Father's Day Cards Father's Day Cards

a warm fuzzy written by Fleurette

Disclaimers: Well, it's Father's Day, and I just had to write this
story. So... "Happy Father's Day!" to my favorite vampire!

Part I

Natalie wrapped a towel around her body and stepped from the
shower. After drying off, she let the towel drop to the floor as she
reached for the fluffy white robe that hung on a nearby hook. Pulling
it on, she simultaneously retrieved the fallen towel and began to rub
the wetness from her hair.
"Nat! I have to-" came a familiar voice from behind her.
Dropping the towel in shock, Natalie whirled to face Nick. "Nick!"
She exclaimed in both surprise and anger. "How many times to I have to
tell you... don't *ever* sneak up on me again?"
Nick backed out of the bathroom door in surprise. He hadn't
expected Nat to yell at him.
"Why aren't you at work yet, anyway?" Nat asked, curiosity
softening her expression. Could it be that Nick's rather surprise visit
had been strategically planned to find her in the shower, rather than an
accident? Nat had to admit that this situation could prove...
*interesting*, to say the least. But no... this was *Nick*, after all.
For all her fantasies, Nat knew he could never bring himself to plan
anything so lustful, passionate, or even mildly romantic.
"I have something to show you," said Nick. He held out to her the
object in his hand. It was a greeting card.
Nat opened it, then gaped in astonishment at what she saw. "A
Father's Day card!?" She exclaimed. "You're... sending *LaCroix* a...
*Father's Day* card!?"
Nick shifted his weight from one foot to another uncomfortably.
"Um... yeah. I..." He looked at her helplessly, his eyes pleading with
her to be supportive. "I'm tired of fighting with him all the time,
Nat. I thought maybe this would... be a nice gesture."
Nat understood. Nick wanted peace. "It's a beautiful card, Nick."
She handed it back to him.
Nick opened it, staring thoughtfully at his signature under the
"Happy Father's Day." He shook his head. "I don't know. Maybe it's
too simple," he worried.
"No, Nick. I think it's fine. I'm sure LaCroix will understand."
"Do you really think so?" Nick asked with renewed hope.
"Sure! But you'd better get going if you're going to give it to
him before work."

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Later that night, LaCroix found not one, but two cards in sealed
envelopes on his desk. One was addressed to him in Janette's flowery,
stylized hand; the other was unmarked. When he asked around, no one
could remember seeing the anonymous card being delivered. Shrugging it
off, LaCroix sliced open Janette's with a letter opener.
It read:

You have been a part of my life for many years.
Although I am no longer yours, you will always be a
father to me.


Janette had managed to capture all the emotion and sentimentality
of a mushy greeting card in just a few simple sentences. LaCroix
*almost* felt a tear in his eye... almost.
He turned his attention to the midnight blue envelope... the
mystery card. Picking up his sliver letter opener, LaCroix briefly
wondered who it could be from.
{It's a nice card... very tasteful.} He thought as he examined it.
Then he opened it to read the inside:


Underneath this message was Nick's own name, written in his
elegantly perfected handwriting.

LaCroix didn't even notice the tear that *did* slide down his cheek
as he gazed in surprise at the marvel before him.