Eternal Love

Summary: It took him thirteen years. Now Voldemort has found his lover, but what would you do if your lover is just an empty shell? What will wake him up?

Sequel to Love conquers everything.

Pairing/s: VoldemortHarry, DracoPadma, NevilleLuna and the others who are already married.

Warnings: Slash, blood and violence.

Disclaimers: Still don't own Harry Potter.

The long awaited sequel! Alright, maybe not that long but you guys were pretty impatient about it. Here it goes. But for those who read this one first, you will probably be confused. Read the prequel first, then this one.


Chapter One

2012, Riddle Manor

Voldemort was now known as one of England's, and the world's, most famous men. He was handsome, had a nice-looking son and millions of people who worshipped him all over the world. But for him that mattered little.

Fourteen years earlier, his life had been richer despite being one of England's most feared and hunted man. He had a lover back then. Harry Potter, who had gone missing thirteen years ago and had never been found again.

Right now the Dark Lord was standing by a window, leaning against the wall and holding a glass of whiskey close to his chest. He was dressed in an emerald robe, his hair tousled slightly and his eyes far away. It was in the beginning of August, only a few days after Harry's birthday. The thought made him clutch the glass closer and his eyes to moisten.


He turned his head to look at his son Securus who had his Harry's emerald eyes but the built and shape as the Dark Lord himself. He had raven hair down to his shoulders and was dressed in a casual shirt and pants.

"Yes?" he asked with tilted head. He loved his son more than anything, but still wanted his lover back. His heart ached so much it almost hurt.

"Lucius is here," Securus said. "He said it was very important."

"Everything with that man is very important," Voldemort sighed and put the glass down.

"It was so important he didn't even let me know," the teen said and saw his father freeze. "Father?"

So important that Lucius did not share it with Securus… it could not be. Voldemort nearly ran out from the room, making his son stare before said teen collected himself and followed. The man took the stairs two at the time and Lucius came up to him immediately. Securus watched them from the top of the stairs.

The blonde man gave the Dark Lord a parchment and whispered something. Voldemort's red eyes scanned the parchment and he then looked up at the blonde man.

"Is this information correct?" he asked.

"I'm 100 percent sure of that my lord," Lucius said with a smile. "We've found him."


Thirteen-year old Serene Malfoy looked in many ways like a typical Malfoy; white-blonde hair, grey eyes and a pale complex. But the shape of her face and body was more like her mother's, Padma. Her father Draco had been overjoyed to have a child.

But Serene had something that every Malfoy had; arrogance. She was arrogant and liked to give people degrading nick-names if she didn't like them. Fortunately Securus and Draco made her see reality; you mess with people and the people mess with you.

But she couldn't help questioning Securus' second father, a subject that was taboo in Riddle Manor.

"I mean, you don't know anything about him?" she asked Securus as they sat outside.

"I don't know anything about him, so what?" Securus asked, trying to figure out just who Lucius and Voldemort had been so happy about finding.

"Leave him alone, Serene," thirteen-year old Frank Longbottom-Lovegood said. He had brown hair and green eyes, looking much like his father Neville Longbottom.

"Yeah, leave him alone," his younger sister, eleven-year old Liliana agreed. She was an exact younger copy of her mother Luna Lovegood except for any strange necklaces or earrings.

"Shut up," she snarled. "Securus, don't you think something happened if your second father is a forbidden subject?"

"Maybe he died a cruel death and father doesn't want to relive it again by telling me," Securus said.

"Or he left your father for someone else."

"Why would he do that?" the raven-haired teen shouted, getting up from the ground.

"Just a suggestion," Serene said, checking her nails. "Why don't you ask to see a picture of him?"

Securus looked around for a while and then said:

"I already asked."

"And?" the three asked. Out of all the Death Eater-children, these three were Securus' closest friends even if they were younger than him.

"Father said no picture made him justice," Securus said.

"A nice lie," Serene said with a mocking smile.

"Father wouldn't lie to me," the teen hissed. "I'll ask him again, and I will get a picture to show you."

"I bet five Galleons he won't give you one," Serene teased.

"I bet fifty he will," Securus snarled and crossed his arms.

A chuckle from behind made them whirl around. Voldemort watched them with amusement shining in his eyes and a smile on his lips. They were speechless; they had never seen the lord like that.

"Father?" the raven-haired teen asked.

"Everyone says it and now I say it as well; for looking so much alike me, you act just like him."

"Him?" they all asked.

"Your other father," Voldemort said and the taboo was seemingly forgotten. "You bet fifty Galleons I will let you see a picture of him?"

"Yeah," Securus mumbled. "I know what you said but…"

"How about I give you something better than a simple picture?" Voldemort said. "I admit, keeping everything about him secret maybe was not the best plan. But I didn't want you to be me."

"Why not?"

"Because I miss him so much that life sometimes seems pointless," the Dark Lord said, stepping closer. The wind began to blow and he closed his tired red eyes. "I fought for so long and when we finally won he was gone."

"What happened?" Securus asked, seeing Serene raised an eyebrow. She probably wants to hear Voldemort's lover had left them. Arrogant girl; that attitude would kill her someday if she didn't shape up.

"No one knows," Voldemort said. "One minute he was there, and in the next he was gone. Lucius has never forgiven himself for not protecting your father, Securus. He stills think it's his fault Harry is gone."

Harry. The name hit against Securus like a hammer. His eyes widened. Voldemort chuckled and said:

"Yes, Securus, your father's name is Harry. He was going to be nineteen the summer he disappeared, which makes him 33 today."

"He's 33 years old," Securus echoed. "Father, why are you telling me all this?"

"You will know soon," Voldemort said. "I have something I wish to show, instead of a simple photograph. And since you bet you were going to be able to show your friends, let's invite them too."

"Come on guys!" Securus said as the Dark Lord retreated to the Manor. "We'll get to see Harry!" It was strange calling your own father by the first name, but Securus was not sure of how to address the man.

"What's up with him?" Serene asked. "Your father has never been this open."

"Your grandfather came earlier today with important news. I think those news has something to do with this," the raven-haired teen said. "But come on, before he changes his mind!"


Voldemort looked up as the four children entered his study. A Pensive was already on his desk and the memories simmering in it.

"Watch it," he said tiredly. "I will not follow you; I have drowned myself in the past long enough."

Securus stepped up first and then looked back at the other children. The three stepped up, took each other's hands and then dipped their faces into the Pensive.

They landed in a room in a heap.

"Ouch," Frank muttered as he sat up. "Where are we?"

"It's the ballroom," Securus said. "Father only allowed me in a few times before sealing it shut."

"Why would he seal a ballroom shut?" Serene asked as she helped Liliana up. "That doesn't make sense."

"He said some things are better left in the past," Securus said. "I think someone mentioned that my other fatehr loved the ballroom the most."

A soft humming made them all shut up. A hooded figure sat in an armchair, fingers tapping on the arm. A white mask covered his upper face and his slim body was curled up, his head resting on his knees.

"Who's that?" Liliana asked.

"What's he humming on?" Serene asked.

"That's a lullaby," Securus said. "Father always said I never fell asleep without hearing that lullaby when I was young."

The door opened behind them and they gasped as they saw a younger Voldemort step inside. His robes were bloodied but he looked more alive than ever. The man sitting in the armchair flew up with a cry:


The Dark Lord grinned and caught the man as he threw himself onto the dark wizard.

"That's my father!" Serene hissed and pointed.

Sure enough, Draco stepped inside while holding a cloth against a head-wound. Lucius, Severus, Bellatrix and several others they recognized came in but Voldemort only had eyes for the man in his arms.

"Wait," the blonde-haired girl said. "That man with your father, Securus… it can't be…"

Voldemort removed the white mask and the four children stared. Deep emerald eyes gazed into ruby, pale skin cutting itself against the dark robes and a sinful smile on his lips.

"You guys are late," the man accused, sliding a hand down Voldemort's chest.

"Well, forgive me my lord," Voldemort said mockingly, "but with a raid you can never know when you are coming back."

"Liar," the young man said.

"Now, now Harry, don't say that," the Dark Lord said and the four children gaped. Securus stared at the young man. That was his second father? That was Harry.

The memory disappeared and was replaced with a sunny day.

"My Prince, will you please stop that?"

Bellatrix's voice rang through the air and they turned around. Harry smiled cheekily and ran out of her reach when she tried to get a hold of him.

"My lord, tell your beloved Harry to stop making my shoes stuck to the ground!" the woman shouted.

"Why?" Voldemort asked as he looked up from his book. "You know better than anyone that Harry doesn't listen to me."

"My Prince, stop it!" she managed before falling head-first to the ground. Harry fell down next to the Dark Lord as he was stretched out on a blanket with a book in his hands. When the man did not react, Harry plucked the book from his hands and settled on top of him.

"Yes, I believe you want my attention," Voldemort said, cocking his head. The children stared. Securus had never seen his father act that way; so carefree and so happy.

"You said you had a surprise on my birthday," the teen said. "What kind of surprise?"

"A surprise you will like," the Dark Lord replied.


"You love making me promise things."

"Come on," Harry whined and Securus was struck with how similar they seemed. "Just promised, you good-for-nothing lord!"

"Good-for-nothing?" Voldemort said and rose onto his elbows. "I believe the Prince is asking for being punished."

"Only you can make a punishment feel so good," Harry practically purred. "But not outside please; I don't like an audience."

Voldemort turned them around so Harry was resting against the blanket and himself hovering over him.

"You liked it yesterday," the Dark Lord said and the last thing they saw was Harry's blush.

Suddenly they were in the middle of a battle.

"That's a bad girl," they heard a voice said. Harry's voice. A scream followed and they turned.

What they saw made Frank put a hand over Liliana's eyes. The young man was torturing a Weasley girl. His smile was slightly crazy and it made Securus shudder.

The scenery changed, and a number of memories washed over them. They saw Harry, Draco, Lucius and so many other people. Then it stopped and they were thrown out.


Voldemort looked at them and they stared back.

"That's Harry," he finally said. "And the only thing I have left of him are memories."

"You don't have any pictures of him?" Securus asked.

"I have," Voldemort said. "But they don't make him alive. Take a look at the portrait behind you."

They turned and gaped. It was of Harry and Voldemort. Voldemort was standing behind the chair that had Harry sitting in it, both of them smiling lightly.

"It was painted two months before he disappeared," the Dark Lord said as he rose up. "Now… I'm going away for a bit, Securus so Draco and Padma will look after you."

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know," Voldemort said. "I can come back with a surprise or I can come back with nothing."

He walked out, and they looked at each other. What was he talking about?


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Next chapter: What indeed was he talking about? What news did Lucius bring? What will Voldemort find? Hopefully it will be up in a few days!

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