"Using Alfred like that is cheating," Bruce growled as he stomped into the garden moments later, startling J'onn, who chuckled in response. Three minutes. Take that Gotham...

"Perhaps, but how else were you going to talk to me?"

Silence was his only answer and the alien frowned. His mate was still sulking? H'ronmeer he could hold a grudge...

Realizing that he wouldn't be able to get very far unless an apology was heard he said, "I apologize for calling you heartless."

"It's fine."

Okay, obviously Bruce wasn't ready to forgive him just yet. Sighing, J'onn pulled on the man's arm, causing him to stumble into his lap. The human tensed, scowling briefly, before the Martian leaned forward and gave him a soft slow kiss. A few seconds passed as Bruce finally started to return the kiss, his body relaxing. J'onn pulled away, chancing a small smile to see if he really was forgiven, it growing wider when he was given a smirk in reply.

Forgiveness, check.

"I wish...to show you something."

Bruce cocked an eyebrow, turning to gaze around them. "My own garden," He said dryly, "this is...truly...the biggest let down in quite some time."

J'onn chuckled, nipping his mate's neck lightly. "Close your eyes."

Rolling his eyes, he complied, shifting slightly to get comfortable. J'onn's knees weren't that soft...the alien wasn't letting him up and he wasn't going to admit that he was uncomfortable by any means..

"Do you hear it?" J'onn whispered, "It is..a faint beating.."

Bruce sighed in annoyance. If that was what J'onn had intended on showing him... "The beat of the city, I know. I've heard it my whole life." It was...part of what drove him to protect Gotham. The idea that somehow she was alive. He knew it was a foolish idea to hold on to, one that he'd had since a child but...it was one of the very few things he'd managed to hold onto from that time and he was reluctant to give it up...

His neck was given another nip and Bruce growled, leaning forward to bite J'onn. Hard. He smirked at hearing the Martian's yelp, "You—you bit me!"

"Payback's a bitch isn't it?" Opened his eyes to stare into golden ones, loving it when they narrowed dangerously.

"Bruce that was completely..." J'onn swallowed as he felt a warm tongue run over the bite mark teasingly, effectively cutting off his words. "Nnng...e-evil..." Pure evil...evillll hands that were trailing lower in a teasing manner, touching him in just the right places...

Was starting to return the gestures when he heard Gotham...cheering them on...? What?

Ohhh yeah...Go Bruce go! Lick that skin...mmmm...

J'onn stiffened slightly. Gotham was watching and...that was...kind of creepy... but he didn't want Bruce to stop... "Gotham...go away," He hissed in a low voice, hoping that a certain pair of sensitive ears wouldn't pick it up.

Don't wanna...Bruce is as much mine as he is yours and if I...want to watch him do that with his tongue...ooohhh...then I...damn...J'onn move your hand. I want to see what--

"I will not!" He shouted as he moved away from Bruce, breathing harshly. Evil perverted city...how long had she been watching?! How...how was he supposed to have a relationship with Bruce if she was constantly watching--

"What the hell is your problem?" Bruce asked, his eye twitching. Jerking away while screaming probably wasn't such a nice thing to do but...evil...Gotham and...cheering...His lips thinned as he grabbed onto Bruce's shoulders, shaking him slightly. "You. Close your eyes. Listen to the beat. Now."



Scowling, Bruce did so, mentally rolling his eyes. If J'onn was that scared of Alfred walking in on them he should have just said so rather than screaming like a child. Listen he said. To the beat. Sighing, he opened his ears to the beat of the city, a small smile crossing his features as he felt it wash over him. Gotham's beat was very unique, the only city who's beat he heard. Bruce had asked Clark if he could hear it but he'd only gotten a puzzled look, which he'd decided to take as a no. Soft and hard at the same time, a steady pace. Never faltering in it's beat, no matter what happened.

Bum-bum bum-bum.




Bum-bum bum-bum




Bum-bum bum-bum




Damnit J'onn why'd you have to stop him?! Just when it was getting fun... His eyes flew open as he heard a feminine voice enter his head, trickling through like a small river. Who...?

"How often do you watch us?" J'onn was demanding, his tone harsh. Who in the hell was he talking to? Bruce didn't see anyone...didn't hear any movement near by...just that steady beat...

Bum-bum bum-bum


..What..number...would you consider to be too much?


...oh come on! I'm a city do you think I'm getting some?! This is the only excitement I GET!

"Watch someone else!"

Bruce's eyes widened even further as he tumbled over to the ground, his jaw open. If Dick or Tim could see him now, they'd probably be chortling over how undignified he looked but he didn't care about any of that. "Y...you're talking...t.." No. That...that wasn't...possible...wasn't...

J'onn's glare softened as he said, "Gotham, Bruce. Bruce, Gotham."


Her voice sounded...shy. She was...shy. Shy. An emotion. She..was... "Y..you're alive..." He whispered, aware that the child in him was flailing his arms around and chanting, Told ya so told ya so...over and over again. "You're..alive..."

"And a pervert," J'onn stated, his gaze hardening once again. "She has been watching us!" He groaned at seeing his mate's lips twitch into a smirk.

"Really? How's my performance?"

Gotham laughed, her voice choked with emotion as she said, Ten, my Prince. You are a ten.

"Hmm..." Bruce nodded thoughtfully, as if he'd been expecting no less. "And J'onn's?"

The Martian scowled, knowing that she was going to probably critique everything and give him a negative number which wasn't all that fair--

I give him a nine.

He blinked. She...what? A..nine? That...was good, right? Judging by Bruce's pleased hum, he took that to mean yes and smiled softly. What had he done to get such..respect?

He has cute moans.

J'onn sputtered, feeling his embarrassment rise. Cute moans. Lovely. He sat down next to the human, laying back to gaze up at the...full moon already? Really? Such time had passed...He groaned as he heard Bruce and Gotham converse quietly with each other.

They were very much alike...perhaps it had been an error in judgment to introduce them? But Gotham seemed really happy and wasn't insulting him as much as usual. And Bruce was...content. Which was about as happy as J'onn had seen him in quite some time.

Laid there for a while, and was feeling his eyes drift shut when Bruce suddenly turned to face him, his gaze thoughtful. "I think I just might possibly like you."

The drowsiness that had been approaching was replaced by the warm feeling in his gut, one that made J'onn feel like he was floating as he stuttered—actually stuttered—"Re-really?" Like? Bruce liked him? Really? Bruce liked him...he really li--

"Still don't love you though."

Reality slammed into him and J'onn groaned, covering his face with his hands. Bruce liked him. Bruce, a human who was far too complicated, more than any human had the right to be, liked him. Could hear Gotham howling with laughter and sighed. "Bruce--"

"Just thought you should know that." The innocent tone had him groaning again. What had he gotten himself into?

"You are ruining the moment."

A slight pause. "There was a moment?"

Could have been alone...but nooo he had to go and fall into heat and mate with the most frustrating... "Not anymore."

Gotham laughed.

Bruce snickered.

J'onn smiled.

It wasn't so bad...


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