Eternal Love

Summary: Harry is back with the power, with his charm and together with his family that is about to be one more member. Last chapter.

Sequel to Love conquers everything.

Pairing/s: VoldemortHarry, DracoPadma, NevilleLuna and the others who are already married.

Warnings: Slash, blood and violence. Mpreg.

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Thanks for all the reviews, and sorry for the late update! Last chapter, so enjoy it fully!

Warnings for this chapter: Mentions sex amongst other things.


Chapter Ten

Voldemort could have strange habits and ideas. Like, waking his lover up with sex. Harry didn't complain about that, and glanced over at the clock near their bed.

"It's only eight in the morning," he said and turned back to Voldemort.

"So? I have a meeting at nine and wanted something pleasurable to think about."

Harry gave a feral grin.

"It's still an hour until then," the younger man whispered and pinned a stunned Dark Lord to the bed.


Securus peeked into the room with a tray in his hands. Harry was lying on the bed, deep asleep. The balcony door was open and the wind was gently blowing the curtains. The teen moved inside and put the tray down onto the nightstand. He then touched his father's shoulder and Harry's eyes fluttered open.

"Breakfast," Securus said. "Father said you might like it."

"Oh, thank you very much," Harry said and gingerly sat up. "What time is it?"

"It's ten," the teen replied and sat down. "Why is the watch on the floor by the desk?"

"I was annoyed with it," the man said with a small smile. "Tom knows I hate that watch."

"Probably that's why he put it there," the teen said with a grin.

"Your father is a very evil man," Harry accused, pointing his fork against Securus.

"And what is my dad then?"

"The sweetest angel existing on this earth," the raven-haired man replied and stuck his nose in the air. Securus couldn't help but laugh.


Three weeks later

Harry turned and twisted in the mirror. He flung his hair over the shoulder and turned yet again. He felt a bit too self-conscious at the moment and didn't want to look like an idiot when Voldemort had guests from another country. The man finally sighed and said to the mirror:

"Better get this over."

He walked out the door and down the corridor. The Dark Lord was adjusting Securus' robes, the teen complaining he could do it on his own. They heard footsteps and Voldemort said as he turned his head:

"Finally. What took you so-?"

His voice faded away when he drank in the sight of his lover. Securus gaped.

Harry was dressed in a rather tight leather pants that practically hugged his ass, and to make things even worse, a tight leather top that showed just the slightest bit of the stomach. He was wearing heavy boots with metal-strapping around them, ending around his knees and over all that a thin emerald robe thrown over his left shoulder. His hair was let out and spilled down his back; his wand securely on his left hip.

"Like what you see?" Harry asked Voldemort, making a small pose. The Dark Lord continued to stare, and the raven-haired man turned his attention to his son, "Securus dear, tell your father to stop drooling on the carpet."

Securus broke into laughter and that woke Voldemort up. He took a few steps and Harry continued his way down.

"Harry, are you out to give me a heart-attack?" the man finally got out.

"Nope," the emerald-eyed man said and slid a hand up on the chest to rest on the right shoulder. He leaned in closer and whispered for Voldemort's ears only, "Just letting you know what kind of fun we will have tonight."

The Dark Lord groaned at the suggestion and had to shut his eyes for a moment. Desire travelled through his body, and he nearly forgot his lover was pregnant. But then he remembered and said:

"The clothes not too tight for you?"

"No, I made them a bit bigger," Harry said with a wave. "But I'm starved. Where's the food?"

"So unlike when you were younger," Voldemort said with a chuckle. "Then what you ate could not make a bird satisfied."

Harry stuck out his tongue.

The guests came not long after that, and many of the males looked at the Prince with huge eyes, sometimes lust in them. But one glare from Voldemort told them exactly who the emerald-eyed man belonged to.

Securus felt a bit out of place and was glad Serene was there. The Malfoys were almost always present at Voldemort's formal dinners, so the teen really felt alone. Neville and Luna weren't huge fans for big dinners of parties, and therefore their children weren't there.

He watched Serene's grandmother Narcissa talk with his dad about something. Harry didn't drink any wine; instead he had water but he still found a number of reasons to make a toast, especially with Lucius and Draco. They all had laughed, even the guests, when he replied to his son's question about it that he wanted to see who got drunk first, the older or the younger. Last time it had been the younger he claimed, making Draco blush and shout he had only been seventeen at the time with no experience of alcohol. Lucius and Narcissa had looked at him, and pointedly reminded him about the time he had gotten himself drunk along with Harry before their seventeen year birthday; during the summer Harry had been only the Prince at Voldemort's manor. The two men both looked at the two elder Malfoys before looking at each other.

"Did we do that?" Harry asked.

"Where were we then?" Draco asked back.

"Wait… I think it was the time we got a hold of a bottle of Firewhiskey from someone," Harry said, looking thoughtful. "We didn't know it was that strong, so we downed it within ten minutes."

Securus and Serene stared at their fathers while Voldemort chuckled. Padma looked at her husband with a hand to hide her laugh and most of the guests shook their heads. Once again, Harry lifted his glass and cheerfully made a toast with Draco. The blonde man only laughed.


Harry laughed into Voldemort's mouth as the man pushed him back to the bed, his emerald robe lying on the floor along with his boots. The man growled at his clothes before start taking, or rather tearing, them off. The raven-haired man was pushed over to his stomach and the clothes removed.

"Easy, love," he murmured. "There's no hurry."

"It is for me," Voldemort said. "You just have to flaunt every piece of your body to me in public? And in leather? You know how I react seeing you in leather."

Harry grinned; he knew exactly how much Voldemort reacted. The grin made the Dark Lord growl and focus on making Harry incapable of sensible thought.


Voldemort looked at his sleeping lover while gently caressing the younger man's back. Harry shifted but didn't wake up. The Dark Lord looked at the time and sighed. He had work to do. He slowly rose up from the bed, careful not to wake Harry and went to the bathroom to clean himself up.

When he emerged fifteen minutes later, his hair still damp, Harry looked at him sleepily. The raven-haired man made a move to get up when Voldemort said:

"No, don't get up. It's still too early for you."

"What time is it?" Harry mumbled as he sank back down onto the bed.

"Ten to eight," the Dark Lord replied. "I myself have a meeting at eight."

"Do you have enough of good memories for that?" the man asked and grinned. The Dark Lord let his hand travel along the sheets until he reached the belly before leaning down and stealing a kiss.

"If I had anymore, I might start drooling," Voldemort said, grinning back at his lover and received a small chuckle for that. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," Harry said. "I'm fine."

"Any soreness?"

"Only a little in my back," the emerald-eyed man informed. "Now stop fuss about me, and have some breakfast. Have a good day, and come home by dinner."

"Yes master," Voldemort said sarcastically.

"Good pet," Harry said and petted the man's head. The Dark Lord growled low in his throat, making Harry laugh. The older man brought the covers around his lover and left with a last kiss.


Securus woke up slowly and yawned. He looked at the time and widened his eyes; it was almost ten! He never slept that late! He, now fully awake, rose up from the bed and went to the bathroom to clean himself up.

When he emerged from his room Harry stepped out into the hall, dressed in a sleeping-robe draped over his naked shoulders. He had a pair of sleeping-pants on and was barefoot. His hair had been fixed though; otherwise it would have looked like a wild nest.

Securus looked at his dad, as Harry was not really aware someone else was in the hall. The teen had to admit his dad looked quite beautiful even with the stomach that now had begun to grow.


The teen woke up from his thoughts and looked at his father who had cocked his head to the side and was watching him.

"Nothing," Securus replied. "Lost in thoughts, that's all."

"You are normally up before me," the man said with a yawn.

"I guess I slept in," Securus admitted.

"Well, that's no crime… now, breakfast."

The man walked down the stairs and Securus happily followed.


Fred and George picked Harry up the moment they arrived and said man yelped. Securus got worried that Harry would be ill, but when said man began to laugh the teen relaxed. Bill came through the fire and saw what the twins did. He sighed and said:

"Put Harry down, idiots. You don't treat a pregnant person like that."

"We can't hear him complaining!" Fred whined.

"Alright, alright, I'm getting a bit dizzy," Harry admitted and they had to put him down. "How have you been?"

"Great," the twins said while Bill said, "Awful."

Harry looked between the three and the two younger redheads turned their heads towards their brother. He shrugged and said:

"What? I've been awful."

"Why?" the raven-haired man asked.

"Dealing with those two, how can you feel anything but awful?" Bill replied and pointed at his younger brothers.

"Hey!" Fred and George shouted, charging.

Bill avoided his brothers easily and with a swing of his wand they were turned upside-down.

"Let us down!" Fred shouted although laughing.

"Never," the older man said frankly. "Good morning, Securus. I hope you don't mind us stealing your father for a while."

"Not at all," Securus said, looking at the twins with wide eyes.

"Don't worry, Securus," Harry said. "Bill always does that when they are annoying."

"Which means they spend better part of the day in that position," Bill muttered and walked out from the room.

"Bill, you can't leave us here!" the two shouted. The man's reply came and made Securus chuckle:

"Sure I can! I am now, aren't I?"


"George, stop it."

The twin stuck out his tongue to Harry and continued to probe the man's stomach.

"Why are you so fascinated with my stomach?" Harry complained.

"Because there is a living creature inside," George said. "I can't wait until the child starts kicking."

The raven-haired man rolled his eyes at the redheaded man who finally calmed down and simply let his hand rest on the slightly round belly. Fred had given up thwacking George over the head and now drank the tea a house-elf had come with. Bill cradled his own teacup and had been relatively quiet. Harry himself leaned slightly backwards and soon rolled his head down onto his shoulder.

"Tired?" came Bill's voice and Harry nodded. "You are always tired, Harry."

"Not my fault," the man mumbled and he heard the three chuckles. "It's not!"


Christmas Eve

Securus woke up when the door opened to his room. He looked up sleepily and saw Harry enter. The pregnant man smiled and came forward, his movements graceful despite his growing stomach.

"Come on, Securus, get up!"

"What?" the teen groaned. "I'm tired."

"What?" Harry said, eyes wide. "You, tired? Are you ill, my dear? Maybe I should call on Tessa…"

"Haha, very funny," Securus said and sat up. "Dad, are you sure YOU are alright?"

"Me? I'm fine!"

"You look hyper to me."

"Tom should've known better than to let me have whatever I wanted for breakfast!"

The teen groaned once more at his dad's hyper attitude but knew he would not change it for anything else. Harry almost skipped around the room, his sleeping-robe whirling around his feet and the long hair put up in a skilful made braid.

"Dad, your braid will come undone if you continue," Securus said with a small smile. "What did you eat?"

Harry looked at his son with a wide grin and replied:

"Dunno! But it was a hell of a lot of sugar in it!"

Securus stared wide-eyed at his dad as Harry danced out of the room.


"Father? How long is dad going to stay that way?"

Voldemort looked at Harry who was at the moment cheerfully challenging Draco in a game of chess and sighed. He turned back to his son and replied:

"No bloody idea."


Securus' birthday

The teen woke up around nine in the morning. Unlike Christmas, the manor was now deathly silent. Securus sat up and rubbed his eyes. He dragged his fingers through his hair and dressed. As he exited his room, he looked around the hall. Nothing was heard, not even the house-elves.

He went down the stairs and looked around suspiciously. He never knew what his parents would do, especially on his birthday.

He entered the dining hall and saw breakfast on the table for him. He sat down and Voldemort exited the kitchen.

"Father? What are you doing?"

The man looked at his son, then down at his clothes. He was covered mostly in flour.

"Harry and Draco had a food war and somehow I got involved in it," he replied.

"Where are they?" Securus asked as his father banished everything on his robes.

"They went to clean up," Voldemort replied and sat down. "Happy birthday."

"You guys prepared this for me?"

"Harry insisted to give you all your favourite choices," the Dark Lord said. "Mind if I have a taste? I haven't had breakfast yet."

Securus nodded and Voldemort took a toast. Fifteen minutes later a whole lot of people dropped in. Securus looked around before Liliana almost choked him with her enthusiastic hug. Frank and Serene gave him hugs as well before Bellatrix came forward and wanted to hug her extra son as well. The Lestrange brothers were there in the background with the Weasley twins, Bill standing with them. Severus was standing with the senior Malfoy couple while Draco kissed his wife. Neville and Luna stood by the younger Malfoy pair, waving at the teen. Securus thought he saw his dad sneak inside but couldn't be sure. Then he was given gifts from all ways so he had to shift his attention to everything else.

When he finally got some time for himself he slumped down in his chair and only then noticed Harry was seated next to Voldemort and once Harry saw Securus looked at him, stuck out his tongue. The teen was baffled by it but only for a moment before he remembered this was his dad; if Harry hadn't done it he would have been more shocked. So he did what he had learned to do; he simply stuck his own tongue back.


Two months later

Voldemort woke up alone in the bed. He blinked. The balcony door was open so he got up and draped a robe over his shoulders. He stepped out into the chilly air and looked around.

Harry gazed out at the land that was covered in a fine layer of snow. His skin was nearly white and his lips blue; he had been standing there for a while. He was dressed only in a pair of pants and his eyes far away.

Voldemort draped his robe around his lover and Harry looked at him, blinking slowly. The Dark Lord slipped his arms around the younger man and said:

"What are you doing, love?"

"I'm thinking," Harry mumbled, cradling his belly in his arms.

"In a place you will freeze to death?"

"I wanted to be outside," the man defended himself and leaned onto his lover. "You're warm."

"Well, I just got out from bed but I can assure you I will soon be cold," Voldemort informed. "Let's go back inside."

"I want to stay, just for a few minutes more," Harry said. "You can go in."

"No," the Dark Lord said. "I'll stay with you."

The raven-haired man curled his arms around Voldemort and leaned his head onto the man's shoulder. The Dark Lord could feel the bulge against his own stomach and drew the robe closer to heat his lover up.

They never noticed Securus enter the room. He looked outside the window where they stood. He carefully set the tray with breakfast onto the nightstand next to the bed with a note and then left with a small smile.


"What did it say?"

"That Securus was going to be with Frank and Liliana today," Voldemort replied and gave Harry a cup of tea. "Drink it up."

Harry scrunched his nose but did as the man said. The younger male was seated on the bed, cross-legged, a warm robe wrapped around him. Voldemort sat down behind and wrapped his arms around the man's shoulders. Harry leaned back and sighed happily.

"What were you thinking about out there anyway?" the Dark Lord suddenly asked, his voice rumbling in Harry's ears. The raven-haired man looked away, and replied:

"About what happened… the day I disappeared."

"You remembered that?" Voldemort asked.

"I remember pain," Harry replied harshly. "And fear. Fear of never seeing you or Securus again. Fear of being killed once I had a paradise to go home to. Fear of being alone again. The pain when my own magic snapped my body apart. The pain they gave me. I killed them but almost killed myself in the process…"

The man shrugged away Voldemort's arms and hugged himself tightly. The Dark Lord moved so he could look at Harry.

"Look at me," he said gently. The raven-haired man looked up for a moment. The Dark Lord rubbed Harry's shoulder soothingly and continued, "Let it out, Harry. Securus is not here so he will not hear you."

Harry bit his lip, hard, before breaking into tears.


"Aah… our breakfast is cold now," the Dark Lord said a while later.

Sniffing, Harry looked over at the tray and with a wave heated it up.

"The wonders of magic," Voldemort said dramatically, earning himself a playful hit on the shoulder. Harry got up and put the tray onto the bed. His eyes were red but his smile bright.

Voldemort kissed his lover's neck slowly, and sucked a bit when the emerald-eyed man leaned his head so Voldemort could get better access. One of the Dark Lord's hands rubbed the pregnant stomach a bit and Harry relaxed.


"Have you even gotten up from bed at all today?" Securus shouted. Harry looked innocently at his son and replied:

"Have you never heard of adults playing?"

"I so don't want to hear anymore!" the teen shrieked and put his hands over his ears. Voldemort laughed and said:

"We didn't do anything of that sort; your dad just wants to embarrass me!"

"Well, I did suck you off," Harry said with a grin and Securus gave out another shriek and put his hands back over his ears. Voldemort blushed crimson which only made the raven-haired man laugh even harder.

They were both on the bed, still dressed in their sleeping-clothes. It was closing into dinnertime and Securus had gone up to see where his parents were. Now though, he regretted it.

He yelped as Harry surged forward and dragged him down onto the bed. Securus ended up eventually between his fathers, Harry's arms around him and Voldemort's arms around them both.

"Hmm," Voldemort said, looking at the two. "It was quite some time since we last did this kind of embrace."

Harry smiled a bit sadly and hugged his son tighter. Securus wondered if the two were lost in an old memory but decided not to say anything; instead he hugged his dad back and let himself be surrounded by their love.


Four weeks later

"Dad? What are you doing with Hedwig?" Securus asked.

Harry looked at his son in surprise and replied:

"Can't you see? I'm spoiling her."

"Well, I can see that but… why?"

"Because she loves being spoiled," Harry replied before cooing at Hedwig who hooted in agreement. Securus groaned and said:

"Does she always agree with whatever you say?"

"How rude!" Harry huffed. "Of course; I'm the one who took care of her first! She loves me."

Hedwig nipped his fingers and lovingly he fed her another treat. The man was lying on his side in front of the hearth in the living room, Voldemort busy in his study with an attack on one of the last great rebellion group.

Securus sat down by his father and began, almost automatically to untangle his father's wild hair and smooth it out.

Hedwig hooted, her belly full and Securus laughed a bit with his dad when she nearly tipped over.

"She is a bit overweight," the teen commented, amused, as he smoothed out the last of the unruly hair.

"She just has a full stomach," Harry protested. He then turned and addressed the owl, "Shall we repeat this tomorrow as well, honey?"

Hedwig hooted again, seemingly pleased with it. And promptly tipped over. Securus burst in laughter at the sight and Harry chuckled.

"Alright, maybe it was a bit much," Harry agreed.

"A bit?" his son asked, eyebrows raised.


"I'm big."

"Not this again," Voldemort mumbled.

"What did you say?" Harry growled.

"Nothing at all, darling," the Dark Lord said and looked at him. "And you don't look big; you look lovely."

"You just say so to make me feel better," the man said and turned back to the mirror. "I'm big."

"That's the whole point of pregnancy," Voldemort sighed.

Harry turned around and looked at his stomach. Voldemort got up from the bed and kneeled down by his lover.

"Tom?" he asked.

Voldemort merely pushed the shirt out of the way before glancing up at Harry's face.

"You are beautiful," the Dark Lord said. "No matter how you will look like, I will always love you."

Harry stroke his lover's black hair and smiled a bit. Voldemort slowly rose up and moulded Harry's body with his own. Harry put a hand against his stomach and said:

"I'm hungry again."

"We had dinner only an hour ago," Voldemort said with a laugh.

"Well, I still am hungry again!" Harry objected, his face crimson. Voldemort smiled though and made Harry look at him. "What?"

The older man circled his hands on his lover's back and said:

"Nothing. Let's see what we can make for you."


"What do you two guys do all day?"

Voldemort looked up at his son who stood in the door way and stared at them. He then looked back at the sleeping Harry and yawned.

"Sleeping I suppose," the man said.

"It's midday!"

"And we were tired," the Dark Lord said.

"You two have gone nuts," Securus declared.

"Securus, we haven't been sane for many years," Harry sleepily said and opened his eyes. "Now stop complaining and come here."

Securus went into the bedroom and crawled onto the bed so he was sitting by his dad's feet. Harry moved slowly to his back and scooted up until he was sitting up. It was early May and Harry was eight month pregnant but still had four months to go according to Tessa (A/N male pregnancy in my story Love conquers everything takes one year, and does so as well here in Eternal Love). His stomach was now fully round and the raven-haired man had calmed down a bit.

"This is so your fault," Harry complained to Voldemort.

Voldemort blinked and looked at his lover. Then he chuckled and said:

"You really like to blame someone else."

"I love it," the man said with a small groan. "Securus, hit your father from me."

Securus did so and Voldemort said:

"Why is it always me who has to get hit?"

"Because dad's pregnant, and therefore I don't hit him," the teen replied with a cheeky grin.

"That was the most pathetic excuse I ever heard!" Voldemort huffed.

"Alright, I confess," Harry said dramatically. "I give him money when he hits you."

"What?" the Dark Lord said. Securus caught his dad's eyes and decided to play on with the joke:

"I almost forgot that, dad! Where are my ten Galleons?"

"In the nightstand," Harry said and chuckled once he saw Voldemort's face.

"Are you two serious?"

"No, that's Harry godfather," Securus replied. Harry burst into laughter and Voldemort hit his head on a pillow.


Four months later

Harry gripped his lover's wrist, hard and Voldemort woke up. He took one look at Harry's sweaty face and said:

"Is it the child?"

"Yes," the man hissed out. "Get Tessa now!"

Voldemort got up and stumbled out of the door. Tessa had been living with them for the last week to be as close as they needed her, and now she was at the bottom of the stairs talking to Serence and Securus.

"Tessa!" the Dark Lord shouted. The woman looked up at him, worried. "Harry is going into labour."

That got her going. She rushed up the stairs and said:

"Call on Severus. I don't know if Harry can handle a normal birth."

Voldemort nodded and moved to the living room.


Serene, Securus, Lucius and Neville were waiting outside the bedroom. Tessa and Severus had decided to do what they had done last time; put Harry to sleep and remove the child from the belly surgically. It meant much less pain for Harry, and safer for the baby.

Securus could hardly sit still, and moved from one position to another. Neville chewed on his nails, something he had not done for a very long time and watched the door like a hawk. He had planned to visit Harry this day but by the time he arrived it had already started.


Inside the bedroom they prepared to give Harry the potion. The man was moaning with pain and held Voldemort's hand tightly.

"My Prince," the healer said softly and he looked at her. "The potion."

He gratefully drank it and then turned to look at his lover, his body already becoming limp and the pain turning to a dull ache before melting away completely.

"I'll see you soon," Voldemort whispered, caressing his cheek. "Sweet dreams."

Harry nodded drowsily and his eyes began to close. Soon he was asleep.

"We will start then," Tessa said and looked at Severus. The man nodded. Voldemort once more focused on Harry's face, not wanting to see them cut into his lover's flesh.

The smell of blood wasn't as penetrating now as it had been the first time, and soon the man heard an infant's screaming. He looked up at the baby who Severus carried off to a table to clean off and check it was alright.

"It's a girl, my lord," he said to the Dark Lord, who left Harry in Tessa's care for a little while to take a look at his daughter.

Blue eyes, startling alike his own when he was young, looked up at Voldemort. The girl calmed down soon and blinked drowsily. The Dark Lord stroke her cheek with one of his long fingers, smiling lightly. He turned back just in time to see Tessa give Harry the antidote. Severus let the Dark Lord wrap the child up and take her to Harry.

The raven-haired man slowly came to, and one of his hands sprawled over his now flat stomach. He looked up as Voldemort sat down with the girl and slowly moved so he sat up against the headboard as well. He touched the girl's face with his fingers and stroke the soft hair she had.

"Campanula," he declared after a few minutes. "She's Campanula."

"Harebell, love?" Voldemort said.

"I know they are more purple than blue, but it fits her," Harry said. "She's our own Campanula."

The Dark Lord smiled softly at his lover, and pressed a kiss to his temple.

"Campanula is her name then," he said.


The door opened and the four looked up. Tessa looked at them and smiled.

"It is a girl," she said. "Securus, go in and take a look at your sister now."

The teen rushed up and did just that. He walked up to the bed. Harry smiled at him and said:

"Her name is Campanula."

"Let me guess; you chose it?"

"As if Tom has anything to say about it," the raven-haired man huffed. "I named you after all."

"You were the one who named me?" Securus asked.

"Quickly as well," Voldemort said. "Merlin, I didn't even have time to think that I had a child before Harry had named you Securus."

Campanula opened her eyes and looked around. Securus stroke her hair and she gave them a toothless smile.


"Harry, love, I think you dare to let go of her."

Harry looked at Voldemort as he held Campanula. The girl was now nine months and it was rather hard to have her far away from her emerald-eyed father. He looked down at her and said:

"I just… I don't want to be ripped away again."

They were seated outside the manor, Securus with his friends fooling around at the nearby lake under Severus' and Draco's watchful eyes. Harry was sitting on a blanket with Voldemort lying next to him.

"You won't be," Voldemort reassured. "Let her down for a bit; you know how much she likes trying to walk around."

Harry reluctantly let his child down onto the blanket between the two of them and the Dark Lord smiled at him. Campanula giggled and sat up. She grinned up at Harry before trying to get up. Voldemort got up and wound his arms around Harry.

"I promise you that I will keep you safe," he whispered to the raven-haired man. "Anyone who dares to come close to you, to anyone of us with the intention to kill or take away I will rip apart personally."

Harry leaned back into Voldemort's arms and said:

"I missed all of this with Securus. He couldn't crawl around properly and next time I see him he's almost grown up. It's just so unfair."

"I know," Voldemort soothed as they watched Campanula's cheerful struggle to get up; no matter how many times she fell the girl just laughed and made another try.

When the girl looked up at her fathers, they were locked in a deep kiss and she clapped her hands. They retreated and looked at her. She lifted her arms and Harry picked her up into his lap. She grinned widely to them and the raven-haired man chuckled.

"She's just one great ball of energy and happiness," Harry said. "With her you can't even feel sad."

"Isn't that good?" Voldemort asked.

Harry looked at his lover, the man who had searched for him and not giving up for fourteen years. All the people who never gave up hope that one time Harry would be found again. And when he got pregnant again; then it felt like the world was alright again. Everything was a perfect bliss, and it only got better for each passing day.

The man looked over to where his son was playing with Draco's, Padma's, Neville's and Luna's children. He watched Draco and Severus play chess and various other Death Eaters strolling around this nice, warm day.

"Yeah," he whispered. "It's good. Very good."

"And very good is how our days will remain," Voldemort said and kissed his cheek. The Dark Lord played with Campanula's hands, making her giggle.

Harry looked at his lover and kissed him softly on the lips. He smiled through his tears and said:

"Thank you, Tom, for never giving up on me."

Voldemort smiled back, brushed away the tears and replied:

"We promised each other once that we would never be apart. And I intend to keep that promise."

"Yeah," Harry said with a small laugh. "Let's keep it, and let's live until we are old, and when our children have their own family. Only then will I be satisfied to die."

Voldemort agreed, and it was then they remade their promise. This time though, nothing would ever break it.


I have now brought you all faithful readers the end of Eternal Love. I hope you all liked it, and what will happen to Harry and Voldemort and their children is up to you to imagine. I have my own vision, and I will let you think out whatever ending you deem satisfying as I have no intention to make a sequel out of the sequel.

Until another time,