LaCroix's Doubts Disclaimers: LaCroix, Nick and Divia aren't mine. This story contains
references to "Sons of Belial" and follows directly after Nick leaves
LaCroix in the junk yard in "Ashes to Ashes." No real spoilers here,
just refences to things that have already happened.

LaCroix's Doubts
Part 01/01

"I may even say a prayer," LaCroix said, looking his son in the eyes
before turning coldly back to the body of his daughter/mother.
As Nick took his leave, LaCroix's mind took him back several months to
a time when he had nearly lost his favored child.
{This *never* happened,} he'd told Vaderwaal. In part, he'd said it to
make the exorcist forget about the existence of vampires, but there had
been another reason. {Nicholas! There is good in you! There *is* God
in you!} He'd made Vanderwaal forget so that no one would remember that
he, Lucien LaCroix, had appealed to his son's faith in...
"God," he said aloud in the empty junk yard. Yet... what kind of god
was it that Nicholas believed so fervently in after all these years?
What was this god which had risen up to supplant the gods of LaCroix's
youth? How had he managed to stay alive when all others had faded away
long ago? {More importantly,} LaCroix thought as he stared
at his daughter's burning corpse, {what kind of god allows such
perversities to exist?}
Before him, his daughter--his precious Divia--was being devoured by the
angry flames of the fire he had started. He'd loathed doing it, and
watching her die at Nicholas's hand had been all the more painful for
him. Despite what had transpired between them, she was his only true
child, and he would always love her.
How had it happened? How had the precious, innocent child that Selene
gave birth to changed into such a creature of evil? Where had the sweet
babe gone that once he cradled tenderly in his arms? Divia had been his
only real joy, and he would have given his life to Vesuvius gladly if
only she had remained as he had known her.
If Nicholas's god truly existed, could he have prevented such a thing
from happening to Divia? Would he have saved her precious soul from the
ancient vampire who had stolen it from her? If Nicholas's god was the
one true god, did he not have the power to destroy the evil that had
consumed her? This god, however, had done nothing--nothing to prevent
Divia, or LaCroix himself, from becoming a creature of darkness.
"God," LaCroix spoke again. "If truly you exist, then why have you
allowed these things to happen? Nicholas's faith in you is so strong
that, at times, I find myself wishing I could believe. If I am to
believe, however, I must have proof. Where is it? Where is
my proof?"
{Nicholas! There *is* God in you!} He closed his eyes, willing the
painful memories to haunt him no more. The events of the past few
months leading up to and culminating in Divia's death had left him
feeling cold, empty, and alone.
In his sudden despair, Lucien LaCroix came to know doubt.

The End