For all of you that read my other story 'red' you might be a bit dissapointed due to the lack of blatant romance in the first chapter, but i hope you like it anyway.

This story was written after i watched the episode of the anime where lavi is trapped in rhoads dream world and the setting is just after the ark story.

Lenalee in this fic has her old badass personality (i hate her new one) so she's doesn't have the same personality that she has in the recent chapters/episodes.


Scritch scratch


Scritch scratch

The pen glided flawlessly across the page, leaving an elegant black trail behind it. The delicate string flowed into letters, then words, before becoming history.

Lavi followed the trail, lovingly inscribing each date, each memory, into the paper for future generations.

1998 fall of the northern army.

1998 destruction of the seventh wall.

"That's wrong."

Lavi turned in his chair, leaning on the back for support, and raised his eyebrow.

"You can't even see the page."

The other boy grinned.

"But you can and that's all I need."

Lavi scowled at him. Cocky brat.

"Fine, what is it this time?"

"The fall of the northern army was in 1999, not 1998."

Lavi clenched his fists and scrawled the correct date, fighting the urge to throw something at the red head behind him.

A small delicate hand rested on his own. Lavi looked up a young red haired boy at his side.

"It's okay Lavi, be calm and keep going. Record this so people can learn from the past. That's your job remember?"

Lavi gritted his teeth and shook off the hand, returning his gaze and attention to his work.

"Leave him be 1st. All he cares about is his friends." The boy at his bed said, disgust layering his voice.

1st cast a warning look in the other boy's direction.

"Leave him alone Dick."

Dick ignored him and continued the onslaught.

"Allen Walker hm? That was a good choice, seeing as how significant he is in all of this. And Lenalee as well to some extent. But the rest? Kuro-chan for example. And Kanda?"

Lavi's hand tightened around the pen but still dick went on.

"In a year or so, the time will come to cast off Lavi and become a new person, you've been here for nearly 4 years. What will those friends of yours do then hm? Once you've cast them off with your guise?"

Snap. Ink spilled from the broken shaft of the pen, ruining the record that Lavi had almost finished.

"Shut up Dick." He said, his voice low and dangerous.

"You know it's true don't you? What did you think you were doing? Making such permanent bonds with useless people, you should be ashamed to call yourself a bookman."

1st looked frantically between the two, looking for a way to curb the rising tension in the room.

"Please Dick! Just stop!" he cried.

The boy rolled his eyes and relaxed against the bed head.

"Ugh, you're too soft 1st. He knows I'm right. Aren't I Lavi?"

Lavi was silent, his head bowed as if he were trying to deflect Dick's words.

Dick smirked and crossed the room to Lavi's side.

"Trying to be tough huh? Or are you trying to keep it down so that your friends don't think you're crazy?"

Lavi stood up sharply, knocking his chair into Dick who jumped away just in time to avoid any injuries.

"Shut up." He growled.

Dick raised an eyebrow, a smug smile corrupting his features.

"Don't talk to me like Lavi, we're family remember?"

"I'm not related to you."

"You ARE me."

That was the final straw. Lavi tore open the door to his room and dashed out into the corridor, eyes screwed shut as he pounded down the ancient stone walkway, trying desperately to ignore the thoughts swirling around his head.

Allen and Lenalee walked through the cavernous stone chambers, their laughter echoing around the order, brightening it by even a fraction.

"He actually said that?" Lenalee said, trying to maintain a check on her laughter.

"Yeah! The poor guy didn't even know what had happened until he let the rope go." Allen was slightly more composed, but a chuckle escaped his lips as he reminisced about the more light hearted events of his past. "What about you Lenalee, don't you have any funny stories from your childhood?"

Lenalee paused for a moment and stared up at the roof, deep in thought.

Well, I don't know . . . Ah! There was this one time when-"

Suddenly, Lavi came tearing down the hall, almost knocking over Allen in his hurry.

"H-hey! Lavi!" Allen shouted indignantly.

But the read haired boy didn't even pause, instead speeding up fractionally and disappearing into the stairwell, leaving his very confused friends in his wake. Allen was the first to speak.

"Was he . . . crying?" he asked to no-one in particular.

Lenalee just stood there blinking stupidly into space. After a moment or two, surprise gave way to concern and she tugged on Allen's sleave.

"Let's go see if he's okay."

Allen snapped out of his daze, nodding gravely as they quickened their pace, heading in the direction they had last seen the bookman.

Lavi leaned against the wall, clutching at the stitch in his side as he caught his breath.


He kicked himself mentally. He'd been so caught up with dick that he hadn't seen or heard Allen and Lenalee coming from the kitchen and they'd seen him. That was stupid, now they'd be worried, start asking questions that he couldn't answer.

"I think you mean wouldn't Lavi chan."

Lavi cursed under his breath and turned to Dick, who was now sitting on a table, scanning a book with a bored expression on his face. He looked up to meet Lavi's gaze, a smug expression across his features.

"That was pretty stupid of you to try and run you know. How did you think you were going to get away from me?" He placed the book down on the table and crossed the room to join the red head, crouching before him and patting him on the shoulder. "You can't escape your own mind Lavi."

The older bookman gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

"Get away from me." He said in a fierce whisper.

"What?" said a familiar voice.

Lavi's head snapped around and he found himself staring into Allen's innocent blue grey eyes. He had been so caught up with dick he hadn't noticed him enter. Lavi looked back at the other red head, who smiled and faded.

Lavi returned his attention to his friend.

"Ah, Allen! I-I . . . I didn't see you there."

Allen looked concerned and confused, unconvinced by Lavi's weak cover up.

"Who were you talking to?"

Lavi winced, he had hoped the cursed boy wouldn't notice, but he was unusually perceptive today.

"Ah, nothing. Just thinking out loud." He quickly put up a bright smile. "Don't worry about me."

Allen grimaced, the lie was an obvious one, but Lavi desperately hoped that he would accept it and go away. The white haired boy crouched down in front of him so that their eyes were level. So much for that the redhead thought bitterly.

"Lavi, you can tell me." Allen rested a hand on his shoulder and smiled reassuringly. "Don't hold it back."

"Yeah Lavi, you can tell him."

Lavi cursed internally as He heard dick's voice and looked up to see him just behind Allen.

"Tell him how you use people to gain information and toss them aside like ragdolls once they have no more historical significance. How, after every log, you cast off your personality and start a new one. And then, tell him how you're going to do that to him."

Lavi growled, a low rumble deep in his throat, but Dick merely smiled and stood up.

"You can't do it can you? I don't see why not. We could all do it." At this, he swept his hand across the previously empty room that was now full of redheads of varying ages, but all had the same features.

"1st, Otto, Ryan, Chris, Rory, Matthew, peter, David, George, Ron" Dick began counting off names on his fingers as the bookman in question stepped forward and faded.

"Wait, please. . ." Lavi tried feebly to stop him as he listed the names of his previous aliases.

"Joel, Andrew, tom, timothy, Ben, Jeremy, Harry, Mike, Brian, Niall"

"Stop, Stop it!" Lavi curled into a protective ball and covered his ears.

"Mark, Viktor, Adam, Kenji, nick, Seb, Joshua, Edward, Yali,"

Lavi dug his nails into the palms of his hands until blood crept down his skin, hoping the pain would distract him.

"Kevin, Frank, Dick and Lavi . . ." dick trailed off, enjoying the look on his counterparts face. The room was once again empty aside from the two of them.

He crossed the room again and crouched before Lavi, leaning forward so that there was barely a centimetre between their faces. The sadistic boy studied his face briefly, before smirking and leaning forward a bit more so that he could whisper into the other teen's ear.

"What shall we call the next one hm?"

With an angry cry, Lavi threw himself forward, knocking dick to the floor so that he was straddling him, his hands firmly around his neck. Dick was surprised, but shock gave way to another sadistic smirk as tears spilled down the other boy's cheek and plopped onto his shirt.

"You wouldn't kill me Lavi. I AM you remember? That'd be like sui-" Dick was cut off as the hands around his neck tightened, cutting off his air supply.

"La . . . vi." he managed to choke out. "La . . . vi, please . . . stop."

"LAVI!" A shrill scream cut the air and Lavi whipped his head around. Lenalee was standing in the door way her onyx eyes wide with fear and horror as she stared at him.

"Lavi, what's wrong with you!?"

He looked down at Dick, only instead of seeing himself from three years ago, he now held a white haired boy of fifteen.

"Lavi . . ." Allen choked out again, before his arm thudded to the floor and his eyes slowly shut.

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