Note:This fic will be written in the typical diary form for a time. I'm currently planning a sequel to this but clearly isn't working on it now.

Disclaimer:I don't anything in this story currently.

July 1st, 1798

Dear Journal,

Yesterday, my father gave me this journal. Today, my clan was killed. Including my father.I will be writing in this as a diary to preserve their memory. Anyway, somehow I found this feather and ink bottle, it must have been owned be the people who killed my clan. The killers were probably Bohans soldiers. It's sad that they were so clueless that they missed the least inconspicuous person in my clan. I hear someone coming! It might be some of Bohans soldiers to sweep the area again! Ther's a nice human sized boulder that I can hide behind! Okay, I'm behind the rock, and it seens like they can't see me. Maybe I could use my Twing Twang to threaten them. That sends me to another topic. Twing Twang is my bow thing that I got from my dad. They look strong, should I threaten them, or not? Meh, I should.

Five minutes later...

It turns out that they're fairly decent people, and one guy even asked to adopt me! The guy is the leader of they're clan, and has a daughter named Nariko who's grown up. And the guy's quite old, but he must believe that age is just a number. I guess I'll try to write tomorrow cause were walking backto the people's village. Until tommorow!

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