The Doctor and the Master stood on the blasted plain. The Doctor, clad in a brown pinstriped suit and white trainers, stared glumly. A bit of scorched earth blew across his feet, and he sneezed.

The Master stalked up to him, tossing a cell phone into the air and catching it.. He beamed.

"So what do you think, Doctor? I not only erased the city, but their entire empire!" He stopped, eyeing the Doctor. "Aren't you going to try to dash off and undo it, like usual? Oh, I forgot!" he cried, smacking his head. "There's no-one to turn me over to for lectures on how naughty naughty naughty I am because you killed them all!" He laughed gaily, and did a piroette.

"No point." The Doctor turned his head to look over at the Master. "No point at all. You've snarled the timelines leading to this place so badly, I can hardly feel my head." He took his hand out of his pocket, rubbed his forehead. "Why do you do this every time, Master? Every time. Every blasted time. We're the last two. We should be working together."

The cell phone rang. Both looked at it in suprise. The Master took a closer look, then turned to the Doctor. "Excuse me a moment, won't you?"

He turned his back to the Doctor and spoke quietly, but in an irritated singsong. "Loo-sey, you've got some 'splainin to do!"

"I- I'm sorry, Harry," came the woman's voice at the other end. "I'll - I'll call later."

"No, honey, it's fine, it's fine," he said soothingly. He sighed, grimaced for a second. "Look, I'll be back as soon as I can, promise."

"Thank you, Harry," the voice said. "I love you."

"Love you too." The Master pressed the 'end call' button, then turned back. "Now, the..." His jaw dropped open. Numb fingers let the cellphone slip and clatter to the pavement.


The Doctor, now wearing a brown trench coat and blue suit with red trainers, was leaning against a tall red brick building. Which was standing amidst other buildings. The Doctor's TARDIS was visible just out of the corner of the eye in a nearby alleyway.

The Master, standing on the sidewalk facing the Doctor, began to turn red. He snarled.

The Doctor glanced over at him, a nonchalant smirk on his sharp, handsome features. Shrugged.

"I got bored."