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Alice dragged us all to the mall...EWWWW!! She made Jasper, Edward and me carry all of her bags. Finally I escaped I dropped her bags and ran towards the exit of the mall but something shiny caught my eye as I was running human speed. I looked over and saw a TOY STORE!! YEAH!! I looked around the store grabbing toys, I grabbed 5 wii games and saw next to the Barbie's an assortment of red, blue and green barrels. I looked at them and it said, 'Barrel of Monkeys'. I grabbed a red one...I loved the color red it reminded me of great things blood, Rose's lips, Blood, my jeep, blood, and did I mention blood?

I went to the counter and put all my purchases on the counter the sales clerk gave me a funny look. She rung up all my items. And was putting them in a bag.

"Do you want a gift receipt?" She asked.

"Why would I want one? I bought this stuff for me!" I yelled.

I ran out of the store and went to my jeep. Luckily I had thought to drive separately from Alice, Jasper and Edward. I raced home and plopped down on the sofa. I grabbed the bag of my toys and started to unwrap the packaging on the barrel of monkey's.

"COME ON YA DAMN MONKEY!! HOOK ON!!" I yelled at the monkey's.

"What are you doing Emmett?" Bella asked as she pulled Edward into the house.

"Playing with my new Barrel of Monkey's" I replied.

"Oh Cool I used to love playing with my barrel of monkey's. Can I have a go?" She asked.

"Sure..." I said and she managed to hook all the monkey' s together and flashed me the huge chain of monkey' s in under five minutes. I looked at her incredulously.

"What is with you show off? How the hell did you do that??" I screamed.

"Hey can I try?" Edward asked.

"Okay but if an idiot like you can do it than so can I." I replied.

Edward scoffed at me. And did it in under 1 minute flat. I growled at him and grabbed the monkey's from him.

"I can do this WAAAAAY better than you!!" I said.

I took the monkey's and put them in the barrel shaking it up and pouring them out carefully so that they would be easier to hook together. I picked up a monkey and slowly hooked it onto another one then the next one. I got up to 4 when it fell apart.

"OH MY GOD!! Why won't this bloody thing work!! DO I need a cheat code or something??" I screamed.

"Geez Emmett chill." Jasper said walking down the stairs, "You are harshing my mellow."

After he went down the stairs Alice came dancing down the stairs, skipping and singing.

" Can I have a go?" Alice asked.

"Sure what ever...I can't fail more at this than I already have." I said defeatedly.

Alice managed to hook all of the monkey's together in under 30 seconds beating out Edward. Then Jasper took the toy and made the chain in 15 seconds flat. I hung my head shamefacedly.

"Okay I am going to try one more time and if this doesn't work these monkey' s are going to die a painful death."

I managed to hook 5 monkey's together before I had crushed the first one and the whole chain apart and I almost died.


I grabbed the monkey's and crushed them one by one yelling at them. Finally REVENGE!!

I screamed maniacally. It sounded kind of like a witch cackle and Bella looked at my terrified. She was clutching Edward's shirt.

"Those damn monkey's didn't know what hit them." I laughed like a maniac.


Just something that popped in my head before I went to sleep. I recently bought a barrel of monkey' s and although I didn't have the same problems as Emmett they are still hard as hell to do without cheating.

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