*** Your Title Here *** My Knight-- 2 Forever Knight Poems

My Knight
by Fleurette
written (hopefully) from Natalie Lambert's pov.

Version 1: 20 May 1996

All at once I found
that of which
every young girl dreams:
A medieval knight.

He had no shining armor
or noble steed
to carry us safely into
the sunset.

But he was mine,
my knight.
And I always knew
he'd be mine forever.

Version 2: 10 Feb 1997

All at once my dream came true.
The dream I share with every girl,
of a medieval knight, brave and true.

He came to me in the dark of night.
No shining armor had he, nor
could he rescue me on a steed of white.


I was to be his lady fair and he
my gentle knight. Promising forever
that mine he'd always be.

With Love,