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"Apple. Apple. Apple. Apple. Apple."


"Apple. Apple. Apple."

"Ryuk!" Light glared across the room to find the shinigami twisted up in an oddly shaped ball upside down in the corner.


"No, not quite. I was actually sort of hoping you'd shut up. I need to concentrate for these names…"

"Aw. Who are you killing? The apple growers?"

Light tightening his grip on the pen, annoyed. "Ryuk, it's the weather's fault, not the growers'." Life with an apple addict was not so pleasant in the midst of a bad shortage of the fruit. Ryuk had been moaning for two days so far, and it was only getting worse.

"Well…can you kill the weather man then, please? I'd do it myself, but I don't have the attention span right now…apple. Apple. APPLE."

"What…! It's not the weather man's fault either! What's wrong with you?!"

"Well, let's see…I haven't had an apple since Monday, apple!"

Sarcasm soaked Light's voice. "No, really?"

"Isn't there anyone I could blame? Apple. Apple. Apple. Apple."

He put down the pen in defeat. There was no use trying to focus with a deprived Shinigami in the room.

"Heyyy. Are you ignoring me?"

Shut up. Please, please shut up.

"Hey, you're ignoring me! Light…you're ignoring me, aren't you?"

Reaching for his iPod, Light scrolled to a loud rock song and put in his ear buds. Anything to drown out that pitiful moaning. The volume reached its peak. Anything to drown it out, even risking deafness…

"Apple. Light, that's not very nice. Apple."

I can't hear you. I can't hear you. Oh, I sound so immature…Kira shouldn't be saying that. Well, Kira shouldn't have to be tortured like this either, so… I can't hear you. I can't. No. Not at all.

"You're mean…"

I can't hear a single thing.

"Apple. Apple. Apple. Ohh, apple. Give me an apple. Any apple, I don't even care if it has a worm in it! Apple, apple, apple, APPLE! Please?"

Augh. I can still hear you.

"Apple…" Ryuk sniffed miserably.

Yeah, it was going to be a long few weeks until things started growing better again, wasn't it? And now his eardrums hurt, too… Stupid loud music. Stupid loud death god.