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The kiss was like nothing Sakura ever expected. It was over powering and passionate. And her first. Never in all her years had she even considered giving her first kiis to anyone besides Sasuke, but now...now it was completely different. Her mind wouldn't or better yet, couldn't even proccess the idea of someone kissing her as Gaara was now. He was taking her deeper and deeper into a dark world. A world she wanted to see, wanted to experience. The sinful pleasures that no one else knows of. As he laid claim on her mouth she let herself drown in the pleasures that she was feeling.

Pressing himself even harder against Sakura's body he licked her bottom lip before thrusting his tounge into her warm cavern. It was sweet as honey, yet as innocent as a child. Something as delisious as that could bring any one to their knees. Anyone but him of course.

But that thought brought anger into his mind. He didn't want anyone to feel her as he was now. No. She was his. She was the one to not fear him, the one to look at him in the eyes, the one that could see on some level what he felt- Hate. She wouldn't expect anything else from him as he wouldn't give it. He would kill anyone who touched her or tried to take her in anyway from him. They would all die before taking something he wanted from him.

What she had said before about not leaving him was completely true. She wouldn't leave him, for he wouldn't let her. He would kill her before she even could try to escape him.

As if to put proof to his words, he pushed against the rib that had cracked under his force and bathed in the way a whimper of pain transformed into one of pleasure. Only he could make her make these sound. He was the only one allowed to, he'd make sure of that. If he wasn't, they would all pay.

Gaara bit on her bottom lip, drawing blood and a gasp from her. Pulling back he watched at the blood dripped down her chin slowly. Licking his lips, he glanced up into her eyes before zeroing in on her injured lip. Licking it, he heard her give another gasp of suprise, before he began to harshly suck on it.

He had tasted blood before, that was not lie, but this was slighlly different. He didn't know if it was because it was on some level, illingly given or if it was because it was laced with pleasure and not fear. Either way, it was very good. Giving off a moan of his own, he plunged his tounge into her mouth once more, making her taste her own blood.

He couldn't deny the way she called to him unconsiously, not the way they were now. Her body, though underdeveloped, seemed graceful and sure. Her mind was sharp and extravagent, surely a mach for his own. Her eyes were beautiful, green with a blue rim, something not common at all. Her lips were soft yet firm, holding their own as they moved against his. Her hips also were something as they seemed to slighly sway in an all to invighting way. Her personality was, all in itself, something not to be reconed with, just like her spirit, something they had in common. They would clash, he knew, but all the more fun for him.

The next move she made was unexpected, yet not suprising as she was lost to the instictual pull of her body. Her left leg came up slowly- as if making certain that the inner part of her thigh rubed the out side of his leg, giving off a consuming heat- and wond slightly around his right leg. From the way they were, Gaara could feel the heat pulsing from her core, begging him to do more. Giving off a growl, he ground his hips into hers, having this angle to his advantage. She let out a moan as a hiss escaped him. He did it again as he moved his mouth to her pale and unmared neck.

Seeing it, he couldn't hold back a groan. She was unmarked by everyone. Not for any longer. Biting down on the soft pale flesh, he drew blood once more from her. Lapping it up with his tounge, he began to suck in her neck. when he pulled back there was a dark mark sorounded by blood and teeth wounds. Smirking, he looked up, only to be caught in the eyes of his prey as they looked back at him with an unearthy fire.

Her eyes seemed to glow as they saw right into his soul. He watched as her eyes moved down from his to his mouth, covered in her blood. Without hesitation, she crashed their mouths together, taking some of herself with him into her. He wasn't sure how, but all the blood was gone by the time they pulled back for breath. It only tearned him on more to know that she willingly gave it him as well as taking it.

The whole time this was happening, their hips had been moving in a rhythm without their knowledge, not that they were comlaining. However, it seemed that they were agrivated with the fact that their cloths were still in their way. As his hand was about to move to her shorts, he heard a twig snap.

He pulled away instantly, already knowing they were comeing after him. He was always on alert. The whole time he had been kissing Sakura, a part of his mind was still watching and listening for threats. His body was also. After all, if you live your whole life like he did, you would never relax or let your gaurd down either. Not for one moment, not even in the heat of passion. That would never change.

He didn't have to look back to know that Sakura had heard it too. Good. He coulld sense them coming at full spead towards their clearing. It was only a matter of seconds. The only thing was he was slightly low on chakra. Not that that would be bad for him, as he had ten times as much as it would take to kill all of them, but the fact that if he was low, that would only mean that Sakura was almost depleated. Still, she had her kunis out and ready, searching the woods around them with her scences.

They both knew at the exact moment when they were there.

Twenty-five leaf ninja's came out of the dark, masked and armed. They sorounded the two genin and got into positions to attack.

One man spoke, obviously the leader of the group. "We don't need to hurt you. Put down your weapons and seperate." Neither of them mooved to comply. If anything, Gaara seemed to move closer to her, thought the move was so slight, so small and quick that is was not seen. "Haruno Sakura, we are under the orders of the third to bring you back. you are to stay at your home with no visiters and under supervision at all times untill our orders are changed. We will use force if we have to. Come with us so we will nat hurt you." He then directed his words as Gaara, though for some reason, they seemed less inportant when spoken.

"Sabaku no Gaara, you are not to mingle with anyone outside of your team. Not only are you a ninja of another village, you are to be watched at all times. You are under orders of the Kazakage to not desterb or harm anyone. You are in violation and we have the right to kill you now if you do not leave now without trouble."

Gaara simply quirked an invisible eyebrow, unmoved by the little speach and just stood as he was; unmoving, arms crossed over his chest, emotionless. He could feel the lust for blood building in him once agian, and as his eyes dialated he let his sand some out of his gourd. Granted he didn't need to use his sand as there was sand everywhere on the forest floor, but he wanted could feel it's own need to eat and devower others.

Sakura saw the way the man concealed the shivers at the sight of the sand rising. It was clear they all knew about him and his past. It only made her angrier at the fast that these people dare think of him as a monster. Oh, sure, he was evil. There was no denying that fact, as well, she didn't want to nor did she feel the need to, but he wasn't like this at the begining. It was people like them who feared people like Gaara that made him into what he was. It made her hate them. She just wanted to tear them apart.

Smirking, she twirled a kuni she had in her hand as she said, "So that's it? I put down my weapons and leave and nothing more will happen?"

Sighing in relief, the man said, "Yes. that is all. We will return you to your home safely and keep you safe." It was clear that he was talking about Gaara and possible others. Especially since the moment she opened her mouth, Gaara turned his head ever so slightly and was watching her. She could tell that he was either going to kill her befopre she left or was just watching and waiting before he would kill all the others. Well, not much of a choice there. But then again, it wasn't like she even considered the first.

With a harsh laugh she said, "It's people like you I hate more then anything." And with that, she flung her kuni with a strong force into the closest to her ninja's head, killing him instantly.

The fight was on.

As if that one thing was a flag to begin a race to survive, they all took action at once.

Sakura was almost out of Chakra and what she had kept her standing and some what safe. So she had to rely on her taijutsu, which wasn't all that good. Without another thought, she took off, puching, kicking and cutting.

Sadly, she was to distracted by fighting two ninjas that she sisn't feel a third coming up behind her right away. When she did, she gasped and swirled around so fast her head spun. But she did see what happened. Before the ninja threw the few kunis at her legs and arms, a swirl of sand came up and covered him head to toe before then squeezing him until he imploded. She looked to her left- the diredtio in which the sand came- and saw Gaara's hand still in the air. He was looking at her threw narrowed eyes.

Shivering she nodded before taking off again to attack. The message in his eyes was clear as day. Get hurt and you will pay.

Facing back to her opponents, she saw that two others had joined their battle. Four against one was not looking good considering her tired out state. But warn out as she may be she was feeling better then before. She was experienceing fighting in a new way with her new out look. And she loved it. With a smirk, she grabbed her last kuni and twirled it in her fingers. "Ah, what fun. Who's next?" And with that, she jumped on the man at the end to her right and slit his throat in one deft move. Hearing him gurgle with his last few breaths, she relished in the sounds. Strangly, they were quite....pretty. Captivating if you will. Something she was not use to.

Lost in the sound, she wasn't fast enough to move when a shuriken came her way. Throwing her arms into the air to avoid to much damage she took a defensive possition. But the hit never came. Suprised, she lowered her arms and saw somethign she wouldn't have expected in....well, ever.

There was sand around her, darker then most. This sand had had so much blood in it ver the years that it was actually mixed with it. It even smelt of blood. She knew at that moment that the sand around her was Gaara's demonic sand.

As soon as that thought proccessed in her mind, it dropped, along with the weapon that had been lodged in to, to the ground. The sand was twirling around her at the level of her feet and ankels. Shocked, she looked to Gaara who looked suprised by this as well. She took notice of the fact that there was still sand around Gaara, protecting him as well. 'It must be the fact that it left me threw before....Now it...protects me as well?' Well that didn't make much sence to her, but hey, whatever. Then she thought of something else. 'This is his sand...so it must only work to protect me when he is around me.' Now there was your standerd clause to everything good.

It seemed that she wasn't the only ones to figure that last part out. She saw comprehension flash over Gaara's face before all the ninjas attacked him at once. the sand flew from her feet over to Gaara so fast that she barely saw it happen. Just as it reached him, some came back even quicker to her, trying to protect both people, nut it was too late. The moment it left her, the head ninja came from behind a tree and hit a spot to knock her out. Before her world went copmepletely black, she said, "Iya....Gaara..."

When Sakura next woke up, she found herself in her bed under the covers. He head hurt a little, but she ignored the dull throbing. Looking around, she sought out the ninja who had knocked her unconsious, but found him not there.

The room was dark and having just woke up didn't help her adjusting to the light. But she had recovered a small amount of her chakra so she felt the dark aura in the room when it reached out to touch her, making her aware of it's presence.

Gasping she already had a kuni in her hand by the time her eyes made contact with the person who held such power. There, on the sill of her window, looking at the moon threw her window was Gaara. He stayed utterly still, not making any move to show that he knew she was awake or even there.

Lowering her weapin, she observed him. He seemed...innocent as he looked at the sky. Almost lost. Mabey he was. He sat, his gourd on hs back, touching the wall. He seemed like he was relaxed, but she knew better. She could just tell by the way his eyes were that he was fully aware of everything. He was wearing the same thing as always even though the time permitted the change into PJs. She almost laughed. She could picture Gaara in PJs. The sheer thought made her want to burst into a giggle fit. She sobered some when that thought brought her to remember she wasstill dressed in her outfit.

As if a chain was set off, she was brought back to wonder about what happened in the clearing, where the ninjas were, where the leader was, was Gaara hurt- that thought was quickly disgaurded though- and what about her. Looking down she saw that she didn't have any extra marks then the ones she had in the battle with Ino, from the healers and the ones Gaara himself inflicted. She still felt her rib broken and making it hurt to move. She would have to see a healer about that soon...

She was drawn out of her musings when the clouds that covered the moon were blown steadily away and a stream of light came into her window, lighting up some of Gaara. She was put into silence at the beauty of it. His red hair was set aflame and his pale skin set off a glow that drew many things to it. Yet still, he didn't move.

The clouds moved once again into place over the sky, taking the picture of absolute beauty with it. As Sakura saw if fade, she made sure to burn that image into her memory, somethign she would never forget.

Rising out of her bed, locking the pain and sore muscle aches in a different part of her brain, she made her way over to Gaara quietly. Not to try and attack him, but to not ruin the picture of perfection that was for her eyes only. She didn't talk, she just sat opposite him on the sill, watching him. From this angle he was even more beautiful. Like a fallen angle. Just a sinful and deadly as he was beautiful and perfect.

They sat like this, in silence for a few moments before Gaara looked at her from the corner of his eye. He turned his head towards her and saw that she was trying not to touch him. He didn't know why, but he did at least know it wasnt from fear or disgust. Still, that wouldn't do. Narrowing his eyes at her, he leaned forward and claimed her lips with his swiftly.

Sakura let out a whimper and kiss back. Soon she felt his tounge enter her mouth, and she let out a moan she was trying to contain. Slowly, she moved her arms to wrap around his neck, pulling them closer together. Gaara gave a growl that could only be taken for pleasure at the action. When his hand trailed down to her shorts to continue where they left off she pulled back. "Gaara...I'm not ready to go farther."

Said bay glared at her. She pulled away and then even denied him. Giving an animalistic growl of anger he grabbed her neck from behind and pulled her to him once more agianst her will. As there lips crashed together, he woved to lay her down to he was on top of her.

"Gaara, please." She said softly, knowning that if he didn't stop she would get raped. She couldn't stop him if he wanted to continue.

"What?" He said sharply, his eyes on hers, looking for signs of fear. Nothing, no negative emotions flashed across her expressing eyes. Still, there were a few emotions he did know that were possative. Lust, desire, possesivness, yearning.

"Please don't." Sakura's voice was no less above a whisper. She wasn't scared of him, just what he might do. she wasn't ready for sex yet.

"You're mine. I can do with you what I want." Was all he replied stonely, looking at her.

"Please." He did stop however this time. Looking into her eyes he saw that she knew she didn't deny his claim as he thought she might have.

His eyes narrowed suspisiously. He didn't trust anyone and he deffinatly wouldn't start. He let outa hiss and movved to pick up her top cover instead.

She was about to stop him when he stopped when she was revealed to him from a bit above the navel to the top of her pants. She watched him as he looked at her middle. It was her turn to give a hiss when his hand was placed in her stomach. Slowly, it made back and forth caresses, almost like it worshiped the unblemished and fit body.

Just as she closed her eyes in bliss she had to muffle a scream of pain asshe felt cutting. Right below her navel it felt like her skin was being butchered and torn a part. Opening her eyes. she saw Gaara watching her intensely for anything bad or negative. Man, the guy was paranoid.

Her eyes traveled down to her belly where she saw hes hand was. When she saw sand under his palm she knew what was causing her pain. And still, she couldn't help the way being touched by him and the blood drentched weapon hightened her arousal. When the pain got worse she let out a loud moan and sat up- aware that it would worsen the pain- and kiss Gaara. He forced his tounge into her mough where they danced. He swallowed many of her sounds as the pleasure slowly grew. The suddently the pain left, as did his lips.

Pulling away, panting heavily, she saw him looking at her midsection with a lokk of...was that satisfation? Looking down, she saw blood dripping from her wounds. She looked up only to see Gaara lean down and slowly lap up the blood there, sometimes licking the wounds causing shivers to shoot up her spine. When he leaned back, he lick his lips, still staring at her. Now that the blood was gone she could clearly make out what it was. Together, the cuts formed the characters: 悪の撮影

Shocked she looked up at Gaara. He was watching her reaction and said softly, stealy, "Your mine."

"Gaara?" She knew very well that he wouldn't have let her go, but to actually mark her, that was something else. But she would not deny the happiness she felt as being the only one to touch him and be his.

"I am going back." She knew he meant home, and she looked up sharply, shocked and hurt.

"Are you coming back?" She couldn't help but sound like a little lost girl. As soon as the words had left his mouth she felt lost, as if she was already gone.

Gaara smirked as her tone. "For the chunin exams, yes." She smiled and kissed him. When she pulled back he looked over her quickly and his eyes looked into hers as he spoke coldly, "You will not touch anyone else or have anyone else touch you. You are mine, Sakura."

She couldn't hold back the shiver at his words. No, she wouldn't betray him. Not like the others. "Yes, Gaara. I promise."

MAking sure she wasn't lieing, he stood up to leave. But before he could, she quickly stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss her. "I'll wait for you." She murmered against his lips before stepping back.

The look on his face showed his some what reluctantence to leave, but never the less, he nodded his goodbye and left in a swirl of sand.

Iya: No

悪の撮影: Capture of Evil or Evil's Taken

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