Aunt Alice finally backed off, looking very satisfied with herself.

"You're gorgeous."

I smiled coyly. "I know."

Alice laughed. "Yes, but you don't know just how gorgeous you are right now. Turn around and look in the mirror."

I did as she bid, my smile widening. My reflection didn't surprise me or really affect me in the least. Sure, it was nice to finally see the full entourage, but all I cared about was what it all meant. All that was missing was a certain shape-shifter at my side. He'd be there soon enough.

Jacob Black. My fiancé. A bubble of excitement crept up my throat and came out of my mouth as a giggle. Aunt Alice raised an eyebrow.

"If you were your mother, I'd be concerned by that giggle."

I simply smiled at her.


Tenatively, I rapped my knuckles on the door.

"She's ready," Alice called. I gave Edward a shaky smile and opened the door, both of us walking in to see how far Alice had gone with our daughter.

Renesmee turned around gracefully, face beaming. As fast as she could in her dress, she ran to me, wrapping her arms around my neck in an embrace.

"You're about as nervous for her wedding as you were your own!" Alice exclaimed good-naturedly. Annoyed, I stuck my tongue out at her. Then I pulled away from Renesmee to give the damage done by Alice a full inspection.

Renesmee had allowed Alice to go as far as she liked… and, surprisingly, I wasn't too appalled. Her hair was up in a bun, strands of hair pinned down in a careful disarry. The dress had the perfect shade of gold weaved throughout the white: a gold that matched both her auburn hair and her chocolate eyes. The sleeves were a sheer lace that flowed past her fingertips. The skirt had just the right amount of poof to it: not scarily large, but not slim. The train… was freakishly long and fancy. It really was the only thing that made me wince. Edward caught the look.

"Alice will be Alice," he murmured.

"Yes, I will," my sister-in-law declared indignantly. "I think she looks gorgeous. Just as gorgeous as you did, Bella. Maybe more."

I saw Edward open his mouth to protest but cut him off. "She is gorgeous." I looked to Renesmee. "You ready for this, love?"

Renesmee's smile widened. I was afraid her cheeks would split.

"I was born ready, Mother."


After giving our daughter hugs and kisses, Bella and I went back downstairs, her to her seat, and I to my spot by the stairs, waiting to deliver the bride to the groom: a place I never had dreamed I would be.

Finally, Renesmee came down the staircase, as beautiful as ever. She granted me her award-winning smile as I held out my arm for her. Then, slowly, we walked down the aisle. Well aware of the excitement radiating from the woman beside me, I took the chance to give the groom a good look.

Jacob looked ridiculously excited as well… I thought back to my wedding and scratched the ridiculous idea. They were justified in their impatience. The look of absolute love on my soon to be son-in-law's face solidified that. However strange it may be, I was proud and happy for them. And so I let go of my daughter and allowed her to stand by Jacob's side.


Okay, granted, it was really weird if you thought about it. Bella was about to become my mother-in-law. Yeah. That's weird. But really? Vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, half-vampires… you got used to weird. And I loved Renesmee. And she loved me. The simple "I do"s finalized that. Renesmee was mine and I was hers. Edward and I were friends and Bella and I would always be close. The Cullens and the Quiletes were forever tied now and nothing could sever that bond. It was picture perfect.

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