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Rose shoved the change into her jeans pocket as she left the super market. In her left hand she was holding a plastic bag. Inside were chocolate biscuits, skimmed milk, two tubes of Pringles and a large bunch of bananas. The Doctor had requested that she went to the shop to buy some 'essentials'. How they were quite essential she would never know. Rose didn't mind this task as she knew if the Doctor did it he would return hours later with five trolleys full of unnecessary luxuries.

She could see the TARDIS just a little to the left of the car wash. She frowned. She was sure he had parked next to the bike racks. She tugged her TARDIS key, that hung on a chain around her neck, from under her jacket. She placed the key in the lock which clicked open easily. She struggled with the bag into the TARDIS. She noticed that the Doctor's sneaker clad feet were not peeking out from under the console.

Just then she heard a woman shouting about something. The voice was getting nearer to the door which led from the main room to the rest of the ship. Rose frowned and moved to the shadows a little.

"Oh, please!" The voice scoffed. A dark skinned girl appeared in the doorway. Her head was turned to face someone behind her. Rose then noticed the Doctor emerge. His eyes were dark and angry. A look which Rose recognised from his previous self when he was brooding about the time war.

"Look, Martha, I can't see what your problem is." The Doctor said his eyes were staring intently at the monitor. Rose's frown deepened further. She had only been gone for fifteen minutes, how could all of this happened?

"You are impossible, Doctor. It's not my fault I am not her. And maybe Rose did your shopping but I certainly wont." Only the TARDIS knew Rose was there. She was bleeping irritatedly so they might actually notice a blonde young woman inside of her rather than have a stupid domestic. Watching the scene Rose stepped further back into the shadows.

"All this because I asked you to get some tea bags?" The Doctor retorted angrily.

"It's not just that. Its the way you always mention her, Rose this, Rose that," Rose tensed up defensively. "Blah, blah, blah... By the sound of it she was only a dead end shop girl!"

"Don't you dare judge her! You have never met her! She was the bravest most intelligent human I have ever met." Rose noticed the past tense. This was obviously the same TARDIS just in the future. What happened? Was she dead?

"She meant the world to me, and I lost her." The Doctors face was a mixture of grief, sadness and self-loathing. Rose felt panic swirl within her gut. The TARDIS grew too impatient and made the lights brighter to reveal Rose. Martha noticed first..

"Who the hell are you?" She asked her voice still angry from her previous argument. The Doctor looked up and followed her gaze. The Doctor stared his mouth slightly open. His eyes began to mist up a little.

"I'm Rose." She said for Martha's benefit. She was shocked by the Doctors reaction.

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