevin's west wing of his palace was destroyed, but he always told me he had the money to do anything, and he did. He fixed it up and made it look ten times more glamorous than I ever thought it could be.

As for the Null Void, what was once a dark and eerie place was transformed into a happy sanctuary where those could now move to and feel safe. Deep in Hex's prisons was a duke of the family, thrown into the dungeon after Hex saw his impressive powers. Not wanting to kill the poor guy, meaning to use him later for evil things, he had been there for five years. Literally rotting away slowly, his prison doors opened, giving him his light once again.

His name is Michael Morningstar, the new King of the Null Void.

My wedding wasn't as glamorous as Julie's, but it was something to never forget all the same. Her wedding was first, followed by mine a couple months later. Now both of us being queens was really something we hadn't pictured at all getting to know each other. But of course, before Julie could marry Ben, he had to become king…and he was. Max stepped from the throne, an unusual act for a royal to do, and Ben became king. Then enforcing a law to Omnitrix's council that a royal could marry a commoner…and the story continues from there.

I was finally rescued…and here is the present…

Gwen stood on the balcony wall overlooking the sunset in the distance. Ben and Julie were over for a week and left recently. She was tired; she'd been having nightmares lately on multiple things…things she was afraid that could actually happen. It was so bad, she didn't want to sleep anymore. It was almost like a vision of the future…and that scared her…

Her hand unconsciously went to her slightly swollen stomach. Yes, she was also pregnant. The passed few months have been hard, and with her current nightmares, it wasn't making anything easier.

She then felt strong arms wrap around her gently, and a chin resting on her shoulder. He could always tell when she was stressed or nervous. She had obviously been giving off the vibe for quite sometime now.

"You need to tell me sometime," he whispered. She closed her eyes sharply.

"It's just the dreams I've been having," she replied as if it was no big deal. He turned her to face him, staring at her seriously.

"Gwen, just tell me…it's going to be fine," Kevin assured her, putting his hand on her stomach. She sighed and looked at the sky once more. The sky had always been her comfort and the place she could go to.

"I see things, as if they're meant to happen, but I'm not sure. They feel so real, but I don't want them to."

"What do you see?"

"I see Hex…I see Charmcaster…and I also see Michael," she said softly. "I don't know why either." She had always known Michael was a shady person…but enough to be in her dreams with Hex?

"Are they the future?"

"No…I can't see the future, I just wonder why they are there though," she said. She was scared, and he could see it.

"Hey, look at me," he said, putting his hand under her chin to look her directly in the eyes. "Whatever happens, I am always going to be there for you. Whatever you're going through or there is something going on with the baby…I'm always going to be here. I love you." He bent down and gave her a kiss. She kissed him back with tenderness.

For some reason, she knew she'd sleep well that night…

And the story was completed! I know it isn't one of the longer stories that many of you had read, but hey it had a beginning and end right?

So there were many sentences that lead to a sequel of the story, but I'm not sure if I should do it…what do you guys think? If yes then I will…but I guess it just depends…

That was Rescue Me…hope all of you enjoyed…