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A figure ran through the forest.

This figure, a large black dog, blended in quite well with the darkness of the night. One would think this dog would have no problem staying out of trouble, especially on a dangerous night like this. However, this was no ordinary dog. In fact, he was no dog at all. He was a man, or a wizard to be more precise, and he had mastered the art of turning into animals, thus also making him an animagus. Still, though one would think a human, a man, a wizard, would have the sense to stay away from all trouble on this night, of all nights. This man, however, was Sirius Black.

He was panting heavily when he finally stopped by a large oak tree, the tree he planned to climb. Changing back into his human form he just then saw how beat up he was. Splinters stuck out of his hands and back. Scrapes covered his arms and face. His cloak, which luckily always stayed on him when he turned back human from his dog form, was ripped and stained in mud, grass, and blood.

Looking behind himself he sighed in relief, seeing nothing coming toward him. Still, though, he wasn't relaxed, and he wouldn't relax until he was off the ground and on the oak. His hands reached and grabbed at everything the tree provided and he began to hoist himself up from the dangerous ground.

Fast, but carefully, the last Black inched himself upward. Visibly relaxing now, he sat upon a thick branch eight feet off the ground. Pushing back his long black hair from his face, he surveyed the area around him, reassuring himself that he lost his chaser.

Suddenly, though, he was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt a violent tug come from his legs, which had been un-knowingly hanging off from the branch, and he was pulled to the dirt ground. With two heavy, furry paws resting on his shoulders, Sirius looked into the amber eyes of the wolf that had been chasing him earlier. Sirius acted quickly, not allowing his shock and fear to surface, willing all of his energy he tried to transform back into a dog, but his magic did not obey. He began trying to push away from the brown furred wolf, knowing it would be useless. He was too tired, even with all the adrenalin rushing through his bloodstream, and he knew he wouldn't be able to out-run this animal.

Sirius's grey eyes closed as the wolf bared his bloodstained teeth, letting a soft, but terrifying growl out. Eyes still closed, he felt sharp teeth rip through his tender flesh.

Then there was pain.

Extraordinary, burning, pain.

Sirius didn't know where the fiery poison entered his body, but he knew that it spread fast, putting his blood on fire. He didn't know whether the wolf had gone, or if it was still hovering over him. He didn't know if he was screaming, or if the sound he heard was just a ringing in his ears. He knew nothing.

He felt nothing.

He became nothing.

The last thing he saw before loosing consciousness was the full moon shinning brightly over the trees.

Okay, a lot of information has been left out. Like why didn't Sirius use his magic to help defend himself against the wolf? And why didn't Sirius apparate away? All questions will be answered in the next chapter.