Summary: Naruto has always wanted a family and when he finally gets that chance to be in one, no matter how dangerous they may be, he'll take it. 'Today begins my life as part of the Akatsuki family, part of an ever-growing family meant only for the orphaned and mistreated.'

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The Akatsuki Family

A Naruto One-Shot


Naruto looked back, glaring down at the village that remained oblivious to his loyalty to it, ignoring the very person's wishes that somehow kept him connected to the leaf by a thin strand of string, broken by a single swipe of a kunai or throw of a fist.

"Naruto-kun, Sarutobi is dead."

"Yea, so what, Itachi?"

"We want you to become a part of our family."

"What family!? You killed your family!"

"No. My family is called Akatsuki."

He would've never taken such a position as become a young, supposedly dead ninja's little brother before now, but hearing why the Akatsuki had been after him from the start was enough to push him in that direction.

"We've always wanted you to join our family."

"Jaraiya just said that to Sarutobi so he could get back to his 'research'."

Now, here he was.

He was making his way out of the village, a true smile finally across his face as he remembered the names of his family.

Pein, Konan, Deidara, Sasori, Zetsu, Kakuzu, Hidan, Kisame, Itachi, and Obito.

All named Akatsuki because of an old man's foolishness.

Pein, a man thought to have the Rinnegan because of the blue Sharingan constantly spinning in his eyes.

Deidara, thought to be a woman because of his hair. While, in reality, he just liked Inoichi's hairstyle because he admired the man because said Yamanaka saved him when he was younger, age 5, to be exact, only 12 years ago.

Sasori, a 'blood-thirsty' killer because of the lie of an alias that was Sasori of the Red Sand, while in reality he could only loathe the Village Hidden In The Sand for lying to him about his own parents.

Zetsu, evil because he was a cannibal, while, in reality, he was forced to cannibalism because his body couldn't stand it without it.

Hidan, thought to be a Jashin Worshiper because he'd just keep getting back up, but instead he was just extremely persistent.

Itachi, thought to be evil for the murder of his clan, while he was actually completely a mission commanded of him by Sarutobi.

And Obito…

Thought to be Tobi or Madara because Obito had actually faked his death to get away from Konoha during the Iwa war and started his very own little… family.

Naruto was impressed that a boy his age could actually think something up like getting 'crushed' by a rock and giving his Sharingan to his best friend, Kakashi. Who knew a death could be staged so well?

Naruto was just glad he had found a family, rather then a team that loves him and pretends to hate him.

If they're so damned ashamed of showing they care, then they shouldn't care.

But now he had found a family that cared. One that was proud to call him 'family'.

"I am Akatsuki Naruto, brother to a bunch of S-class-missing-ninjas. S-Class-Nuke-Nin that are proud to call me family…."

A smile spread across his face.

"Today begins my life as part of the Akatsuki family, part of an ever-growing family meant only for the orphaned and mistreated."


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