Mates: Interlude: Gotham City

Summary: J'onn sleeps with Bruce. Dick is scarred for life. Alfred sucks as a sex therapist. Gotham is overprotective, evil and likes to watch.


A/N: Alright, this takes place between books two and three, and sort of helps develop Bruce and J'onn's relationship. A filler if you will. You don't have to read it, you can just wait until Book Three comes out but...I'd really appreciate it if ya did! :grins: Props to my awesome beta, Wittysarcasm, also known as Wise. But only I may call her that! :flails: MEEEEE!!

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When she had first become aware of the strange Mating thing between J'onn and her Prince, Gotham hadn't known what to think. J'onn seemed to be an acceptable choice. Intelligent, handsome, kind. But those things alone meant nothing. If she went just by that then she would like Kal-El. Except she didn't. Sure, Kal was Superman. Indestructible, stubborn, powerful... Almost as powerful as her beloved Prince...but he would never be good enough.

Then again, Gotham didn't know if anyone would ever be good enough for Bruce.

He was special.

Gotham's Prince. The Dark Knight. Batman. Her Child. Hers. He was all those things and more. Most people didn't think she had a soul; that she was a heartless city doomed to fail. And maybe she didn't. Maybe she didn't exist at all. Perhaps she was just something created by all the chaos. All the madness. In all actuality, she really had no clue.

But Bruce, her Prince...he believed in her. Believed she had a soul; that she was worth saving.

That she was real.

He belonged to her. No one loved her like he did. No one cared as much. No one ever could.

Because Bruce was special.

One of a kind.

A Prince. Her Prince.

And he deserved the best.

Kal-El. Clark Kent. Superman. The one from her sister city, Metropolis. How she hated Metropolis. So smug and bright. So pure. So unreachable, for one such as her...

Metropolis was perfection.

How could she ever hope to compete with that?

At first she had thought Superman would be a good choice for her beloved. He came from perfection, so therefore...

However, Gotham soon saw that Bruce didn't need perfection. Didn't want it either. They were too alike in some ways and too different in others to make it work. But J'onn. J'onn wasn't perfect. Was no where near perfect.

That was made very evident when he dared to slap Bruce.



Twice .

Because he honestly believed her Prince capable of cheating. That was when she had made her choice. If the Martian didn't believe in Bruce then he obviously had no idea just how special he was. Nor did he deserve the opportunity to learn.

She was pleased to see that Bruce felt the same way, as he quickly decided to show him to the door. That was that.

No more J'onn.

At least, that's what she'd thought. But then things—a lot of things—had transpired in a very short amount of time. All she knew was that there was some Rao possessing Superman and causing him to assault her Prince. But of course, things had turned out just fine. Bruce wouldn't die. He was too stubborn for that. One of the things she loved so dearly about him. He would never leave her. Never. No matter what he went through, he would always make it. Would always return to Gotham, where he belonged.

There had been a minor freak out episode when Bruce had returned but for the most part things were seeming to go back to normal. Until she had seen Alfred prepare the dinning room and Bruce getting dressed. Had wondered what the big occasion was until she had felt his presence appearing in the manor.


Bruce was inviting him back.

What for? Beloved, I have already told you; he is not the one. Her protests had fallen on deaf ears and she was dismayed to see that they had reconciled. Still, Gotham wasn't all that concerned. So Bruce had invited him for a date, big deal. J'onn wasn't the first.

But as she watched them sleep together on Bruce's bed...she couldn't help but feel concerned.

Gotham didn't like her beloved's choice. He wasn't good enough for Bruce.

Of course, Gotham doubted that her approval would change her Prince's mind any. He was strong willed; something else she admired.

No, he would continue this...relationship with J'onn...

Regardless of what she thought of it.

However, it didn't mean she had to make it any easier.

I do not like you, J'onn from Mars, Gotham stated as she glared at the alien in question, And you are not welcomed here.


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