While sitting in a monthly meeting for our church, my cousin Lizzie and I wrote on my school shopping list. Previously, I had said that I didn't use pencils for my schoolwork, because I like pens better. I went on vacation to Indiana the past month, so my cousin had to record the progress of the meeting in my mother's ledger. While the meeting progressed, we scribbled furiously on the piece of paper. This is a documented account of how random we are and how all our conversations pretty much end up being about twilight.

You scribbled in the ledger!

I was using a PEN to make it official, pens don't have erasers, and white out doesn't match. MISTAKES HAPPEN!! If anyone has issues with this, I will personally send Emmett out to kick their butt while Jasper makes them feel "happy" and I kill Bella and steal Edward for my self! XD bwahahaha!

If we put our random thoughts into a book and published it we would be millionaires you know this right?

Yes, but we'd have VOLUMES up to the roman numeral D!

Well obviously that was insinuated

…blonde thinking… no results found

Insinuated means that something is implied or hinted at-results found?

Ooooooooh… I got it! Big words don't like me!

Why does everyone say that to me? I don't feel the need to lower my vocab ALL the time. I've dumbed it down enough as it is for school

Nice L

Long story short I know BIGGER words


No making up words that sound like I should know them from science class.

It's not from science, I don't even know what it means.

I would look it up but I don't have a dictionary

Nor do I

Like I said before MILLIONARES! And then maybe my music playing devices would last more than a year.

Convo theme for 2008: (random subject change speaking of music!) rockstar: live the lyrics. (sounds like something Hannah Montana would say XP)

I know I got the OFFICIAL bulletin in the mail-cool graphics

So did I XD

Silly rabbit trix are for kids and hungry teens

Hungry hungry HIPPOS!

Emmett says hippos taste nummy.

in the background my aunt talks about the Christmas craft sale at the town hall with Santa Claus for the kids… Edward says: Santa's reindeer taste better-er!! ( I can't believe it's not butter! LOL)

At this point Rosalie smacks them both upside the head while Bella and Alice laugh about it

And Esme gets the butter and shoves it in Ed's and Em's faces. "EAT IT!"

both of us are laughing quietly as to not disrupt the meeting great now the only problem is how to drag Jasper and Carlisle into this.

after a moment of pondering, Lizzie bursts out in the uncontrolled giggles Jasper comes in dressed as the Trix rabbit and Carlisle comes in dressed as Santa and they both stagger around singing at the top of their lungs: "We're hungry, hungry, hippos! We're really, really great!" THE END

Steph Meyer may sue us

It's worth it