Notes: xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle crossover; shonen-ai; Watanuki will be referred to as Kimihiro, Dômeki will be referred to as Shizuka; references to both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty; I own Amaya Reed and Hoshimi Tsukino Reed; the story could be AU - it depends on which part of the epilogue you decide the story should end with.

Part I: History of Tsubasa

nce upon a time… many, many years ago, a very peaceful kingdom called Tsubasa was divided into five quadrants: North, South, West, East, and Central. Central Tsubasa holds the capital, Paris, as well as the rulers of Tsubasa. North Tsubasa, South Tsubasa, West Tsubasa, and East Tsubasa are generally ruled by the children of the rulers of Tsubasa. In the case that the rulers did not have enough children, the rulers then chose (with the help of their advisors) who would succeed the empty throne/region. When the current rulers of Tsubasa wish to retire, the throne to Tsubasa is then inherited by the youngest child.

The only thing the citizens asked of their rulers was that they married their true soul mates; which led to the people having either a King and Queen, or a Queen and her Consort, or a King and his Consort (the citizens of Tsubasa were very open minded people).

In our story, Tsubasa is ruled by Queen Yûko Ichihara Reed and King Clow Reed, the youngest son of the late Queen Amaya Reed and her Consort, Hoshimi Tsukino Reed.

Queen Yûko was much like Consort Hoshimi, both were former fortune tellers, but Queen Yûko was also a priestess from the northern part of Tsubasa. As such, she was able to peer into the future and knew she would give birth to four boys, three of whom would find their soul mates with ease… their youngest, however, would have quite some difficulty finding his.

When she gave birth to their eldest son, Ashura, she told her husband that his soul mate was named Yuui. Little Ashura quickly grew up; his hair was much like his mother's, black and straight, but his amber eyes matched his father's.

Shortly after Ashura turned four, Queen Yûko gave birth to his first little brother, Kurogane. As their second son grew up, he had crimson eyes that matched their mother's and spiky black hair; Queen Yûko and King Clow couldn't figure out whom Kurogane inherited that feature from. Queen Yûko had prophesized that their little Kurogane's soul mate would be named Fai, and would look much like Yuui, Ashura's soul mate.

Another four years later, Queen Yûko gave birth to twins, Syaoran was the older of the two boys by four minutes, and Shizuka was the younger of the two boys. Syaoran and Shizuka, they discovered, had amber eyes matching those of Clow and Ashura. While Syaoran had soft brown hair, Shizuka, on the other hand, had soft black hair that matched his mother's. Queen Yûko predicted Syaoran's soul mate to have the name of Sakura but she was unable to uncover the name of Shizuka's soul mate (which upset her greatly).

At the same time as his twin younger brothers' birth, Ashura had discovered that he had inherited his mother's prophetic visions, dreams, and such; in fact, he had found his and Kurogane's soul mates. Fai and Yuui, he had prophesized, were from the northern region of Tsubasa and when they turned five (shortly after Kurogane would turn five), they would be orphans because their parents would pass away from a deadly illness after an avalanche.

Once Ashura's prophecy had happened as he predicted, Queen Yûko sent King Clow to find the twins. The two then quickly took in the two orphans, hoping that it would ease the twins into living the life of royalty.

When Fai and Yuui came to live with the Reed family, they still hadn't sort out their names. Queen Yûko had discovered that because Fai and Yuui were identical twins, their parents had often mistook one for the other and visa versa.

To solve this problem, when the blond haired, sapphire eyed twins came to live with them, Queen Yûko asked them who liked better: Kurogane or Ashura? Between the three of them, the elder of the twins was then named Yuui, for preferring Ashura, and the younger of the twins was then named Fai, for taking a liking to Kurogane (Queen Yûko and Fai both enjoyed teasing Kurogane with a plethora of nicknames, sending the boy into fits of anger about not being called by his actual name). Then Queen Yûko helped the twins pick a birthday, so they could always celebrate their birth with their new family.

When Yuui turned eighteen, the legal age of marriage, Ashura (now twenty-two) proposed to his soul mate (Yuui later told Fai that Ashura had proposed after he had set up a candle-lit dinner that he had made without the aid of the chefs). By the end of the year, the two were married and then went to rule the Northern part of Tsubasa, because the late rulers wished to retire.

Kurogane did not propose as romantically as his older brother when Fai turned eighteen. Kurogane simply handed Fai a box with a ring that he had custom-made for Fai and sort of ask-demanded that Fai marry him; Fai had fought not to giggle as he saw Kurogane blush. Needless to say, Fai happily accepted the proposal and they were wed the same day as Ashura and Yuui. Fai and Kurogane were then sent to rule the Southern part of Tsubasa, where the late rulers had passed away.

…now, our story begins a week before Syaoran and Shizuka turn eighteen, neither knowing where their soul mates are, but they have already earned their titles of Prince of the East, for Shizuka, and Prince of the West, for Syaoran.